Guest Post: How to Buy $100,000 Domains for $5,000 or Less: Focus on a Specialized Market

Gary Males and Aaron Krawitz are veteran domain investors, who specialize in foreign domain names. They are the owners of the recently relaunched fixed-price marketplace, IDNTools. Aaron and Gary are guest authors of this piece on ElliotsBlog.

It is every domainer’s dream to own premium domains that are category killers, brandable and that drive search traffic (as measured by Google Adwords Keyword Tool). It is typical to be discouraged by the extent to which the domain market has already been tapped. The majority of those who brave on, tend to fall victim to the following traps:

1. Hand regging and buying cheap poor quality domains.

2. Looking for top names and repeatedly feeling priced out due to
pricing that is in the $xxx,xxx range.

3. Waiting for and investing in the next obscure ccTLD or gTLD landrush.

If these are often roadblocks that derail a domain investor from reaching success and profitability, then how should one proceed?

Find a rapidly growing, specialized niche within the world of domaining. In particular, focusing on foreign language domains in quickly maturing markets – such as Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese or Japanese domains – can be an affordable pursuit with lucrative long term prospects.

The main barriers to investing in foreign language domains, and in IDNs in particular, are:

  • Ignorance. Many simply aren’t aware that the average citizen in many foreign countries types in her native language using a dual language keyboard that allows her to easily switch between her native language and English – so that typing in אם.com is not a challenge.
  • Parking: The Myth that “IDNs don’t make money”. There are more than a few examples of IDN investors today making $xxx – $x,xxx per month for a single domain, just by parking. As IDN news spreads around the globe, traffic and revenue is materializing for different languages in different niches, but at different timescales – meaning there is still opportunity.
  • Translation. How can you invest in a language if you don’t know it? Though Google translate and other free translation tools have vastly improved over recent years, there are unfortunately many scammers who prey on those who don’t know a language. For this reason and others, we have established a fixed price marketplace at IDNTools where you can buy from a trusted source with confidence.
  • Sales. Many IDN owners aren’t selling as they are aware that the market is in its infancy. This is yet another reason that we established a fixed price marketplace at IDNTools – to create liquidity and to establish a place where someone who wants to invest in IDNs can find a quality name 24/7. In addition, we maintain a sales history chart for those who want to check IDN comps before making a purchase.

We hope that you will take the time to look at our new domain listings on IDNTools, all of which are translated and available for purchase at a fixed price. If you have any questions about IDNs or feedback on our site, feel free to reach out to us directly at

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. Love the sales section, that many IDN owners are not selling because they see big dollars to come, I do not believe that for a second, I get spammed by people trying to sell me IDN’s everyday of the week.

  2. Great post! IDN’s are a sleeping giant! I’m holding on to my two financial services gem’s ( and in spanish till the time is right to sell. tarjetasdecré and tarjetadecré

    There are 395 million Spanish speaking people in 22 countries (other than the USA, who have 45 million) in the world.


  3. but in the future won’t everyone who owns a domain name become rich? we will lord it over the others and take their women and their gold. there will be steak dinners for everyone.

  4. @Ron – I get spammed with people trying to sell me obscure English names, and obscure IDN/foreign names on a daily basis too :-). This is not the point.

    The differentiation we were trying to make in our article is that it is very hard to find a quality IDN for sale in a reliable fixed price marketplace with a translation. There is no 24/7 mass-market, BuyDomains equivalent that caters to buyers of foreign domains.

    Part of the reason for this void is a lack of inventory. Owners of foreign language names (at least of top domains), are holding out as they see immense long term potential. I am unaware of a top 30 term in Russian, Chinese or Japanese (except maybe, 日本.com that changed hands recently.

    In the world of English domains, there is less of a wait and see approach as the market is more mature, so for instance, in 2010 alone,,,, and all changed hands.

  5. Not to speak for BullS, but I’d like to see concrete examples of parked IDNs making X,XXX a month.

    I’m actually a “pro IDN” kind of guy, but must acknowledge that hardcore IDN domainers, like every other niche group of domainers, suffers from boosterism and hype.

    I would believe that someone might own “” in some top tier language IDN and be making a lot of money, but I too would like to see more concrete evidence, rather than just claims and insistence.

  6. I doubt they are quality IDN’s Ron.. You get spammed by “crappy” quality IDN’s.. P.S. – I receive spam of english domain names for sale everyday.. Whats your point?

  7. I’m a parking guy and love that part of the industry. Here’s another heading for a future article if your interested:

    Turning $60 into $36,500 in 1 year!

    I know a lot of people don’t like parking but that’s exactly what I am doing now. I purchased 6 domain names for $10.00 each and I’m making roughly $100.00 a day in parking revenue.

    The great thing is, no matter what the domain is, where it’s from, etc … there is always money to be made if you just understand how to do it.

  8. I can buy “$100,000 Domains for $5,000 or Less” all day long. It’s the selling them, that is the crux of the matter.

  9. For 11 years the IDN folks were saying, the IDN market is in the toilet because:

    1. IE6 can’t handle it
    2. Needs aliasing
    3. ASCII Domainers are stupid

    Now, Chinese did the aliasing to .cn – nothing happened.
    Russia introduced .rf in Cyrillic – nothing happened
    IE can read ANSI – nothing happened.
    Smart ASCII guys make money every day, IDN geniuses are losing money all the time.
    Now, IDN shmocks became a cult, like those waiting for the Second Coming. In the next month or two. They’ll kill anybody who would question their beliefs or the idea of the Second IDN Coming.
    They need to drop all their idns and go see a shrink.

  10. @Cheech – Why would I make a statement that I couldn’t back up with proof?

    Domains Purchased:(I’ve omitted the tld since your not allowed to promote domains. I’m sure you can figure out how to find out who owns them if you really want)

    1. locatesearchfind
    2. hitfindweb
    3. findsearchweb
    4. discoverlocate
    5. discoversearchfind
    6. findlocatesearch

    I use as my parking company:

    Yesterdays revenue: $91.36

    (BTW – I can always show screen shots of my account as well)

    I purchased these domains on 3-29-2012 from Purchased them for $8.50 a piece for a total of $51.00.

    So if you all want to know how to make money I can show you…and yes I’m going to charge you but what I do WORKS!

  11. @Aaron – I see many IDNs available on your site with a .com TLD e.g. 债券.com. How common is it for people in another country to use vs. using their ccTLD? If it’s different in every country, what about China and Russia, specifically?

  12. .РФ is doing rather well.
    Verisign applied for 12 .com versions in IDN.

    Now if you like Rick Schwartz or not there is truth to his 20 year plan.
    If we take Asia as an example. One will notice not many of them use the ASCII keyboard layout.

    These markets like India, China etc have still come to the point to mature.

    When i look at Africa. tons of issue curently to get people connected to the internet.
    Fact is : huge population.
    Fact is : completly under developed atm.

    It’s called taking a risk , having a long term vision.

  13. @JEFF

    My point is in the article is stated that many IDN holders are not selling, but holding on to these precious jewels, if they are so valuable why would they need to spam these crown jewels…

    There are some hardcore believers in this, but the article is much to one sided…

    No examples, nothing, just hooorah type of jibberish…

  14. @ Theo – Thank you.

    @Len Igrunov – Let’s talk about facts, as insults aren’t productive.

    Your contention: As an example, nothing happened with IDN.RF (.РФ) in Cyrillic.

    Fact: The .RF (.РФ) extension has actually been a huge success story. .RF (.РФ) domains can be found in commercials and ads throughout Russia. There have actually been many more .RF (.РФ) registrations than most first-year ccTLDs. See here for detail:

    @ Chris – You asked the million dollar question. In monitoring IDN usage, I have seen a good amount of usage in most languages, given the general familiarity with the .com extension. However, the .RF (.РФ) and .JP ccTLDs are particularly strong and well adopted for Russian and Japanese domains, respectively. Other than that, it is hard to predict what extensions will dominate in the future as IDNs are in their early stages. Given that IDNs are relatively affordable, I personally try to diversify with some’s and some’s, and IDN.РФ’s.

  15. There have been examples in the past on t hese blogs such as Games .com in Thai making tons of money and getting alot of traffic..

    Also. the greek IDN portfolio making $20,000+/year

  16. With regards to examples, I have not often seen screenshots of English/ASCII or IDN domain names and their $xx,xxx+ revenue simply since it is not good business for the owners of the sites to share this info — as they would invite a swarm of competitors into their niche who would try to replicate their every move.

    However, I one of the IDN screenshots sets I have seen is described here:

  17. It’s very amusing how the IDN clique behaves:
    The minute they see somebody is challenging them they disappear. Just like the rats on that proverbial boat.
    I can challenge them on every point they present:

    The $22,000 John’s IDN revenue was proved to be a nonsense
    The sale of Москва.com was challenged by DNJ. DNJ editor has flatly refused to publish the bs price of $216k.
    Also – they make sure that their detractors are silenced.

  18. I just found out that Moshe S finally got rid of Москва.com.
    Jay Ko from NYC is the new owner.
    My guess he got it for under $30k

  19. Anyways… try to find a good commercial term in english for less than xxx,xxx . Most of the stuff on the forums is crap.. Thats why I look towards other languages.

  20. @Len – um.. maybe you should do some research.. The 2 names you mentioned are basically the same person/company. That still doesnt take away of its value but it all depends on aliasing which is pretty risky at this stage.

  21. スペース is one i regged two years ago , seems to be ‘space’ i still have a bit of confusion regards ‘outer space’ or ‘area space’ this is in .jp which is another aspect of the idn discussion, keeping in mind verisign have applied to have country scripts in .com and .net

  22. i guys i think for the spanish market the idn dont have a lot future very reduce use exept for the letter ñ but keep in mint its hard to do links from facebook, alexa etc i try idn and now i quick after 2 years.

  23. I could possible be buying from idntools in the future but I will say this.

    There place is driven by pure egos and they don’t encourage new people. Its a cult. New people who are there, I feel sorry for them and there members insults against new domainers as well. No interest in joining.

  24. This should be called advertising post, not guest post.

    IDN people are saying the same thing for more then 5 years. Nothing changed. How much more time you need? 100 more years? lol

    I provided my opinion on IDNs in one of my video blog entries. You can watch that if you want.

    IDN fanboys badmouthed me a lot for that video. But I don’t care.

    99.5% IDN investors out there. You have wasted and are wasting money on them. The only way you can get your money back, find another fool to buy this crap.

  25. @richard, just curious how you make money on them.

    exact searches dont appear for them on google. type in searches are improbable too. its either youre exaggerating or you driving traffic to them.

  26. It seems self-evident that IDNs will be successful, especially in languages (Russian, Chinese, Arabic) that don’t use a version of the Latin script. After all, people want to interact with the Internet in their own language and in their own script.

    A narrower and more debatable question is the future value of domains. But some important questions will soon be answered. Within a month, we will learn which IDN versions of .com Verisign has applied for, and soon after that we will learn what rights, if any, the current holders of domains will have to IDNs in these new gTLDs.

    The one thing that is safe to predict is that the value and acceptance of IDNs will vary depending on country and language.

  27. @ricojake – First – Driving traffic to an expired domain name is not allowed.

    Second – You overlooked the fact I said I would provide screen shots of the domain names and revenue from

    Why is everyone so wrapped up with search? There are 3 main ways of finding traffic: Type In, Search, Backlinks!

    As to how I make money on them, there are 3 ways: Tier 1 ad networks, Tier 2 ad networks, Cost Per Impression!

    Hope this answers your questions!

  28. @Algis – If you are asking what happened in the IDN world recently in terms of progress, please look at the following:

    – A very successful Russian IDN.RF (.РФ) launch with over 900,000 registrations in year one.

    -More reported parking revenue (with specific names as examples):

    -More examples of profitable developed IDN sites:

    -A spike in reported IDN sales prices:

    -A gTLD launch around the corner with many reported IDN applications, and assurances from Verisign that they intend to pursue aliasing of to

    -An IDN ccTLD Fast Track program, which exposed many native communities to the existence and value of IDNs:

  29. “99.5% IDN investors out there. You have wasted and are wasting money on them. The only way you can get your money back, find another fool to buy this crap.”

    What about the people that invested in .co , .me , . pro etc? No investment is fool proof however for IDN’s my offers have been increasing each year. Do you have any proof that IDN’s are crap? Have you ever been to Chinatown? The signs are in chinese.. Now go to China..

  30. MOBI & IDN – same fate.
    Both r good for nothing.
    Drop them all and go see a specialist. Mental health specialist.

  31. @richard, thanks for clarifying man.

    i will be very grateful if you could teach me how. i have a handful domains that need earnings too.

  32. Wow there are some really dumb ignorant people making comments here, most domainers have a bit of gumption but for those who think people would not want to use their own language on the internet ……..are you kidding. Wake up to yourself the world speaks other languages than english.

  33. @Richard Saperstein

    “The great thing is, no matter what the domain is, where it’s from, etc … there is always money to be made if you just understand how to do it.”

    In that case, can I ask why you do not increase your number of domains to 10 or even 100 fold so you could earn 100 times what you’re earning now?

    I am just interested in your answer and not being cynical.

  34. @Rod – Thanks for the email and the question. That’s a great question and that’s exactly what I do. Don’t get me wrong I do buy generic, brandable, searchable domain names as well but I really do love parking and that’s my main focus.

    To answer your question I do have several hundred making me money. I was just using that last batch as an example that anyone can do this with any level of budget and make money.

  35. It’s really amusing to observe how quickly the idn clique deflates when reasonable folks challenge them. On the other hand, the mobi folks fight non-stop. And we all know how those investments gonna fare, don’t we?

  36. Well I went to the .com version and the .net version of Richard’s first domain name he mentioned above – locatesearchfind – and my antivirus said they both had viruses on them !

  37. An IDN experiment that interested readers (if any are still monitoring this comment thread) can try at home:

    Google παιχνίδια (Greek for games) and look for the IDNs.

    Anyway, the future of IDNs will be determined by people who don’t generally communicate in English. So comments by English-language domainers on an English-language blog post will probably not matter much in the long run.

  38. Not sure why it’s giving a virus warning. It’s a simple parking site @ . Check the security settings on your antivirus.

  39. There is something wrong with Richard Saperstein. He claims that he purchased 6 domains from Dynadot during 3-29-2012. The only domains for $8.50 a piece available there are coms, if you buy superbulk. So the TLD for his 6 domains is com. It is strange to prove that parking works for coms in an article which mentions IDN, but we can overlook this for a second.

    So lets look at WHOIS database for these 6 domains:

    1. – registrar Enomsky
    2. – Columbianames
    3. – Gandi
    4. – Domainhysteria
    5. – Dynadot
    6. – Columbianames

    All domains have just 1 registrar history. So the conclusion is clear. One domain was even registered in 2007, and all of the domains but one are not even owned by Richard Saperstein himself.

    Is there anybody who believes he earns $100 a day now?

  40. @Curiousguy –

    Thank you for pointing out that .com’s are $8.50. So I actually paid a lot less. I paid $6.75 per domain name.

    So curious guy let’s see if you can read this:


    Your right I don’t make $100.00 a day. I make a whole lot more!

    Just because you can’t do something doesnt mean others can’t. Like I said if ELLIOT would like me to send him screen shots of this I can so he can verify it or you can email me directly at and I can send you the screen shots too.

    So what’s it going to be: DO you want to see real proof?

    – Look forward to speaking with you more.

  41. I would say 80% of the ones I have make more than $10 a month. My goal when I purchase a domain name is to have it making at least $2.00 a day in revenue.

    I’ve got some that make less and some that make a whole lot more. My goal liek I said is a minimum of $2.00 per day per domain name.

  42. It can be achieved very easily if done properly. There are a set of rules I follow and have followed for over 5 years and it works.

    What’s funny is when we we’re at Domainfest this year the guys making a lot of the money we’re PARKING GUYS.

    I find it funny how people constantly knock parking but the biggest event held every year is by a PARKING COMPANY-

    Why is that? How come I don’t see other companies holding this events? Why don’t I see the biggest domainers in the world holding these events?

    How come some of the biggest guys in the industry are now talking about parking and making money in it? The used to be involved in it and claimed to step away and now they are back in it again. Funny!

    I’ve heard for years parking is dead and that the days of $50 clicks are gone! Really? I had a $60+ click the other day. I know guys in the parking industry making $100-$200 clicks all the time.

    Parking dead? Far from it! What happens is people don’t keep up with change. There are a million ways to make money on the internet and everyone should support one another instead of bash them.

    Search, Type-In, Backlinks! If you get a good understanding of all those areas you can make a killing on the internet.

  43. @Elliot – I stand corrected. You are correct and I was wrong. My comment was made more out of frustration more than anything.

    The main point I was trying to make is people really need to stop bashing the parking industry saying it’s dead and there is no way to make money. There are a lot of ways to make money and you need to educate yourself about them.

  44. @Everyone

    Having seen Richard’s screen shots he mailed me I WOULD HONESTLY RECOMMEND EVERYONE TO GO BACK TO THE DRAWING BAORD!

    Here’s one example:

    He’s made $120 per month on a domain which has a global monthly searches of only 170 and a CPC of only 10c.

    Now throw away all your appraisal tools and all the assumptions you use to find a good domain name for parking 🙂

    If I personally owned the list of domains that Richard owns I would throw a challenge to the guy who calls all domains except his own Pigeon Shit 🙂 🙂

    Now those who doubted Richard please make an apology. Thank you 🙂

  45. Elliot, you can’t establish that from parking data available – no parking companies that I know provides traffic source if I can remember rightly.

    If they allow you to load up the Google Analytics Code, then you would get a traffic source chart which would help you estimate the type-in traffic.

  46. @Elliot

    If you meant has he got traffic on his type-ins, he’s got a couple of nice ones out of 100, which are abbreviations [not TMs 🙂 ] in the form of and – the latter has earned $420 and the other $280 monthly – they’re fab abbs and you would love to own them 🙂

  47. Sorry to say but Richard Saperstein is a liar and everybody can see that clearly when doing a simple research.

    So now he says that he bought his domains for $6.75 each. At Dynadot, this price tag have following TLDs: NET, US and NAME when buying superbulk.

    Looking at WHOIS database more closely, we will find domains which are indeed owned by Richard Saperstein:

    However, their name servers DO NOT point to DomainSponsor, as of now (4-7-2012).

    Instead, their name servers point to NS1.DYNADOT.COM and NS2.DYNADOT.COM which is an indicator that they are not parked with DomainSponsor, obviously.

    How can Richard Saperstein prove he makes more than $100 a day from these domains by showing screenshots from DomainSponsor when they are not parked with this parking company?

    Dear Richard Saperstein, your posts prove the only thing. You are a liar.

  48. @Curiousguy

    lol you make me laugh:

    Here is a screen shot of my Dynadot account with my name easily seen and all the domains I claim to own as well.

    Next here is a screen shot of the the revenue made from these domain names so far:

    What you will notice is I took the traffic that was attached to those other domain names and forwarded them to :

    Thats why you don’t see name servers for

    Is there anything else you want to claim is a lie?

    I suppose your making a ton of money in this industry so please share your stories . Look forward to hearing them and you providing proof.

    P.S. please don’t slander anyone till you have 100% of the facts. Thanks.

  49. @ Elliot – Thanks for letting us post in this thread .

    @ CuriousGuy – I wanted to show you one more thing. This is a screen of my login with Dynadot where it clearly shows SUPER BULK PRICING!

    The reason for me posting all this is to show to the people out there who are interested in domaining not to listen to forum or blog trolls.

    You can have success in a variety of areas in the domain industry and you just have to find your niche.

  50. @yeah right:

    (shakes head) – okay there are more than 2 feeds (google & yahoo).

    Those other feeds allow url forwarding!

  51. @Richard

    I wouldn’t really worry about the sceptics, you’d get them in every field.

    I must say I was really impressed with your domains and the earnings you’ve been having from them.

    To me it’s really nice when I see a colleague is doing so well as it can only give me more encouragement to work harder towards a higher goal.

    Go out and enjoy your earnings and don’t bother to convince the doubters, at the end of the day it will only be their loss and not yours.

  52. What actually made those results even better was despite the basic landing pages. I what Domainsponsor does to achieve this?

  53. @curiousguy

    If I were you I’d stop playing this childish game – okay, let’s say you proved that Richard is a liar, then what? What would you gain out of it?

    What intrigues me at the moment and thanks to Richard for that, is that I am asking myself…. “How the bloody hell is DomainSponsor making all this money with almost any domain name with such basic and primitive Landing Pages”??!!

    I’ve gone through a few of the domains Richard’s shown me and a lot of the ad-links displayed, are not even remotely relevant to the names of the domains themselves!!

    So what is it that make domainsponsor get such good results? Therefore, If I were you I would try to concentrate my effort and intelligence on this aspect of the business rather than spend them on something futile which would not benefit you at all.

  54. @Rod

    Richard Saperstein claimed he earns more than $100 from new hand reg domains by parking them at DomainSponsor. That was a lie and I proved it. Why would you listen to him? He has nothing to say, but lies. That is my point, do not believe what he says.

  55. @curiousguy

    If you read the article you would realize that it’s about their largest ADVERTISING PARTNER who stopped URL forwarding. That partner would be GOOGLE. Domainsponsor has 3 advertising tiers:

    Tier 1 Ad Network: Google

    Tier 2 Ad Network: Yahoo

    Tier 3 Ad Network: Random Advertising Partnerships that domainsponsor has which allow for mass traffic and pay per impression.

    I’m sure you we’re already aware of this.


    Domainsponsor doesn’t base ad’s just on the domain name. They will base ad’s on what the site used to be. Example: Let’s say the site name is . One might think this is a automobile site because of the word cars. However, it might actually be a candy store. So the proper ad’s to display would be about candy.

    The way to determine the ad’s would be to go to and look at the history of the domain name to see what it really was in the past. Sometimes you may need to force your keywords if you don’t get the proper ones during the auto optimization period of the domain name.

  56. @Richard Saperstein

    Wow, so you make more than $100 a day without Google ads? Why to voluntarily decrease your profits by using only Yahoo and other advertising partners, when these have very small market share on PPC, which is dominated by Google?

    Besides, you are violating terms and conditions of DomainSponsor by saying:

    “””What you will notice is I took the traffic that was attached to those other domain names and forwarded them to : “””

    Better stop that or your account will be terminated.

  57. @ CuriousGuy:

    Please provide the LEGAL T.O.C. or T.O.S. you read this in. When making “legal” claims it’s always nice to cite your sources with a link.


  58. @Richard Saperstein

    It is not my duty to cite sources with a link for you, since you should have read and agreed to TOS at time of applying to DomainSponsor. The practice of forwarding traffic from one domain to other domain is banned in all parking providers worldwide.

    Anyway, because you are politely asking me to provide you the sources, here we go:

    Section General Restrictions:
    letter B – Publisher may not generate Traffic to Publisher Sites by any of the following methods: altering an End User’s host file to point another domain to a Publisher’s domain

    letter G – Publisher may not direct or redirect domains to Program Manager’s servers in any manner which has not been previously approved in writing by Program Manager. As such, Program Manager reserves any and all rights to direct the method by which Publisher directs or redirects its domains to the Program Manager’s servers, whether through DNS, redirect code or otherwise.

    letter K – In the event that Program Manager blocks any domain name from the Program, such domain name may not participate, either directly or indirectly, in the Program without the express written consent of Program Manager. Accordingly, neither Publisher nor anyone acting on behalf of Publisher shall redirect or attempt to redirect the domain name to the Program through use of embedded redirection or other method intended to avoid the blocking of such domain name from participation in the Program.

  59. @ curiousguy:

    Read letter “G” : UNLESS APPROVED

    As such, Program Manager reserves any and all rights to direct the method by which Publisher directs or redirects its domains to the Program Manager’s servers, whether through DNS, redirect code or otherwise.

    This is why they have a Tier 3 advertising network.

    If you’d like to be civil now and be open to the fact that other people know what they are doing I’d love to chat and show you how this business works. If not I understand it’s not for everyone.

    BTW: Would you like to buy one of our domains: ?

  60. HA HA, you are such a stupid troll, which makes me stupid troll feeder, anyway. So, this is my last post on this, you can have last words in this off topic discussion. I dont care what stupidity will come next in your reply.

    If you do not understand, that domain forwarding is banned in letter B, than go back to school and learn to read more properly.

    By the way, Program Manager = DomainSponsor, Publisher = you.

    Regardless of the main point, which is clearly stated above, you highlighted “unless approved” which implies you have some sort of approval from DomainSponsor. Please show us. I am convinced, you do not have it, because it would be so ridiculous.

    And, do not make this off topic more off topic by trying to sell me a domain you do not even own personally. Elliot would not be happy you spam his blog by domain offers.

    After proving you lie all the time, violate terms of conditions and misinterpret written text, I would not even buy a premium domain like for $1 (one US dollar).

    Have a nice day!

    Sorry to Elliot for being an Anonymous Coward and starting this off topic. I hope it was fun for you and for other intelligent domainers, also serving as an educational example of trolling in the domain world.

    I have learned that Richard Saperstein is an employee of a company, offering advice to poor domainers how to become rich quick for as low as $397. I would call it a scam. since buying useless expired .NET domains and parking them by forwarding to domains already parked with DomainSponsor, violating the TOS, as shown by Richard Saperstein himself proves to point.

    You can check yourself by reading this article:

  61. curiousguy–and the rest

    please read “BullS” and stop wasting your energy and time.

    It is all a scam

    Go spend time with family and find the egg this weekend

  62. Richard Saperstein??? Hmm.
    I’ve been watching his saga unraveling here.
    It mirrors that Greek guy Yannis (John) Tzivikis, and his claims of $22,000 parking rev a month on some funny Greek idn names.
    A few years back Acros did a very good analysis of John’s portfolio, and came to the conclusion that it’s a total fiction.

  63. @Len – The only problem is people haven’t done their homework. If you would like to check out everything please feel free to email me and you can see it with your own eyes or you can scroll up and see all the live screen shots.

    my email is:

    In fact we can do what’s called a and I can log in live so you can see the revenue and domains themselves.

    Look forward to your comments.

  64. @richard

    your wrecking the honest domainer and ppc income people. url forwards to a park page. hand regs making all this money.

    i hope you get ban from all parking programs. i dont even know who you are but your bs

    fan boys out today as well

  65. Have I called you a liar or a scam artist? No I haven’t! Do you know why? Because i have nothing to bcak it up on. I don’t know you or your practices. Just like you don’t know me or what I do.

    Your basing your information off a forum troll who is afraid to come out and say his real name. I wonder why that is? How come he is afraid to use his real name? Does he have something to hide?

    What amazes me is I can show 5 years worth of proof and you still wouldn’t believe it. I could tell you I bought a domain for $10 and it’s made over $6,000 and back it up with paypal receipts, statements, even written statements from the parking companies but you still wouldn’t believe it.

    But let me ask you this: What success have you had in this industry at all? How many domain s do you own? Do you even own 100 of them? How about 1,000 of them? Heck how about 5,000 + domain names?

    how much money have you made off it? Have you made over $100 bucks a month, $1,000 a month or what about $40,000k a month?

    Prove it! Show me bank statements, receipts of your transactions, etc…

    I’m able to, how come you can’t!

    As to owning a business that sells a product to teach people how to do this? Absolutely I do! How many business do you have? How many success stories do you have of everyday people making money? I have ton’s !

    How about this, let’s sit down with Elliot and he can do a full investigation into what I do. Let a true 3rd party see and validate it, unless that’s not good enough for you.

    Of course if Elliot said it was legitimate you would say he was lying as well and would say he’s a scam artist too.

    I’n fact anyone who doesnt believe me here feel free to email me and let’s do a live presentation together. I’ll even record the whole thing so we can show it to everyone.

    I’m laying the cards on the table. Step up to the plate or back down. What;s it going to be?

  66. @ Elliot:

    You’re right. I just like helping people and hate when stuff like this happens.

    Thanks for letting us use your blog. Look forward to your future posts.

  67. @Richard

    Some of the domains that I’ve seen of yours and the money that they have earned, these people could only DREAM of owning them one day!

    I must add that they’re so intelligently named that I get so excited by just looking at them!!

  68. Len Igrunov is a lust-ridden, mother addicted young Jewish bachelor, who’s central dilemma is his inability to enjoy the fruits of his sexual adventures even as his extreme libidinal urges force him to seek release in ever more creative (and, in his mind, degrading and shameful) acts, such as posting on this blog about domain names while stroking his pickle.

  69. Theres no need for Jew bashing.. Don’t be jealous that we’re some of the smartest in the industry.. Aren’t many of the top domainers Jewish?

  70. @len
    “My mom taught me to avoid a-holes”

    Is that what she said when she put you in the baby flap?

    It’s quite bizarre that you keep on talking about IDN owners like they were a cult. But the only one being totally obsessed with this issue appears to be you.

    BTW: You didn’t challenge anyone. You were just making up BS and throwing insults. You’re not a challenge. You’re a joke.

  71. Irrespective of all the claims and counterclaims on this thread, I for one would be interested in learning how to buy a $10 domain that would make me $6,000 (without a ridiculous amount of work) and if it worked I might even consider buying another one.

  72. Max, buddy,
    u r at the right place. Our mobi and idn friends r the followers of Chairman Mao: Three years of jerking off and 10,000 years of happiness.

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