It Looks Like Google Owns


A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the UDRP. Perhaps as a result of this UDRP filing, we now know who owns Google. Have a look at the current Whois record found at DomainTools. A screenshot of this current Whois record can be found below:

Google Owns

Previously, was registered to DNStination Inc. I believe this is the privacy service used by some registrants at the MarkMonitor domain registrar.

According to NameBio, “ZERO.COM last sold for $329,420 on 2010-10-24 at SnapNames.” Within a few months after the domain name changed hands in 2010, the domain name was registered to DNStination Inc. at MarkMonitor, according to a historical Whois record from March of 2011 archived at DomainTools. I believe the registration details for this domain name remained the same until this week, when Google became the registrant.

At the time of publication, it does not appear that is being used. I also don’t see any record of an active website on in the last several  years, according to

Although my guess is that Google was the owner before and this information became public as a result of the recent UDRP filing, I do not know this for certain. I suppose it is possible that the acquisition was recent, but I highly doubt that given that the domain name is currently the subject of a UDRP.

It is going to be interesting to see what happens with this UDRP and whether any type of litigation will follow.


  1. Now that the Complainant identity has been revealed, I think that Respondent, CKL Holdings N.V., owned by Michael Gleissner, will dismiss the UDRP … 🙂
    Probably other dismissals will follow …
    As I said before, I think Michael was ill-advised by somebody …

    • Typo, it should be read “Now that Respondent identity has been revealed, I think that Complainant, CKL Holdings N.V., owned by Michael Gleissner, will dismiss the UDRP … 🙂

    • Horsepucky, Andrea.

      They haven’t pulled the one on, long owned by a guy named Paul Flammea and based on another of their BS junior trademark registrations.

      You are not a good liar.

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