JetSuiteX Rebrands as JSX with


Founded in 2016, JetSuiteX describes itself as an “affordable private-like air travel for the cost of an airline seat with free snacks, drinks, bags and business class legroom.” Earlier this month, the company announced a rebrand to JSX, and it looks like the company was able to secure the brand match domain name in advance of the rebranding.

Here’s an excerpt from the press release announcing the rebrand:

“JetSuiteX today announced a new brand name and identity, JSX, along with a refreshed website (, logo, livery and new ad campaign that aim to define its innovative form of air travel as a “hop-on jet service.” Now in its fourth year of operation, JSX’s mission to provide “Joyful, Simple Xperiences” continues to dramatically improve short haul air travel by offering publicly available charter flights on 30-seat jets from private terminals.”

From what I can see using historical Whois records from DomainTools along with screenshot records, it looks like was owned by a China-based domain registrant. It looks like the domain name was acquired some time between May and August of this year, when it transferred to Enom under privacy.

I looked through my email records, and I do not see any domain broker listings for NameBio does not have any sale records for the domain name either. I couldn’t take a guess with much accuracy about the sale price of

JSX has a sister company called JetSuite, and that company does not appear to have undergone any branding changes after the JSX rebrand.

I reached out to JSX to see if they could share information about the domain name acquisition, specifically relating to the sale price and how they acquired the domain name. I will share an update if I hear back from the company.

Thank you to Braden Pollock for sharing the news about the rebrand with me.


  1. Looks like a good service, cheaper than a short Amtrak trip in some cases. Wish there were more of these services. is an example of a domain that is both short and a winner. Unlike the many short .com’s that are far worse and less valuable than one like

    • Don’t get fooled by brother John, kids. Of course shorter is ALWAYS better. What, you think millennials will type or remember any URL longer than 8 letters? LOL think again. Your is dead in the Hudson. Ever heard of Zillow? Ever heard of Ever heard of John, you’re living in the 90’s pal. 6 month to 2020.. it’s time to catch up. Love.

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