How Much PPC Revenue Do You Earn?

I often see posts and comments regarding the decline in PPC revenue over the last few years. Some of the decline has leveled off or even increased slightly perhaps, but it’s nowhere near the levels it once was.

I’ve never really bought domain names based on PPC revenue. As a result, my monthly parking income is probably in the ballpark of $300 +/- depending on various factors. I am sure there are plenty of people still making a living from PPC revenue, and I am sure there are plenty of others who don’t make much at all.

Someone who often reads and comments on my blog asked me if I could post a survey asking how much others are making monthly. He is more curious about revenue from domain names with pure type-in traffic. I am not really sure if people can easily break that out since most portfolios are made up of a mixture.

In any case, here’s a poll below the jump for you to share your monthly PPC earnings. You are welcome to comment on the state of parking if you wish.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I have 2 domains and just providing me $500/mth consistently and they are not even keywords…

    and best of all I bought then at $9/each from someone that claims he is a domain expert.

    Got one domain I hand reg at 99cent and giving $40/mth and it deals with baking.

    That why I love is all about crap Sh*it

  2. I’ve said it many times but most domainers know little to nothing about type-in traffic.

    Even on the pro forums there is almost nobody I can talk to about traffic because they either don’t know much about it, think they know but really don’t, or admit the don’t know because they really only buy domains to resell.

    There are some people in the domain industry that understand it well but really almost nobody does. You have to concentrate on it to understand it.

    It is a much more complicated niche then buying and reselling. It takes years to really get a grasp on it…. and be good at it.

    When you can take a list of 100 generic domains on the drops or expired and know with almost 100% certainty which ones of them have traffic, why they have traffic, and if they will keep their traffic, then you have scaled the wall and are on the other side and understand type-in traffic.

    I’ll also add that no matter how good you are you keep getting better at it the longer you do it, just like anything in this world.

    • In a comment such as this Mizer, it would do a lot of good to drop a couple of names. If your intention is to bring light to the subject, which I applaud, give some exemplary, typical, model domain names, so everyone can study, not just your conclusions, but your premises as well; it is not too late to do so.

      After reading your comment, most are still yearning for the main entree. Is tantamount to describing the recipe of a delicious supper, without revealing if it’s Flaming Filet Mignon with Chive Butter, light Pesto Salmon, or hearty Chicken with Mustard Mascarpone Marsala Sauce.

    • Can’t say I understand organic traffic completely, yet with a wasted 18 yrs online
      I don’t think any the changes the search engines do have any effect of a decent organic domain. the other aspect is if the domain has a ongoing trend as in a commmodity that is service or product related.

  3. I wanted to add one more thing: Contrary to what all the domainer’s are saying, at least on my end, I have seen very large traffic increases on top-tier and mid-tier domains over the last year or so.

    I have confirmed this with a couple of other stellar generic domain holders.

    This is the first time in over a decade we have seen traffic increases. Traffic has been falling since 2000, but not anymore.

    If anyone else would like to comment about this traffic increase we have been seeing, I’d be interested in hearing what you have to say.

  4. @Jagan….I’d love to if it were easier.

    I’ve schooled two people on it and they do get it, and they do make money, but it is like teaching someone to ride a bike. Getting them to learn how to ride is not terribly hard but getting them to learn all the tricks on a bike is. There is no substitute for experience and just going in and getting your hands dirty and learning what works and what does not.

    • @ Monkey Mizer, if you can direct me on the right direction on items to look, that would be great. I would happily pay for the guidance / tutoring as you are also spending your time and energy. I can pick up the rest with my efforts. My email is on the whois of my domain. Thank you.

  5. This article and its comments would have significantly more credibility if the authors named names. Specifically, please post the name of the site you claim to be making the PPC revenue. To leave out that tidbit of info invalidates your entire claim. After all, mentioning it will increase your traffic even more, no?

    • @nonbelievier-
      This is no BULLS…you can view all my pigeon shit domains at and

      here my big earning PPC domain

      a porn site.

      Now you can go figure out why it is making me big money.

      Make me an offer that I can REFUSE many times over and over!!

    • BullS – your site showed me a mixture of porn and a lot of forex stuff, it could be because I had been looking at forex stuff earlier in the day, so I checked out JPMorgan as they are a bunch of bankers, I didn’t sign up for anything though ’cause I don’t like bankers 😉

  6. Elliot@
    For the future it would be more accurate to know how many domains names would $501 – $2,500 bring OR any other $ bracket.

    That will bring a better logic in to this parking poll.

  7. elliot i have watched your posts on domaining ./ com for yewars… i have to asked you not as a comment but real question or future post idez ,,,, i know u need to be careful…. who the fuck dude gives a rats ass TODAY!!!!! what rick schwartz says about domain names?? given how many/HOW FEW?? he has sold over the last ten years??? wtf ???come on ??? think??? and im a guy wqho has read for abt 7 years now?? HE IS NOT RELAVENT JUST MY OPIONON after a FEw DRINKS IN nEW JEREY HAHA… your on site that treats him like a GOD??? WTF??? WHO THE FUK CAres my new york neighbor reading unread comments?????? rick schwartz smorts??!!!! only impoortaNd to morgan “who the fuk cares but hiS woman and shane” LINTON HAHAHAHA…..HAVE A greaT NITE AND WEEKEND!!!!!! LEND NAMES.COM AVAILABLE CHEAP VIA GODADDY

  8. Elliot@
    My point is this:

    It’s not the same if the guy that makes $2,500-$5,000 has 300 names or 3,000 names or 30,000 names.
    It would be wise to know also how many domains each individual has.

    Based on that info it makes sense a guy with 100,000 names to make over $10,000+

    Based on that info we could learn that a guy that has 200 names,could he make over $10,000?

  9. First, thanks so much Elliot for the post since I am the one ask you to do it. Appreciate it very much and was curious how the domain industry is doing.

    January 2012, I was making 60 dollars a month. While 2012 was a record year for me in sales, other things I had accomplished, I need to diversify my holdings.

    I made some money in .tv extension and since April of 2012, I really need to focus on pure type in traffic. The value in the name plus that target prospect who type in the address and knows what they are looking.

    Thankfully I have one of the best domainers in the world who taught me things. Hours and hours of his time, teaching a small d

    domainer and a nobody. I will never forget what he has done for me and hes a great friend. Hopefully one day I will meet him in person. Last year a door closed and a door opened. I had to move a few domains since the company had worked for lost the account I worked at and need to raise funds. Turned messy at the end, cant look back and was the best thing for me. Now 10 months later, I am holding my ground-past 6 weeks sucked though. April was second best month and broke the 20k mark gross numbers across everything, a commission, a 15k sale and some singles with parking revenue.

    Having said that, I am now doing 500 a month roughly. +/- with 25 dollars or so. I know its not a lot, its expensive to acquire names and not cheap. The meaning to the name, the direct navigation perspective and can the name be sold in the future.

    If it was not for .tv extension, I could not be in the position I had decided to choose and still like the extension. But diversification, .com will continue to rise in value and let this .whatever confusion begin.

    I also enjoy reading Ricksblog and he is a leader in the space. Attending my first domain conference and I am glad its his show. 6 years of learning things, ups and downs and took my first 2 years of losses as well as a part timer.

    I been kinda saying this to few people that building a pure type in traffic portfolio is MUCH HARDER THEN DOMAIN SALES. No matter what the dollar amount is. Sales is tough as is and thats why a lot of domainers disappear. Takes a lot of learning, hard work and frustrations. Best of all, its especially rewarding knowing I done this with my funds, paid off bad debt, 2 cars paid off, vacations, home equity line being paid down and steps in the right direction.

    I had my share of cheap shots, who to avoid and try to stay focused. The pure type in traffic, while its small but its truly rewarding to see some results.

    Thanks for everyone who have helped me with my journey. Let the games begin and going be a wild ride. Bring it!

    Thanks again Elliot!

  10. > BULLS…you can view all my pigeon shit domains at ……..

    Never thought it would happen, but I finally
    agree with something you wrote.

  11. I know of people who generate more than $20k/mo. from just a single domain. Certainly it is possible to earn a living from just parking domains, but my feeling is that if a domain can make that kind of money per month from parking, why not develop it and make that much more!

  12. “Some of the decline has leveled off or even increased slightly perhaps,”


    Last time I noticed any “improvement” of “levelling off” in the parking industry was the year 2006. It is still onwards and downwards for domain parking.

    Be careful of those who claim increase, I heard that many times over the last 6-7 years and it is usually people will small portfolios talking about short timeframes or people at parking co’s and like to put a rosey spin on their own operation.

  13. I know of people who generate more than $20k/mo. from just a single domain. Certainly it is possible to earn a living from just parking domains, but my feeling is that if a domain can make that kind of money per month from parking, why not develop it and make that much more!


    Probably would make far less “developed” (whatever developed means). The fact that the guy is making that kind of cash probably says a lot about his abilities and choice of monetization method.


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