GoDaddy to Offer Bulk Appraisal “Token” to NamesCon Attendees


GoDaddy recently introduced a free domain name appraisal tool. The purpose of the automated appraisal is to help give users a sense of the value of a domain name. The proprietary appraisal algorithm is based on a number of factors, including comparable domain name sales, length of the domain name, domain extension, and other factors.

One thing people may have found lacking is a bulk domain name appraisal option. At the present time, users need to search for domain names individually. As a result, users could not get appraisals across an entire domain name portfolio unless they spent time checking each individually.

As a special offer only for NamesCon conference attendees, GoDaddy will be giving out a “token” with a special code to unlock a bulk domain name appraisal option. The token can be found in attendee swag bags as well as at the GoDaddy booth on the NamesCon exhibition floor. Each token is for a one time usage, and users can search up to 100,000 domain names with this token. One thing to keep in mind is that the tool will not be able to assign an overall value for a portfolio since the highest appraised value assigned to domain name is $25,000+. This means that a portfolio of 10 domain names worth $100,000 each would only appraise at $250,000+ total.

In addition to the bulk appraisal, GoDaddy will also be introducing a couple of other interesting data points within the appraisal tool: users will be able to see the probability of a sale based on the appraised value and the probability of a sale based on a price of $500. For instance, a one word .com domain name may have a 25% probability of selling at the appraised value but a 100% probability of selling at $500.

Like most automated domain name appraisals, GoDaddy’s appraisal tool has some blind spots. For instance, I think it significantly undervalues one word .com domain names – especially ones that could be construed as two words. For instance, I know GoDaddy wouldn’t sell for its $20k appraisal (in fact, I offered double and they passed), and I certainly wouldn’t sell for its $8.5k appraisal. That said, I do think the tool can be helpful to people looking to see if their domain names are worth something or worthless.

I think this bulk appraisal token is going to be a big hit at NamesCon. The question I am asked the most is “how much is my domain name worth,” and I bet this bulk appraisal offer will be helpful to some attendees.


  1. Automated appraisal tools have always been questionable in their results, however, I can see where such a tool can benefit a large venue like NamesCon to give a general idea to new investors about domain values. They will learn more as they go about what factors and variables to avoid, just like everyone else did.

    • The tool will not work without a token from NamesCon. I would ask someone like Joe Styler if the tokens are still available. I don’t want to share something publicly that I don’t think the company shared publicly beyond the special “tokens” they gave out to people who visited their NamesCon booth.

      Frankly, the tool is less important than the fact that GoDaddy’s algorithm can already do pretty much what I would like to see within my control panel, and at some point GoDaddy made some of that information available.

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