GoDaddy Participates in Net Neutrality Day of Action


July 12 is being called  the Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality, and many of the largest websites are participating to encourage users to fight for net neutrality. Some of the major sponsors of this Day of Action are Google, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, Twitter, Reddit, and many other large Internet-based businesses.

Although GoDaddy is not listed as one of the participants on the website, it looks like GoDaddy is participating in today’s events and helping to raise awareness. Here are a couple of tweets from the company highlighting its position advocating for net neutrality:

The company referenced an article written by CEO Blake Irving, which was published on GoDaddy’s blog, on Blake’s blog, and on Blake’s LinkedIn page. In this important article that informs readers about net neutrality and its importance, Blake wrote:

“To help individual and small business voices be heard, GoDaddy, along with hundreds of other technology companies, is participating in a “Day of Action on Net Neutrality” on July 12. The day was created to raise awareness for everyone who accesses the internet to get informed on the new danger we face, to share the news on their social networks, and to make their voice heard once more by  commenting on the FCC’s proposal here  before the deadline of July 18.”

It is good to see Blake Irving and GoDaddy advocating for net neutrality and taking a public position. GoDaddy and its customers will be impacted if net neutrality is eliminated, and I am glad to see the company participating vocally. This is an important issue, and I am glad that GoDaddy is not only supporting the effort, but the company is also sharing its views publicly and informing its customers about how they can also take action.

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  1. “It is good to see Blake Irving and GoDaddy advocating for net neutrality and taking a public position.”


    The battle was fought and won, we thought it was over, and look what happened now. The war of darkness and light on this issue is still on.

    I think it really bears repeating that the 2014 work of John Oliver and everyone involved is nothing less than a work of genius of historic proportions. One does well to watch the whole thing all over again:

    Here is his follow up from May as well:

    • Probably a good article, but it is blocked from view unless I disable AdBlock. I’m getting this a lot these days. Not turning it off. Screw ads.

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