Let Me Try & Help You Sell a Newly Registered Domain Name to an End User

A while back, someone emailed me to ask if I could be his mentor. I passed because that seemed like a lot of pressure and I didn’t feel qualified to be a mentor. A lot of people seem to have questions about selling domain names to end users, and while I would never say that I am an expert at it, I have had some success.

With that said, I want to try something unique. I want to work with someone who wants to learn how to sell a domain name to an end user. I will communicate with this person via email, and based on the person’s background and experience he (or she) and I will discuss some available domain names and determine one or two of the best and that person will register the domain names with the hopes of reselling one or both for $500 or less, which I have found to be a fair number.

I will then work with the person to help find potential buyers and craft an email that will hopefully lead to a successful sale. I obviously can’t promise that it will lead to a sale, but hopefully the person I work with will get a good understanding of how I evaluate domain names to buy for resale. The more diverse a person’s “real world” experience is, the better, since this could help with buying great niche domain names.

If this is something that is of interest to you, please post a comment in this article, and when I return from my trip on June 7th, I will create a list of people who are interested and use a random number generator to select the winner. I will also be happy to share the results with everyone – or better yet – the winner will write a guest post about the experience. I am headed out of town tomorrow, so comments may be slow to be approved but I will eventually see and approve them.

Disclaimer: The person will be responsible for buying the domain names and will keep 100% of the proceeds if the domain name sells. He/she will be responsible for completing the sale (payment and domain transfer). The person will be responsible for any issues or problems that come up related to the domain name(s). There is obviously no charge for my services for this opportunity. I will only act as an adviser on this project and can’t be held liable for anything associated with this.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of DomainInvesting.com. Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the DomainInvesting.com Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. I’d be happy to have this opportunity. I’m taking domaining more seriously then I did in the past (and I learned from some of those mistakes).

    But I haven’t had an opportunity to sell to end users yet . . and would really appreciate the help I would receive.



  2. Given the traffic to your blog there may be an opportunity for you to have a domain listing service where someone working for you filters submitted domains for quality and you take a commission on any sale (similar to Rick Latona & Media Options newsletters).

  3. Hi Elliott,

    I would love to work with you. I read your site everyday & I believe I still have a lot to learn when it comes to domain names. I got into to the domain name field when I was in 8th grade & have now just finished my freshman year at college.

    I would love to be picked.



  4. Hi Elliot,

    I would love to work with you. I read your site everyday & I believe I still have a lot to learn when it comes to domain names. I got into to the domain name field when I was in 8th grade & have now just finished my freshman year at college.

    I would love to be picked.



  5. Hai Elliot, I just have 4 months experience about domain industry and proud to hand register few domains which i thought good to have like….


    Maybe all the mentioned domains were junks, but your help could make me a good domainer in future. Thanks Elliot, hope i could be in your guidance.


    • I again want to reiterate that there are no guarantees that this will lead to a successful sale but it’s worth a shot πŸ™‚

      @ David

      This will be newly registered names since I think it will be more helpful if I can share insight from start to finish. Hopefully the person who is chosen will have different interests than I have so it will make finding a couple of gems more fun and interesting.

  6. I have about 300 names most hand registered and havent had any luck selling any of them. I am new to the industry and went on a buying spree. I am ready to try this out!

  7. Hey Elliot,

    Very cool idea you have here.

    I spend a lot more time acquiring rather than selling or attempting to develop, and I just decided I definitely need to slim down my portfolio a bit, so I could use this as a little jump-start to a more lucrative means of my own domaining management.

    and luckily I have a couple of great niches – Dwarf Tossing, and Porn!


  8. I’ve been thinking about this for a while…I have tried to do something on my own,but until now,no success…Therefore,count me in !

  9. I would like to be a part of this great opportunity. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while now, but was unsure how to go about doing it. Your offer came at the perfect time. Count me in.

    Have a safe trip and I look forward to hearing back from you.

  10. While Elliot’s generous and well intended offer might benefit a single domainer, it will do very little to de-mystify domains in the eyes of end-users.

  11. Elliot,

    What an awesome idea! Count me in!
    This would be excellent for someone with a blog who could post a series about their results and experiences in collaboration with your blog, great for the community and great for domainer netwroking.


  12. I have stumbled in the domaining jungle for a while and definitely look forward to this crash course. I have diversified interests with names.

  13. Count me inn. Only had one end user sale and I keep tweaking my pitches but having a dry spell.

    Would be an honor work with you and you move a lot of names and keeping the dollars rolling


  14. It would be great to understand a domainers perspective on selling to end user. I work with end users a lot and would like to understand a domainers perspective to bridge the communication gap between the two.
    I am a parttime domainer as well and def interested in participating. Thanks

  15. Elliot,

    Count me in, it’d be interesting to see what makes you tick.

    That said I think you are selling yourself short. There’s clearly a demand for your thinking and writing, especially in regard to the topic of selling to end users. There are currently approximately 25 replies to your request here.

    Why not consider selling your time to all of us for a fee? It needn’t be on a one-to-one basis and could be a coaching forum or even an informational product. It might even be a nice additional revenue source. Just a thought.


  16. Hi Elliot,

    You should find someone local in New York and film the entire process.

    Then you could sell the video series to us for maybe $77?

    Multiply that by an easy 100 customers and that would help make it worth your while. $7700


  17. Hello Elliot

    I have several one word domains (.com, net, org, .asia, .co.uk, co.za, etc) and would like to know how to market them to end users. Selling to resellers will lose us at least 50% of the market price I guess. I believe the easiest way is to find from Google search with our keywords?

    Would also like to know how to price the one word domains to the end users. For example these domains:

    and several more others.

    Would appreciate if you can guide.



  18. @ Leonard Britt

    I really have no interest in brokering unless it’s a high 5 figure or a figure name. There’s usually too much effort necessary to make it worth it, and it can be frustrating dealing with a seller whose expectations are higher than I think they should be. Also, I generally sell my higher value names to domain investors I know who are looking for high quality domain names, so the end user prices that many people command might not be achieved with the way I operate.

    @ Kevin

    No grease πŸ™‚

    @ Jim

    I plan to have a follow up – or hopefully the person with whom I work will write a post. It seems that all of the posts I write detailing my efforts lead to more questions, and I bet the person I work with will be able to provide more details and a better summary than I… at least that person’s perspective will be different.

    @ Jonathan Rusca

    I appreciate the kind words but I don’t have an interest in doing that. I don’t think I am a very good teacher, so this is going to be a challenge for me in more than one way πŸ™‚ I’d rather use my blog as a platform to help give free advice than to charge for it. I still don’t think I am an expert at this and I can’t guarantee any success, but I hope whatever the results are it will give someone a new perspective.

    @ affilojetpack

    Thank you for the suggestion but I am not looking to do this to make money. I have no interest in selling an e-book or video πŸ™‚ I know it could make money, but it’s not something I want to do.

  19. Hello Elliot,

    We also have some premium keyword domains

    PageRank: 3

    Receives Natural Traffic from 80+ Countries

    Looking to sell it to end customers,

    Would appreciate your tips on this.

    Danish K.

  20. @Elliot

    You are welcome. I disagree, you’re too modest I’ve learnt plenty from your blog.

    It wasn’t an entirely altruistic suggestion either because it would almost certainly guarantee that I’d get my hands on your thought process!


  21. Hi Elliot,

    Would like to be a part of this. Selling to an Enduser always seemed to be the most difficult thing for me.

    All the best,


  22. As this is based on random factors and chance rather than work experience and a determinate length essay, of course I’m interested. It’s what I’ve been working at for the past 2 years with less than stellar success. Perhaps I’ll get lucky and make us both famous. Thanks!

  23. Hello Elliot,

    I would love to follow your advices with end user sales.

    I hope i will be added to your list


  24. That is a great offer. i would love to try something like that. I have been finding some good names of late and no luck finding buyers. I’ve been selling domains for many years and I doubt if I ever have sold to an end user.

  25. El,

    If this isn’t a Vanity piece to show your readers just how many other readers are wetting their pants to be your guinea pig, I don’t know what it is… but I wish I would have thought of it first!

    Good luck and I’m looking forward to seeing the final results!

  26. El, if you looked into the dictionary (probably slang), under the word “Honeylips”, your photo would be there.

    I’m glad we didn’t hang out back in the day hitting nightclubs – you’d have six girls all around you all cooing “oh Elliot, your words are like — silver!”

    Stop being so young and perfect and hard working. You’re making my intent to retire look BAD!

  27. Crap, just got wind of your offer on NP (ID: mosilager), came to your blog to register, and voila, I’m like at the bottom of the list πŸ™

    Still, worth a try, have been following your blog for 2 years, would love to have an opportunity to work with you!.

    I’d be willing to pay for your advice & services too if you ever decide to go that route!.


    • @ Jon

      When I return from my trip, I will take all of the names of people who are interested and put them in ABC order in an Excel spreadsheet. I will then use Random.org’s random number generator to pick the # cell, and the person listed in that cell will be the selected person, so it doesn’t matter when you post here.

  28. Hi, I would be interested in this greatly, at the moment im the kind of guy who goes in with all good intentions and comes out with a empty pocket so something like this would be a great help.

  29. Hi Elliot,

    This is the first time i am posting comment on your blog. In fact i very rarely do blogging or posting any comments. But yours is one of the very few blogs that i always read for its resoursefulness (may be its a word or not πŸ™‚

    Since i am interested to learn the process let me first introduce myself.

    This domaining started for me nearly two years back while i was looking for a good domain for my own Logistics Business in India for i was looking for KCC.com which was not available & i tried several names but all were either not available or were for sale at $XXXX . Finally i had to settle for KccLtd.net which was not my first choice.

    This aroused my curiosity as why & how this domaining is done. Slowly i learned up the process after doing many mistakes & this became a hobby for me.

    Now i have a portfolio of more than 2400 generic domains (not all are .com but also .net & .org) of which i have developed more than 800 through various systems. I had to employ a staff of 3 people for this Since i don’t get too much of time after logistics & some other business that i have.

    After all this now these developed ones are paying for the all the domains several times over so it was not a bad experience overall.

    But i would definitely be very interested to learn your process & systems as to how to sell those domains if i need to.

    One more thing which i would like to add is that is it not possible that you publish on your blog all that you mentor that selected candidate so that all other readers can be guided by it.

    I know that your time is very valuable & you would already be spending a lot of in on this but maybe …….


  30. Hi Elliot,

    I would love to work with you and learn from you.

    I am a web developer and only recently got into playing with domains, hence, created valuedrops.com, a website that filters out the valuable dropping domains on daily bases, and shows the quality ones. By the way, I would love to get some feedback from every one about this site. It’s not finished yet, but I’m using it on daily bases and had been debating whether or not I should make it public.

    I spent a quite a bit of time trying to identify quality domain from junk, and since I am no pro at domain names, Elliot, I would love to get your prospective and maybe learn how you identify quality and sellable domains. And thanks for helping out the domainer community and even though you say you don’t consider yourself a pro, you truly are a pro to many of us πŸ™‚

  31. I have been researching and registering domains for almost five years now and have learned a bunch about the process through trial and error (mostly error). I can understand why everyone covets that short, organically natural, domain name but what I am most concerned with is finding domains relevant to the topics of my blogs and then learning how to manage them myself with a domainSuite of some sort.

    Am I interested in Eliot’ contest/project? You Betcha! But would a guy like me ever get chosen to work with a guy like Elliott? Not in a zillion years!

    Even though I have over a hundred registered domains I can safely say that over half of them aren’t worth spit to anyone but me and have been consigned to parking page limbo. I think Elliott is looking for someone with more experience in actually buying and selling domains.

    He would probably choose someone who could really benefit from his domaining expertise, an experienced blogger and someone who could provide his readership with some domaining blog fodder, stuff that would help him prove his point, that he can do this thing. But me? Not in a kazillion years!? Any why? Well my guess is that Elliott needs to get hold of some guy or gal who built a network of, websites, parking pages, link directories, stores, hosted and self-hosted blogs, someone who designed a web presence around a domain, not the other way round and a person on the cutting edge of social media apps.

    Wait a minute! I just described myself! But wait.
    Wouldn’t he also want to pick the brain of a domain hound who actually learned how to find good names by first defining it’s use, and then spending some time doing “domain diligence” before jumping into a name that doesn’t “sing?” Wow! I did that too! But would Elliott choose a guy like me? Not in a ba-billion years!

    I’m pretty sure he would be looking more for a person who gets really pumped about finding new and USEFUL domains, names that can be made to work for a person. And when I say work you all know what I mean, show me the money – monetizing is what it’s all about.

    Darn, did I just describe myself again? Gee how selfish of me! Are you listening Elliott, HELLO! I want to be your protege on this project. You don’t have to mentor me, we can mentor each other. I want to use my entire portfolio of domains with or without attached websites or blogs. Together we can rule the World!

  32. “But would a guy like me ever get chosen to work with a guy like Elliott?”

    @ Dick

    This will be randomly picked, so a person’s experience won’t even be considered πŸ™‚

  33. Elliot

    β€œYou create your opportunities by asking for them.”
    Shakti Gawain quote

    I love the concept and as you are aware, being a newbie in the domain game, it would be a priviledge to work with you and learn.

    Here is hoping the your random number genrator draws my entry as we all know that β€œI’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.”
    -Thomas Jefferson.

    Have a safe trip Elliot in Paris…

  34. I’d love to get some extra help. I’ve been on and off again with it for almost 3 years now. I’m definitely learning you can’t buy names, list with a listing service (SEDO, GoDaddy, etc…) and wait for the money to flow. I’ve done this for a while now and I made a $1000 sale right away at SEDO and then 4 months later I sold another for $400 and that has been it for 1.5 years now. Not something to hit the town on ya know.

    Anyways I’d love it if you would work with me. I have a few names right now but have let some of them go back into the pot.I can get you a list of what I’ve got if you want or can register new ones also. I’d love to hear your thoughts on hand picks in the process.


  35. I’m the one in the back of the classroom feverishly waving my hand for your attention. (Please! Over here!) Many domains; no clear vision of how to sell them; very in need of a mentor. Lots of life experience; can relate to many audiences/business concepts. Can take direction and am not a nuisance.

    Thanks for making such a great offer.

  36. Sounds like a great opportunity. I’m sure most of your readers could benefit from this. Even if I don’t get picked I look forward to hearing about the results.

  37. Elliot,

    Thank you for the generous offer, but I’m simply too busy. Please do not consider me for this offer. Repeat, please do not consider me.


  38. It seems that is too late for me. Yesterday (on your blog) i was the first one, asking you for help (maybe contributing to your generous idea too:)) Even if I dont get a place on your
    list im happy for the chance i had, to “communicate” with you, on your blog.
    Thanks for the few good advices, anyway.
    The same student

  39. And what are your real criterion to select that person?
    Im curious and want to evaluate my chance (maybe a kind of bot)

  40. Wow, now this is an amazing offer. I’m actually not too sure if I really want to win it. I’ve tried buying domains with all good intentions of either developing for sale or just for keeping in the hope they’ll end up bringing in some money. Of course, because I didn’t know what I was doing and had no end goal in mind, it didn’t work out.

    As a result I have several very poor domains/sites sitting there gathering dust. And not too sure I want to try it again, even with your help.

    But I’ll throw my hat in anyway. Never really been very lucky with most things. I’ve often thought I couldn’t win a beer in a brewery (the actual saying is a little different, but youngsters might be reading), but maybe my luck’s about to change?

    Yup, count me in please.

    ps. hope you enjoy your travels. πŸ™‚

  41. I’m the one in the FRONT of the class feverishly waving my hand saying me,me,me please………..count me in! I started domaing about 4 months ago and am racking my brains out trying to figure out how to make some dough with this expensive hobby, I even sent e-mails to Sedo ( to no avail ) begging them to accept some of my domains for auction.

    I am unemployed and have spent about two thousand dollars on domain names. Like most novices, I registered a lot of junk, some were so bad I ended up deleting them!

    Thanks and wishing everyone the best of luck!

  42. Great idea, Elliot.

    While I believe it best for others to vie for your kind assistance offer, it does occur to me that the only way you’d possibly receive more “comments” would perhaps be if you were giving away free money. πŸ˜‰

  43. @ Steve

    I hope people don’t think there’s a guarantee of making money here. It’s more about learning what I’ve been doing to make end user sales and hopefully helping someone make one, but I obviously can’t promise that.

  44. This is about experience. So many of us are new and fresh to the industry and realize that there is no guarantee of money or even a sale for that matter.

    β€œIf you want to feel rich, just count the things you have that money can’t buy” such as experience.

  45. Again, I conquer. Somebody should build a better mousetrap.

    Is there a concensous amongst all what site provides the best statistal data? It would be kool to know which site I should use as a reference, being new to the domain game.

  46. sorry – above should have been posted on the
    “Compete Traffic Numbers & Fusible Report – LOL” blog

  47. If you are doing this ‘random’ completely and anyone can be selected, then its a really great and helpful idea.
    But may i suggest one more thing, why not another post on the complete procedure and steps that you will undergo through the domain selling process.With details of the choosing domain based on ‘person and background’, finalizing, purchasing and selling, the blog will be a source of guideline and ‘avoid serious mistakes ‘ types of information .This will surely help young students like me as well as many others who want to explore possibilities in ‘Domain ‘ domain !

    And yeah,please count me in.

  48. have you choosed me yet my frend. We have good partner energies to make much money. i have the name to sells . if i am chosed please will i give you a casoorole of meat lunch for TRAFFIC show with RIck Latonas. if we make big time.

    Tthe serious offer i can make or do you please take me a mentor example in an ebook . i have 40$ US for paypal selling gun automatic cartige on ebay with free shipping. I also have 2 western union transfer for buying car from craiglist and selling to man from chzek repubelik. more moneys this way i can buy $100 ebook to make more domian sales.

    Thank you and

  49. @ Mohit

    Yes, it’s random… I think there would be less of a point to doing it if it wasn’t random.

    I have written a few posts on the topic but people still have questions so I am taking it a step further with this.

  50. i guess the list is going to be too long!!
    nyways do you remember i showed you three domains that i bought, and you said that you dont see any value in them, so i thought of building some value to it and i made a website on it ( hotandfresh.in) 20 days ago , and now its listed in engines etc.. so now how should i measure its value, if its increased or not? do you suggest selling them as soon as i get decent amount or continue building the brand around domain??

  51. Elliot,

    This is a priceless offer. I won’t put you on a pedestal with mentor engraved on it, but you have the heart of a teacher that conveys through your posts. Whether or not you’ll give yourself that credit is immaterial, but your teachings throughout the years have advanced the industry on many levels.

    Because there are so many ups and downs in this game, one will inevitably question his/her approach at one point or another as I have certainly. I welcome the opportunity to see things from a different (& obviously successful) perspective.

    Count me in.

    Enjoy your trip.

  52. I have never bought and thus sold a domai name. I believe I have a good understanding of the market, just never tried.

    PS I also work for a domain registrar lol.

  53. hi elliot,
    I can certainly use your help. I have purchased a number of domain names and have had no luck as of yet getting any bites for them.


  54. Hi Elliot,
    You are gone until June 7th, ? humor, email overload
    for sure. A book..

    Great Offer, you will have to hire many to
    read your inbox upon your return. lol

    This is priceless offer
    as FLONAME Post Says it all.

    FLOName: Your words / post really awesome.
    Thank You Sincerely, inspiration

    I think anyone that can sell a domain for anyone,
    10% to close a sale is well worth their time completing it.

    Domaining, is exciting, learning and getting there sometimes not so much,
    Until We Accomplish Best Reward

    Your Post
    While tracking /posting process of will teach so many.
    A awesome idea….. will be great to check back in to read
    everyones post on this one.

    ( I think you volunteed to be .. intern ) kidding

    Fresh Start 3 domains” No website
    Page of personal research data, seo, ad links, pay per click misc. basic start info.

    (similar domain New tv ad mylife.com ) ideas unlimited.



    All Offers Welcome for Domain Only Exp. 2011
    email for more info, or Contact Elliot after 6-7 lol….

    Whois unlocked for viewing.

    Respectfully to all,
    Indiana, USA

  55. Great Post – Great Opportunity.

    Having recently bought heavily into 3d Domain Names, I would love to see how you would go about selling within a virtually brand new market, one with very little manufacturers, content and advertisers, although a very obvious BIG market on the way.

    Please consider myself and this additional challenge.

  56. @JV

    I’d like to see a list of your “3D” domains.

    I probably have the largest “future trend” domain portfolio of any domainer in the world. I started in 2004, after reading thousands of scientific articles in technology newsletters and blogs. I have at least 15 of the top 3D tech domains available.

    I’m not sure your question to Elliot on how he would sell those domains is fair to him because this isn’t his area of expertise. The simplest answer for you right now is “keep renewing” and do a simple evaluation test to make sure the domains are potential consumer/business prodserv interests in the next five years.

    You can reach me at my blog http://www.successclick.com

  57. @JV and El

    Sorry, I meant to say “I’m not sure your question to Elliot on how he would sell those domains is UNFAIR to him because this isn’t his area of expertise.” The word to correct is “fair” when it should have said “unfair”.

    All apologies…

    (apology to Kurt Cobain’s memory)

  58. @ Stephen Douglas

    I am trying to liquidate my poor portfollio and have a few 3d domains for sale although I do not imagine they come close to the quality of yours.

    Kudos on focusing on a niche as I think it will pay handsomely for you. I have been in retail for 21 years and 3D will be the biggest buzz word of 2010-11.


    I fired off an email to your gmail acct as per your invitation.

    did you see the world record set at the Eiffel Tower?
    safe trip back and look forward to your reply and continued posts.

    • @ ace

      The offer mentioned above is to help someone learn how I go about registering new domain names and then attempt to sell them. I will work with the person to find an unregistered domain name or two and then try to sell those. Unfortunately, I can’t really sell domain names I don’t understand or don’t think are valuable, which is why this opportunity will involve basically starting from scratch.

      Good luck with this domain name.

  59. In looking at your offer I revisited domain business again. While I still have names I feel deserve an end user like


    after you made this offer I went looking for more of retail business type names. I started to fire off a few letters based on what you posted but still hoping I might be the lucky one. Should the odds work like they should figured I better try to get some help now if able.

    Do you think
    wallacefalls.com would qualify as the type name you would send letters out on?

  60. I’m very interested and just sent you an email (I hadn’t noticed the bit about the random number generator, but I get it now). Most of my names are geo-related and tied to specific industries, and my plan is to develop a few of them into workable (not mega) sites and approach end users. I’m also happy to start from scratch.

    This is a great opportunity for someone! And the rest of us will look forward to the blogs about the process. πŸ™‚

  61. Well, still eagerly awaiting the result lol.

    I confess I’ve been having to hold myself back from going on a domain search. figured it would be better to wait to make sure I didn’t end up buying yet more domains to sit wasting away.

    No doubt you’ve got plenty of catching up to do Elliot so no worries. I’m sure a little while longer won’t make that much difference.

    Hope you enjoyed the trip.

  62. I’m over a year late, but found this interesting. I’d love to go over ideas and work with you. What happened last year? Let me know if your going to do it again. Pat

  63. Elliot: I just saw this post pop up this morning and got very excited reading it until I noticed it was way old and there were like 50 thousand replies to it. I have been off and on domaining for over 3 years now and would love it to send a few emails back and forth if you see this and would be willing to offer a little advice. I recently sold dietcompanies.com to Chef Patrick probably for way too little money but I hadn’t made a sale in over 6 months prior so i was wanting a sale that day. Would you offer a tip or two to help a fellow domainer out?

  64. I have few domains with me which i want to sell will you guide me with how to market and what to price them
    All the domains have 300+ days to expiry


  65. Dear Elliot,

    You wrote this post about 2 years ago and so I’m guessing you’re not taking anymore “students”.

    Anyway, how-about you write a blog post giving us tips how we can appraise our own domains so we don’t have to spend money going to appraisers ?
    Anyway, this is how I apparaise my own domains…
    I first check on Google Adwords’ Tool how many times a certain long-tail keyword has been searched and then register it if it has been searched for it a lot. For example, few months back I registered:


    Now, I see on the Adwords’ Tool,
    lose fat and weight
    has been searched for around 250,000 times and
    yeast infection
    has been searched for around 12,000 times last month march 2012 on google alone! That’s amazing stats! Gosh! I didn’t know that many people were looking for a solution in a single month!
    Anyway, assuming, losefatandweight.com converts 10% of the visitors to a sale, where I earn $10 commission per sale, then thats $250,000 profits per month or $2,500,000 per year.
    Based on this, I’d try selling the domain for $2,500,000 according to my own appraisal. Funny isn’t it, I’d price it quarter of a million dollars and the search volume was exactly that much in march 2012 alone!

    So, would you do your own appraisals likewise or would you rather not tell to keep the technique a secret ? How-about a new post on this subject ? Have you ever thought of that ?

  66. My Sir Elliot!

    I’ve been following you and been updated to all of your post. I would like to learn more and I’m interested to work with you. I am a new domainer and I started with reading blogs similar to yours till I stopped here cause I learn more. I also registered to free domaining forums like namepros and others. I don’t have sales yet because I’m still collecting info I’m afraid that I priced it so low or so high. With selling domains I keep few tips specially with the keywords search, CPC, etc I found some of this are very helpful and some not to be considered because I know at the end its the end user’s perspective on how the domain should be used.

    I have few domains that I’d like to enroll in your project/programs that I am hoping to be considered. Please check these domain and let me know if this seems to be salable. I am putting all my trust to you Sir Elliot.


    I have more at: http://acquiremydomain.com/

    Looking forward to working with you.

    Warm regards,
    Albert Picardal
    AMD – http://acquiremydomain.com/


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