Have You Transferred Names From GoDaddy in Light of Elephant Video?

I read an article on CNBC today that discussed NameCheap’s special promotion allowing domain owners to transfer domain names from Go Daddy for just $4.99. This was in response to Go Daddy CEO / founder Bob Parsons’ now infamous elephant hunting video.

According to the article, “GoDaddy users have switched some 20,000 domains to Namecheap, generating $80,000 in revenue in just a few days, and raising $20,000 for the charity.”

For curiosity’s sake, I am wondering if you transferred your domain names away from GoDaddy in response to the video. If not, do you plan to transfer your domain names away, specifically as a result of the video. I have a reason for asking, and my insight will be posted tomorrow or Friday.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I didn’t move my domains but we did kill the dog and are now raising an elephant in the basement to release back into the wild to replace the one that Bob killed. He owes me one. When I walk the thing I have to carry a 55 gallon bucket to clean up the poop behind him. I think I need to go check on elephantwalkers.com and hire someone

  2. Just out of curiosity, I thought Namecheap’s offer was done at a loss to them? I believe I read somewhere, that Namecheap was doing this charitably, I could be wrong.

  3. I just went through the wringer with NAMECHEAP. Suffice to say, I think it’s been resolved, but if not everyone will know about it.

  4. No, I didn’t move my domains away from GD, because personally, I find it to be the easiest domain management panel around. I have domains at Enom, Moniker, Dynadot etc and they don’t even compare to GD, that’s not to say that I condone what he did, but hey, rich people get away with everything anyway, don’t they?.

  5. I am not a big fan of the video, but like GoDaddy.com as a registrar for many reasons.

    I would transfer a ton of domains TO GoDaddy if they ran a similar promotion.


  6. I didn’t have any to transfer away from them as I have never and would never be a customer.

    I am very happy that many have chosen to do so.

    The re-edited video and crisis-management PR push no doubt reflects the poor decision to film the ridiculous and inhumane stunt in the first place.

    This is a scar that will not disappear.

  7. I am so sick of these politically correct morons. Thank you Bob Parsons for helping the farmer and providing food for the village!

  8. Not likely the best move Bob has done, posting the video!

    It’s what rich business owners do. They catch big exotic fish and have them stuffed. They go to strip clubs and stuff the strippers. They shoot all kinds of animals in Africa and other countries.. etc, just not post video of it online.

  9. Political correctness sucks.

    Parsons broke no law, he didn’t even do anything unethical.

    If this event had any sway over me, I would move domains TO GoDaddy in protest of the protesters.

  10. I don’t own that many domain names, but they all are staying at GoDaddy.
    Been happy with the service, and to me that’s all that really matters.
    (I’ve switched my hosting over to Hostgator a while ago, but that was only because I felt I needed more than I was getting at GoDaddy for the price I was paying.)
    I happen not to care too much about the whole elephant incident, and I think everyone’s making a mountain out of a molehill – you can go and find things about every company and registrar out there that you maybe wouldn’t like.
    And I don’t know why PETA is all caught up in this when there are many innocent human beings being killed, but hey, the elephants must be more important. Right.

  11. After a decade with them, I moved out last year when I got a new account rep who gave me free private reg for a year. Then when I got charged for private reg two days later for a domain needing removal – go daddy let me leave and didn’t try to remedy the situation.

    Trust me, they don’t care. That was the attitude of my account rep, that was the attitude of his supervisor.

    I guess a couple thousand domains was nothing to their bottom line

  12. I haven’t transferred any of my domains away from godaddy, even if i had, it wouldn’t have been because of elephant killing…

    by the way, the bad press Bod/godaddy receives now probably will work in their favor as they save a lot of money to get their names out there to folks who haven’t heard of either Bob or godaddy

  13. I have been wanting to stop supporting light porn commercial company for a while, not what I want my girls seeing growing up. Thanks for creating a deal with the elephant stunt, I was able to move my 20 domains much cheaper this way! 🙂

  14. I run a web development company which holds about 400 domains and we register another 1,500 or so for clients each year. Godaddy has a well earned solid reputation of extremely low cost, excellent user panels and robust service/price. I don;t see how this is any way different from doing business with banks or other large vendors where the CEO’s probably do a million things I would disapprove of.
    A good exam of Peta’s board would probably turn over as much unpleasantness.
    My guess is this whole stunt will get them more, not less subscribers and I SERIOUSLY doubt people will transfer domains, or that even that namecheap’s claims are true.
    And “Jason” above: “porn”? Have you looked in the women’s magazine PETA advertises in and has relationships with? How about PETA anorexic spokesmodels? PETA is as invested in the women’s body image problem as godaddy!

  15. I had begun transferring away from Go Daddy before the Jumbo thing because of other issues.

    They screwed me by not adding an extra year to the registration period when I moved some domains there.

    Although I would not leave Go Daddy because of the elephant in itself, it certainly did not slow down my decision to consolidate most of my domains at Dynadot.

  16. Scotland has one of the best Elephant Polo teams in the world, and on more than one occasion won the Elephant Polo World Championship. Its with a sad heart the Matila the elephant that Bod shot was our key strikers for the game.

    If you know anyone that has a spare Elephant we would only be to happy to take them, we are building the Glasgow Elephant Polo team and need all the Elephants we can get as its a hard task being a Elephant trapper in Scotland.

    No only has Scotland won the Elephant Polo World Cup we have won it several times.

  17. Tina, I do not support PETA either, like I said, it wasn’t the elephant thing, I just never liked their “sex sells” model, or anybody else for that matter. BUT the elephant thing did make it cheaper for me to transfer names regardless due to competition using it to attract new customers, at great pricing!

  18. You’d have to be a moron to transfer your domains just because the owner of the company participated in something you know absolutely nothing about. Bob is welcome to come hunting with me any time!

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