Guest Post: Mike Mann Helps Local Veterinarian Get His Domain Name Back

I read a story on Facebook yesterday, and I asked if it could be posted on my blog because it’s a good story involving two domain industry veterans.

This is a guest post from  Donna Mahony (who operates  Domain Boardroom. Donna  shared a recent experience she had involving a domain name owned by Mike Mann, which had been previously owned by her veterinarian. I think it’s timely considering a UDRP decision and  discussion  that is ongoing on Mike Berkens’ blog.


My nearly 14 year old dog, Max, was very ill last night. After speaking with my vet, Lane Kihlstrom, affectionately know as Doc Lane, we decided to wait and see how he was in the morning. He was tired and weak and nearly unresponsive.

Doc Lane is your typical country vet. A one man show with a mobile clinic. As he has done for me and many others so many times, he was at my door as quick as he could get here! After treating Max, who it seems had maybe eaten some poisonous weeds and loving on my other critters, Lane and I sat chatting (him on the floor with Max). He told me that in the midst of some turmoil last year he had forgotten to renew his domain name and asked if I could help him renew it. Super! He saves my dog, I save his domain!

Of course, it didn’t go that easily. The domain was now owned by Domain Asset Holdings, LLC, Mike Mann’s company. I know who Mike is, of course, but I doubted if he knew me.

We all get those sad tales from previous owners. We groan, sigh, roll our eyes. I hate getting them but always respond kindly and do the best I can for the previous owner. My stomach churned at being on the other end. I contacted Mike with my friends story.

Karma completed it’s circle. Mike responded quickly and he and I were able to make arrangements to have my friends domain returned home. Thank you, Mike.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. @ Dean

    That’s a stupid comment because as I said, I saw it, liked it, and thought it would be a good story to share. Nobody asked me to post it, and Mike has never been an advertiser. His company sent a PR the other day that I didn’t think added value, so that was not posted.

    If you don’t like what you’re reading, you can take a hike and spend your time elsewhere.

  2. Your blog to me is mindless entertainment. For every ten posts you post, maybe one has is of any relevance. The rest is just PR that you spin for this service, that registrar or some other latest person or affiliate. Your of no consequence to me.

  3. Sad that posts that carry negative messages are received in a positive note while a great happy post gets negativity. This is my thank you to Mike ..about me, my dog and my vet and cooperation between domainers. And I never need any PR.

    Thanks Mike, thanks Elliot and I love you Doc Lane!

  4. Happy ending stories are always great to read! After all there’s MUCH more to life than money and this story proves it. BTW I love Donna’s humble and sweet personality, the industry would definitely more people like her!

  5. What I don’t see in this post is the statement that the domain was returned for free, guessing it was a reg fee name, Mike Mann is not a collector of domains, if the vet had contacted him for the domain, he would have sold it back, that is his business model, so is that the real story?

  6. Hey Dean:

    Why do you hate your life so much that you need to spread your negative energy here?

    Why don’t you look in the mirror, get some therapy, and work toward something positive?

    Elliot, Donna, –

    I enjoyed reading the story, alot!


  7. That is a great story about Mike Mann helping out a local business, good on him! Country vets are getting harder and harder to come by as most vets prefer the city life compared to handling large animals and travelling vast distances from job to job.

  8. I like reading stories like this. As with any fast paced industry, it’s nice to take it back a notch every once in a while and acknowledge the good that people do, while going about their daily jobs.

    Alright, group hug, GROUP HUG!

    • @ Mike

      Unfortunately, there won’t always be something enjoyable for everyone. It’s the nature of a blog. I would imagine there is enough good material (free, too) that is helpful. Some things are more PR than others, but even some of the PR things are useful to know.

  9. Great story Elliot and Donna! ALWAYS appropriate to shine a light on GOOD acts in this sometimes shady business.

    And SHAME ON YOU DEAN! You sound like a real miserable person. You really need to take a long look at yourself in the mirror. Your comments and behavior are despicable.

    In case you haven’t noticed – the domain business is a PEOPLE business. I find your words and attitude very offensive. People in the domain space like doing business with people that they like and trust, and they don’t like doing business with people like you!

    I consider myself fortunate to have Donna and Elliot as trusted friends, and their character and integrity are several levels higher than most in this business.

    It’s no coincidence that I (thankfully) don’t know you, as I generally avoid toxic people…..

    May the Bluebird of Happiness take a great big dump right on the top of your miserable head!

  10. It doesn’t surprise me about Mike being cooperative.

    Mike is a highly skilled, harden businessman but also has a compassionate side. For example, he started grassroots .org . plus others.

    Congrats to Mike.

  11. @ Dean,

    It sounds like to me you are a very unhappy person and take it out on everyone else. Shame on you….

    And to call Donna such a ugly and misogynic name says more about you than anything. My guess is, you are jealous of her stellar reputation as a person and business woman. She does not deserve trash talk like that…


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