Know When to Reprice Your Assets

James Booth shared that he sold for $59,995:

That sale is impressive in and of itself. I did a bit of searching via DomainTools, and I found something that took me aback. A screenshot of the previous landing page from July of 2023 – just 6 months ago – shows this domain name was previously listed for sale on Squadhelp for $9,995! That means James grossed an extra $50k because he repriced it as interest in .AI domain names grew.

I asked James about this, and he told me he repriced the domain name along with other .AI domain names he owns:

Subsequent to this, James commented that he acquired this domain name for just $500. That’s impressive.

With the increase in sales of .AI domain names and sales prices of .AI domain names, it’s important to keep an eye on prices. There’s a very fine balance between pricing domain names below the retail price, above the retail price, and at the current market price. This is probably more of an art than a science.

I probably don’t do this enough. I don’t own nor have I ever owned any .AI domain names – and I tend to stay away from surging/trending domain name types, so it may be less important for my portfolio than others.

Kudos to James for making a good investment and a timely pricing change. It pays to stay on top of your asking prices to maximizing sale prices.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I totally believe there is a time and place to raise the price of a specific domain name.

    The domain business is unlike the auto or real estate business, where there are pricing comps readily available, and people generally know the difference between a $20,000 car versus a $200,000 car. Not so in the domain world. For one of the larger City projects I’m involved in, intelligent people have commented on the value or price ranging from $1M up to $20…..many times.

    On raising the price on certain domain names in your portfolio, knowing that you would take less from a Buyer, it allows the perception of a larger discount when finalizing a deal. However I believe for the right names, there is more to it than just this. Some names, nobody takes them seriously at a low price; raising the price significantly gets attention and again, with the right name, command respect. Out of 1,000+++ names in my portfolio, I can only think of 10 or so that I’ve used this strategy for. And I don’t regret it.

    Finally, congrats to James on this $50K sale.

  2. Isn’t “boom box” a fairly archaic term, maybe even extremely archaic?

    I’m Gen X, and I remember “boom boxes.” And as of 1/24 I remember the term being practically almost extinct for a long long time now. Like decades.

    Is this for real? Do I need to explain what I mean by “for real”?

    • I’ll tell you what else:

      If a domain like “” is genuinely worth even a small fraction of $59.9k, then my one and only .ai is worth no less 7 figures, period, no ifs, ans or buts.

      • Boombox may signal another time, as the 90s or 80s, but those decades are “in”. When you see the word “BoomBox”, you immediately conjure the image either from music videos or movies or from retro pop culture.
        Similar to “Telegram” …archaic, yes, but a very popular messaging app that may have piggy backed on the success of instagram, w/the “gram”

      • How about that, bunch of comments here, just came back.
        Well, since you put it that way, and you all are making some good comments, even though I’m not a fan of the “boom box” name itself in any extension, though I liked boom boxes when I was a teen in the 80’s, my one .ai is definitely worth 7 figures then. It is all of this:

        1. A very nostalgic term indeed.
        2. Still a very current term too – double whammy.
        3. A super lucrative well known industry.
        4. Apparently, from what I’ve seen, an industry for which “AI” has also become a major factor, and probably going to grow quite a bit.

  3. .AI domains in the sector of music have great value, as AI is poised to transform the entire industry.
    Even Jagger and Keith Richards have stated their “AI rights” will be more valuable than their music catalogue.
    If I recall, sold for a little over 100 K a few years back. It’s a 7 figure domain now.


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