Fabulous Now Offers Password Reset


I don’t use Fabulous very often, but I do have a number of domain names registered there, mostly from NameJet auctions. Because I don’t use Fabulous very often, I seem to forget my password when I need it, and for the longest time, there was no prompt to request a password when logging in to my account.

When I would forget my password, I would need to email customer support, and sometimes it would take a long time to receive a reply since Fabulous is located in Australia and I am in NYC. The company has fantastic customer support, but it was a bit frustrating to have to wait an extended period of time to receive a password reset via email.

When I logged into my account yesteday to check on a name, I was prompted to create answers for a password reset option. There are five  fields and about 15 questions from which users can choose. I assume the password reset question prompt will rotate the questions for security.

This is a minor feature, but it’s something that is a big annoyance, and I am glad it’s being fixed.


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