IJ.com Sold for $550,000


According to a tweet earlier this morning from James Booth, IJ.com was sold for $550,000.

Based on what I can see, it appears that IJ.com was acquired by a Chinese company. The domain name does not yet resolve to an active website, but there’s a message on the landing page indicating that one is coming soon:

“Sorry, the website is unable to access for the moment. According to the filing requirements of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), the website is accessible only if the ICP information is accurate and the ICP license is filed.Please contact the person in charge of the website for assisstance.”

I reached out to James to ask about the sale of IJ.com, and he let me know that his company (Phenom.com) brokered the sale of it.

Once the sale is confirmed by Ron Jackson, it will rank as the tenth largest publicly reported domain name sale of the year, just behind the $565,000 sale of Carrot.com.

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  1. Factually,it is bought by the Communist Party of China.All companies and everybody in China is being controlled by the brutal bully State and nobody has rights.
    They steal IPs,Uncle Trump is correct about the trade unfairness with China.
    All your phones and devices are being hacked in China and in Russia.

      • @richard…indirectly,they did steal the domain via our tax payers’ money.
        In communist countries(here too) if you are not politically connected ,you are doomed.
        All the Olga and corrupted communists are buying real Estates sight unseen using dirty monies.
        Again uncle trump is correct about those anchor babies …

        • Agreed, but those “direct foreign investments” is what keeps the US real estate market afloat. The NA of Realtors lobbied hard to keep mandatory background checks at a minimum and laws agains money laundering are very very soft compared to international standards. It’s up to the government to legislate and enforce tighter regulations but that would kill the high end of the market in a heartbeat.

  2. Housing,medical,education and child care..all these costs are the pillars facing the millennials. If you don’t own a home and paid for by age 55,you are dead in the water.
    No idea how a millennial can afford a median price of house at 650K unless you earn a high 6 figures.
    The family structure is doom.

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