Gets a High Bid of $518k but Remains Unsold

13 was up for auction last week with a minimum opening bid of $250,000. At the conclusion of yesterday’s auction, the domain name had a high bid of $518,000, as reported by Joshua Schoen on Twitter:

The auction was managed and promoted by Millitzer Capital, so I reached out to Tom Millitzer to learn if the domain name was sold at auction. According to Mr. Millitzer, the owner of the domain name had the ability to accept or reject the high bid in the auction, and the owner decided to not accept the $518,000 bid.

Here is a comment I received from Mr. Millitzer about the domain name auction:

“Both the owner of and Millitzer Capital believed the value is in excess of $500k and may exceed $1 million. To be direct the bidding did not meet the owner’s goal. In essence, the auction proved us right and now the floor price is $500,000. Millitzer Capital is working on Plan B, a direct approach marketing toward the international hospitality industry, our first targets include Dubai, Hong Kong and Rio.”

Should I hear anything further about the sale of, I will share an update. For now, it looks like the domain name is still for sale.


  1. The price of $518,000 is absolutely too low for While the area is not a high population area, like many cities….it is an iconic and magical place. The real estate potential and revenue alone is enough to make this a seven figure sale.

  2. “The price of $518,000 is absolutely too low for”

    Supply & Demand. Too low or not, these dynamics dictate values and sales. In this case, the seller now carries the risk into the future.

  3. What people fail to understand is that the owner of just paid $518,000 for it themselves. Like it or not, agree or not, that is a FACT. They put on the table and somone else put $518,000 in cold hard green on the table and the owner walked away with the domain. That domain now has a COST (not value) of $518,000. I hope they like it as much as the buyer did!

  4. The market spoke and now it is in nonsensville. Buyers will be walking and they probably will need to go down the ladder price wise if they genuinely want to sell.

    • What market spoke? Domain investor market? I doubt if this auction reached the real market for this great name…..this is an iconic name that could be extremely valuable to the right party. Hopefully the seller can wait for the right offer and buyer.

  5. Great domain, 7 figure minimum, and I’m sure we can in part thank the not so long ago listing of and at ridiculously low prices for this latest debacle upon the industry that affects all of us.

  6. Smart move by the seller by not selling it at a resale price. If the seller can hold off and sell it for 7 figures to an end-user, like a real estate broker, real estate agency or a city website developer, it would be ideal for both seller and buyer!

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