Hunting for Gems at SnapNames


Even though it can be a lot of work to search through names to order at Snapnames, it is definitely worth the effort. I recently won an auction for for about $110. I was only bidding against one other person, so apparently this name either slipped by everyone else and I found a gem, or other people don’t think this name is as valuable as I do. Some recent – sales as report by include: – $30,000 – $23,530 – $21,000 – $20,000

I know isn’t worth as much as those gems, but I believe it is worth much more than $110. Keep on looking through Snapnames – its worth the effort! This is one of the most fun aspects of the domain investment industry.


  1. How do you find a name like Do you use Snapnames’ Advanced Search feature to search for dot coms containing words like camera, video, or world, then sift through the results?

    That’s how I found this one. I have a bunch of keywords I use – some in the beginning of a domain name and some at the end.,, are some of the strings I use. Almost all of the “good” ones are taken, so the best bet is to try and buy expiring names. I think I got lucky with this one.

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