I Wouldn’t Even Consider Buying These Domain Names


Over the weekend, Tony Names shared a list of domain names he sold that are now developed.

I do not know Tony personally and we’ve only interacted on Twitter, but from what I gather, he is a relatively new entrant into the business of domain investing. This means these domain names were fairly recent sales, and having this many sold domain names developed into websites is quite impressive to me.

In looking through this list that was shared, one thing stands out to me. I probably would not have bought a single one of these domain names. Perhaps Shangrila.io or Lassie.co would have piqued an interest to me had I run across them in an unregistered list, but I really doubt it.

This illustrates two crucial aspects of domain investing. There is no right way to invest in domain names. I wouldn’t have touched any of these domain names, yet Tony likely saw a very strong ROI by taking the chance on them. In addition, it shows that there are still opportunities in this business for people with the drive to learn and will to succeed.

The best way to understand if you are investing right is to list domain names for sale on various platforms with great reach and by using some sort of “for sale” landing page. If inquiries and offers are coming in, you’re onto something. If you have a portfolio of dozens or hundreds of domain names that don’t receive offers, something is wrong.

What Tony is doing seems impressive to me. I can’t say for certain because I have no idea how much time and money he spends, nor do I know how many domain names he owns. The fact that so many of his sold domain names are already developed shows me that he knows what domain names people want to buy for their business, and that is impressive.

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  1. Sorry, nothing to learn from here. I’m not that Tony. None of these is investment grade quality. We all know these gtld’s require outsized reg/renewal fees assuming best case scenario he got them by registering. Writing about unverifiable claims adds to their credibility. Highly skeptical here.

  2. I don’t know Tony either but I’d like to get to know him if only I had the time. From his list i just registered the domain Zenfit.online. Why? 1.Because the name “Zenfit” left of the dot is a great name by all counts in this crazy industry. 2. It’s trademarkable for a multitude of uses. 3. A fit mind is every bit as important as a fit body. 4. Zenfit.com leads to a site “Xenfit”? 4.the market for Zenfit can be for Phd’s, coaches/trainers etc. 5. Oh, did I say that Zenfit.online cost to register a whopping $2.17 for a year and a mere $29 thereafter.

  3. To guess what the end user wants, you need very large databases that only the Big-Techs have.
    The main source of Tony Names is namebio (he said so himself) and his business model is to manage large portfolios and sell cheap.

  4. From a website development perspective I just wouldn’t purchase anything that doesn’t end in .com. I’d consider a .net if its a short dictionary word. But more power to Tony.

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