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Subscribe to Elliot's BlogI am looking to buy a shop/store domain name.   For me to buy it, the domain must meet ALL requirements listed below.   If it doesn’t meet every requirement below, I won’t even consider it, so please submit names that only meet the requirements below. I plan to build a site around this name in the coming year, so while I am open to a variety of domain names, my requirements are for specific reasons:

  1. Must be a .com
  2. Must end in Store.com or Shop.com
  3. Must have been registered pre-2003 and show that date (no drop catches)
  4. The .net, .org, and .info for this name must be registered and owned by someone else
  5. Must make grammatical sense – ie CurtainShop.com or CameraStore.com rather than CamerasStore.com or CandiesStore.com which make no sense
  6. Must make logical sense – ie ShoeShop.com or CarpetStore.com rather than PrettyStore.com or BankStore.com which make no sense
  7. No hyphens
  8. Price must be under $25,000

Again, I have no need for lesser quality domain names for this, so please don’t submit anything that doesn’t meet ALL requirements. If your name is great and is above $25,000 – congrats on getting a great name, but it’s not for me for this project.
I reserve the right to post all domain names submitted and/or not post domain names I don’t wish to post.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of DomainInvesting.com. Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the DomainInvesting.com Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. Just an observation … if you’re looking for pre-2003 domains because of the SEO value of aged domains .. you’re a bit mistaken here. The age of the domain matters only if it had a site on it and was indexed by Google.
    A 1998 domain that never had a site on it vs. a 2004 domain that had content on it and was indexed from the first month … in Google’s eyes the 2004 domain has 4 years behind it… the 1998 one has zero.
    If SEO is not the reason why you’re asking for pre-2003 domains .. well .. please excuse the long reply 🙂
    Not specifically for SEO, but I don’t think I will find the name I want if it was registered post-2003.

  2. >The .net, .org, and .info for this name must be registered and owned by someone else
    Previously you have stated that if you own the dot com you would but these. Is this criteria because you intend to create value by buying “a set” from various sources?
    I don’t want anything but the .com. However, with a great name that could be worth up to $25,000 (and one that I will want), the other extensions are almost certainly registered already.
    I just don’t want a bunch of subpar names to sift through, and it seems that unless I am explicit, I will get that 🙂

  3. Hi Elliot,
    Please let me know if your interested in any of the following Relevant Shopping Site Domains:

  4. Hey Elliot,
    I got plenty of names with those keywords but the ones that might fit your criteria,
    PolishStore.com – 1998
    LendingShop.com – u love mortgage names
    ShopNation.com – had offers on this name low $XX,XXX.
    ShopAboard.com – excellent for on board shopping
    GolfGalleria – something to think about.
    See u in LA.

  5. Pre-2003 and strict criteria, but less than $25,000?
    Yes – and I’ve already received on fantastic name. Being as explicit as possible will help prevent receiving dozens of garbage names 🙂

  6. I dont think my previous post posted.
    names for your consideration.
    PolishStore.com- 1998
    LendingShop.com – i know you like mortgage names
    ShopNation.com – I had low $XX,XXX offers on this name
    ShopAboard.com – for that cruise shopping
    Good luck with your project.
    See u at the PlayBoy Mansion….

  7. No names to offer, but really am amazed at how even on a blog post, from the blog owner himself, that people are offering names that DO NOT FIT WHAT HE IS LOOKING FOR!
    Why bother to post those or submit names that are not relevant?

  8. 7 out of 8 ain’t bad (ThemeParkStores.co.uk’s gone)…but why settle for just the singular?:
    Monster untapped national & international markets for a very popular class of products…

  9. oh crap – sorry it is created in 2004 – you can delete my comments i just noticed in the whois. Thought I had all the requirements 🙂

  10. repairshops.com
    (domain was picked up in drop in 2003 so it is not pre-2003, however, it was a site in 1998/1999).
    Meets all your needs, otherwise, but maybe you were looking more for a product type of site, whereas this is probably better as a directory type of site.
    As a related domain, I own collision.com

  11. Hey Elliott. BunkStore.com. Previously owned by Bunk Beds Unlimited but they let it drop. A little outside your criteria, but a very good name nonetheless. Also have CutStore.com which I think would provide an excellent name for a store that supplies items that “cut” (knives, swords, sharpeners, scissors, etc.) Lots of vertical opportunity with this one. Anyway, I’ve got one or two potential buyers for these, but they haven’t committed to them yet and I’m actually more than happy to keep them if you’re not interested. Take care, Johnny


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