Great NPR Episode on Negotiating


I shared a few negotiation resources yesterday in my article about the importance of negotiating when it comes to domain acquisitions and sales. Arseny shared the embedded NPR episode, “An FBI Hostage Negotiator Buys A Car.” I listened to it and wanted to highlight it in a separate post because it has some solid insights and tips.

Have a listen:

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  1. One thing that’s equally important is realizing when you’re dealing with a non-negotiator; someone who is ‘there’ with their price right up front. It saves everyone time, allows you to make your decision rather quickly on the basis of his price and spares him the raised blood pressure of having to endure a negotiation he doesn’t want.

    The outside risk of trying to chisel a non-negotiator is they just don’t do business with you at all. No worries if it’s a substitutable product but on something like a domain name, it can be a real pain in the ass.

    I bring this up because I’m usually ‘there’ with my prices. Sometimes I might have room, sometimes I don’t but I still have two buyers who send me pleading emails on a semi-regular basis begging me to sell at my full asking price because they decided that trying to get it for an extra 1% cheaper was more important than sealing the deal.

    The hardest part of negotiation is removing emotion. If you view it as yes/no on the basis of value rather than a win/lose contest between two people (as all shitty negotiators are apt to do, including several who own good domain names) you’re operating a lot closer to optimal than ego driven monkeys.

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