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I want to give you a perfect example about why domain blogs are invaluable sources of information and why people frequently visit and read popular domain blogs. Yesterday evening, Larry Fischer of had a brief post about the sale of, which he titled sells for $350,000 – WTF ?

Larry speculated that the set-up of the domain name looks similar to, which he knew had “absurdly high PPC revenue.” There was 20+ comments on his blog related to the domain name, its traffic, and the PPC revenue from the buyer of the domain name as well as a couple of other knowledgeable people. Just by reading Larry’s post and the comments that followed, I learned quite a bit about a particular vertical I knew nothing about prior to reading the post.

After reading Larry’s post, I did a bit of research on this vertical, and I was very surprised at the results. Just have a quick look at some of the information I gathered below for these parked keyword domain names. GEKT is the Google Keyword Tool’s exact monthly searches, and the Compete information is estimated monthly traffic.

  • GEKT: 368,000 monthly, Compete: 5,960 visitors
  • GEKT: 450,000 monthly, Compete: 7,457 visitors
  • GEKT: 450,000 monthly, Compete: 17,188 visitors
  • GEKT: 673,000 monthly, Compete: 7,465 visitors
  • GEKT: 90,500 monthly, Compete: 3,069 visitors
  • GEKT: 135,000 monthly, Compete: 1,672 visitors
  • GEKT: 135,000 monthly, Compete: 3,537 visitors

I am sure there will be plenty of people who try to register names like or something like that, but that wouldn’t have value (at least none that I can see). Everyone could be given the same information, but some people will still register bad names like my example and try to sell them for stupid money.

Learning how to get a feel for domain values is part of the reason why it’s smart to read and analyze posts and commentary from proven industry leaders. You never know who will appear with commentary or what you might learn.

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  1. Elliot,

    I have to agree with you on how amazing blogs are to learn about new verticals. Bill Kara was kind enough to make comments and let us into his world. He just added a guest post on my blog which also tells the story of another great domain purchase.

    all the best


    BTW Your Blog is one of the first things I read each morning.

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