Interesting Branding Decision by Citrix

GoToMeetingOne of the most useful online meeting websites is, which offers a wide variety of online conferencing services. During the past year, I’ve been hearing more about the company, and I have participated on a few conferences using their services. In 2003, Citrix acquired ExpertCity, Inc (GoToMeeting’s founding company) for a reported $225 million in cash and stock.

Recently, I noticed a television campaign for GoToMeeting, although most of the time I am not paying attention to the screen. It’s fairly easy to remember the company name, but there is no guarantee that someone who hasn’t used the service will remember the brand name when they are looking to set up a web conference. Someone could also accidentally type in “2” instead of “to” or do some other typo.

In my opinion, the absolute best domain name for a meeting service is clearly It’s the industry defining term and it’s simple to remember. Sometime towards the end of 2006, ExpertCity/Citrix acquired, and the domain name currently resolves to the GoToMeeting website. If someone types in, they will get to the GoToMeeting website.

This begs the question, is Citrix making a branding mistake by using when they already own

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Eliott I think they are running with the call to action

    principle … sounds neutral compared to

    GOTOmeeting … because they own they are

    simply canibalizing themselves so no harm done … in

    Canada the government is advertising … … this domain elicits the question

    How DO I fight the flu and will lead to action … The

    question is if they advertised (assuming they would

    have bought it) would it have the same desired effect ?

  2. @ Anthony

    Good point. It’s also a smart strategic defensive move because it prevents another company from coming into the market with the brand.

  3. Another interesting angle they could have taken would have been to chase when it was rebranded Overture and now YahooSM. I think they use the GoTo call to action though and have other “GoTo” brands… (also own Just looks like a smart brand strategy overall with the missing link to me being the Citrix does well with their brands and domains it seems.

  4. Interesting study in corporate domains at the company website – and I would guess they have their sites on if they can wrestle it away. Already using “webinar, assist, meeting, mypc” and from what I gather own the exact .com of each without the GoTo as well. Nice.

  5. All of these are insightful comments, but another answer is more linguistic in nature. If you heard it say, on the radio or in conversation, and have never heard of it before, it is not readily apparent what website they are pitching.

    If a user hears it as “Go to and blahblahblah,”
    owning isn’t defensive it’s pure intelligence.

    I work in an environment where the people I converse with on a daily basis are easily in the top .5% of web-users as rated by their knowledge of the internet-at-large.

    That tends to color what I think the “average” user knows or is capable of understanding. At least without careful thought on my part.

    Owning as a redirect sounds like this crew understands the average web-user very well.

  6. Dead on Kevin. Did not actually think of the TV ad (word of mouth) hearsay…” taken as “go to”. This blows up my GoTo theory, but I think Kevin is dead on. Nice.


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