Have You Bought Crypto Domain Names?

I read an article in Ad Age about brands purchasing crypto domain names. The article mentioned some major brands that acquired domain names in the .Eth extension that matched their brand name or trademark. There are other crypto extensions like .crypto, .nft, .bitcoin, and many more.

Crypto domain investing seems pretty similar to old school domain investing. People can purchase domain names speculatively with the hopes of selling them to someone willing to pay more. The difference, of course, is crypto domain names are on the blockchain and legacy domain extensions like .com and .org are not. In addition, crypto domain names do not resolve to websites on most web browsers. For instance, if you type in Budweiser.eth on Chrome, you won’t get to a website but you may end up on a Google search for that term.

I am curious to know how much overlap there is between people who invest in crypto domain names and people who invest in legacy domain names. Do most people choose one or the other or is there generally a combination of both. I would be interested to know if many people got started buying crypto-related assets and migrated to crypto domain names or if legacy domain name investors saw an opportunity with crypto domain names and added those to the portfolio.

Please vote in the Twitter poll embedded below and feel free to share more about how you got started investing in crypto domain names or why you have chosen not to buy them:

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Over the years there were only a few times I was tempted to register at least one to have and try to use. Not for investment and resale. And every time I decided not to despite coming close a few times.

    No desire for any domain that does not simply work on the worldwide Internet without some special extra software.

    I’m not against profiting from crypto as one may still be able to, and regret not getting into Bitcoin cheaply when I could have easily become a billionaire or hundred millionaire, but crypto is worthless lying trash. I won’t be part of the lying BS about it to make money. No value. Greater fool Ponzi scheme. And crypto lovers, don’t even try suggesting I’m a Neanderthal for saying or believing that. I’ve already been independently appraised according to society’s objective standards to be anything but and the total opposite, in spades, and well beyond 99% of others even.

    But everyone knows certain associated technologies like Blockchain certainly are great and do have value, which should go without saying.

    The chickens appear to be coming home to roost. Crypto is crashing big time. The so-called “crypto winter” is underway. I would gladly have cashed out and sold to a “greater fool” along the way, at least a % that would have enabled a certain position, but I won’t be a hypocrite and tell anyone that Bitcoin and the other myriad cryptos actually have any value as an asset or investment.

  2. All that I have in a portfolio of Crypto, Nft, Bitcoin Eth, Blockchain, Binance are in (Com) I am not going to invest in the new eth, crypto…. .

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