Just Following Up


I want to follow up on a recent post I made. Based on all of the comments and responses, I am going to publish my Geodomain information as a series on my blog. I think Jon and Dimester’s comments about reading others’ feedback on my posts is very important, as there are a lot of people with more experience in this area. Most of the successful people have owned their names for many years, so I think I can offer a different perspective as a new geodomainer.

I have started writing the series already, and it’s neat to be able to share what I’ve learned. I also hope to read comments that will help all of us learn from others’ experiences.

The series will begin just before the GeoDomain Expo. I am going to be spending next week in Lowell, so I should be able to report more on the sales process.

Thank you all for your feedback. BTW, I wasn’t planning on charging for the book – I was wondering if you thought it was a better way to present my information.

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