Just Send Your Top 5


People regularly email about their domain names. Most people seem to want to sell me their domain names. The polite people ask me if they can send me their domain names to review if any fit my purchasing needs. The not as polite people simply email me a big list of names without a prior introduction or any type of business relationship.

When people ask about sending me a list of their domain names, I typically ask them to send me a few of their best domain names. Sometimes I’ll say send your 10 best and other times it’s a top 3 list. The point is to get them to cull the list instead of thinking that I will do it for them.

Realistically, the “best” domain names in a portfolio would be a small percentage of that portfolio. If someone asked me to share my top 5 names, I would quickly say Embrace.com, Travels.com, Stallion.com, Exclaim.com, and Lilac.com. This list might change a bit from time to time depending on multiple factors, but those names are certainly better than second tier names like SkiHouses.com and  DisputeResolution.com.

The main reason I ask for a short list is because it makes it easier for me to get an idea of the portfolio. If a person sends a bunch of new gTLD domain names or other types of names I don’t buy, it’s easy to pass. On the other hand, someone with thousands of names listed in ABC order might have a few gems I would overlook if they sent their full list. I value my time, and I am not going to spend it looking through someone’s portfolio in the hopes of finding a gem.

If someone can’t list their best domain names, it is highly likely that the portfolio is not going to be of interest. Sorry, but the best names should be pretty obvious. On the other hand, if someone’s best 5 names are all one word .coms registered in the mid to late 1990s, you better believe I am going to ask to see the entire list and take my time going through it.

I imagine I am like most people. I don’t like to waste my time and I don’t like to waste the time of other people. Asking people to send me their top few names puts the onus of reviewing the list on them rather than me.

One more quick tip… if you send me a list, just put the domain names in the body of the email. I am sure most people wouldn’t try to send malware, but I am not going to take that chance and open a file.


  1. Sorry for the confusion, but please don’t take this as a call to action. It is merely a suggestion that if you have the need to email me about domain names, please have the courtesy to not send a massive list that I almost will certainly either ignore or delete.

    Also, if you are compelled to email me your list, be mindful of the types of domain names I buy: http://topnotchdomains.com/investments.html

    The only exceptions to meaningful one word .com domain names are relatively cheap meaningful .com domains I buy at marketplaces and auctions.

    Sending me anything other than .com is an exercise in futility, as is sending domain names that need some sort of explanation. They may be worth something to someone, but that someone is not going to be me.

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