Lowell Project: Finding Website Advertisers


Finding advertisers will probably be the most difficult task for me once Lowell.com is softly launched sometime next week. It is difficult to convince someone to spend money advertising with an unproven business, especially considering the current economic situation. As bad as it is around the country, Lowell, Massachusetts has a fairly high unemployment rate and business is suffering in the city. However, because of rejuvenation efforts taken on by the city, there are some positive signs, and I want to do what I can to improve the economy and drive tourism (as much as a website can).
Because I changed my revenue generation strategy for Lowell.com from the directory model to a guide model, there is going to be a greater emphasis on acquiring individual business clients to advertise. On the Lowell.com blog, I discuss my strategy for acquiring advertisers. I am planning to get in touch with businesses in several less invasive ways. Based on my experience working in my father’s retail store, I am going to avoid the most common (and easiest) way to communicate with a business.
If you have time today, check out the Lowell.com blog for more information about my strategy to acquire customers.


  1. Doesn’t matter about the economy. Businesses need to advertise and you’ve got the name. It’s going to depend on your traffic. Lowell.com needs at least 1000 visitors a day to pull them in.

    Currently poorly ranked in Google (was unranked 4 months ago), Lowell.com is getting anywhere from 100-200 uniques per day. I think the new site has some great content, will have strong seo, and I think the number of visitors to the site will jump. I also think the news blog that I will update with headline news and event PR will also drive traffic inwards.

  2. Then don’t beat yourself up right now trying to get advertisers. Give the site time to ramp up the visitor stats. With advertisers, you don’t get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression, especially with a Geodomain. Your advertisers are all in the same town/city and word (good or bad) spreads fast.

  3. Elliot, I think that once you have the site ranked in google for lowell real estate, lowell bars, lowell nightlife etc then you will have an easier time with advertisers.
    I think it is very important to spend some time on SEO/SEM and link building with a good anchor text matrix covering your 8 categories.

  4. Once you move beyond a soft launch, consider doing a press release and distributing as widely as you can. Get a local elected official and business leader (chamber of commerce type) to be part of the release praising the arrival of this new resource. If you need help with this, hit me up.

  5. That is easy – your website should target a particula area (location) get the phone book and call the local businesses.
    I have many Australian Geo domains and I will be doing it myself.
    Do not be affraid to try NEW things – lead by setting a trail so others can follow – TRUE leaders venture into the new and unknown with goals.

  6. If you really want to sign local advertisers and have them pay top dollar, walk down main street and simply introduce yourself. Act like you’re running for Mayor. No joke. Just walk around and say “Hello” to the local businesses. At first, don’t even try to sell. Just hand out your business card. Believe, more than enough will start asking questions.
    This is how we launched PalmSprings.com, LagunaBeach.com and WestPalmBeach.com.

    That’s the plan for the third week in April 🙂 Care to join me in Lowell?

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