Holocaust Related Domain Names


Simon Wiesenthal CenterIn 2008, I was browsing through some names owned by Buy Domains and I saw a domain name that was related to the Holocaust. It wasn’t exactly an obvious Holocaust domain name, but when the term was Googled, the relationship was more than clear. I informed Pete Lamson (GM of Buy Domains at the time) about the domain name, and the company dropped it.

It was unfortunate that they dropped it, but I am sure they wanted nothing to do with this domain name once they realized its meaning. The unfortunate aspect was that it went to auction at Snapnames, and it had a number of bidders. After a few days, I came out on top and owned the domain name.

For a while, I just killed the DNS since I didn’t want to send the traffic to a Holocaust awareness website without their permission. I forgot about the domain name until a couple of days ago when I got a renewal notice. I did a bit of research on other domain names, and I saw that the Simon  Wiesenthal  Center owns Holocaust.com.

I reached out the the Whois contact and she mentioned that someone was kind enough to donate Holocaust.com to their Center. I then offered to give them the domain name I own for free, and they are happy to take it. I am very happy that this domain name will get a permanent home with an organization like the Wiesenthal Center.

If you have domain names that are hurtful or hateful, consider donating them to a non-profit group. Whether you ask for a tax write-off or not, I am sure they will appreciate your generosity.


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