GoDaddy Unveils New Logo

If you visited GoDaddy’s website or its social media pages this morning, you probably noticed the company’s new logo, icon, and color scheme. GoDaddy will now be using two different color schemes in its logo – black and white or teal. The company last made a major change to its logo in May of 2018. When that change was announced by the company, I shared the different versions of GoDaddy’s logo since the company was founded.

I was sent a few variations of the new corporate branding that people should expect to see going forward:

I actually really like the whole package. The typeface didn’t change, so the GoDaddy branding will not change. The icon stands out to me and will become instantly recognizable as GoDaddy, much like GoDaddy’s former logo with the man’s head was also iconic. Put simply, I think it’s a great change.

GoDaddy distributed a press release to share more information about the logo update, and I posted it below:

GoDaddy Unveils New Company Logo “the GO”: Expands Mission to Empower the Everyday Entrepreneur

GoDaddy champions new era of inclusive entrepreneurship by combining humanity and technology

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., January 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — GoDaddy Inc. (NYSE: GDDY), the company that empowers everyday entrepreneurs, today revealed its new logo that captures the company’s unique ability to enable, connect and champion millions of people around the world who are making their own way as entrepreneurs.

GoDaddy’s new logo, called “the GO,” is a joyful reflection of how GoDaddy celebrates everyday entrepreneurs from all walks of life, backgrounds and cultures, and how GoDaddy brings together humanity and technology to serve them like no other.

“The GoDaddy brand stands for inclusive entrepreneurship and helping anyone who wants to change how they work and live for the better by bringing their ideas to life online,” said GoDaddy Chief Marketing Officer Fara Howard. “Regardless of where an entrepreneur is at in their journey, from taking the first step online to shipping a first order to conducting a new marketing campaign, GoDaddy is here to guide them along the way with advice, support and all of the tools necessary to succeed.”

“The GO says to our community that they can stand on their own two feet and go do what they love,” said GoDaddy Chief Brand Officer Cameron Scott. “When entrepreneurs see the GO, they know they have someone standing in their corner, championing their every step along the way, to turn their ideas into reality.”

Core to how GoDaddy accomplishes this is its unique ability to combine seamlessly intuitive products with unmatched personable guidance that together enable entrepreneurs to make their dreams a reality online. The GO complements GoDaddy’s drive to unlock opportunities for its customers through this combination of technology and humanity:
• GoDaddy has more than 6,000 GoDaddy Guides around the world who have nearly 2 million conversations every month with customers. GoDaddy’s guidance empowers its customers throughout their journey to name, create, grow and manage their ventures, providing a helping hand and support along the way.
• GoDaddy is innovating new tools to help entrepreneurs flourish online, most notably the recent introduction of Websites + Marketing, pairing an easy-to-use website builder with a suite of marketing tools for small businesses, and the launch of a platform-wide update to its GoDaddy WordPress Hosting offering that makes it easier than ever to create customizable sites with increased flexibility.

For more information about the GoDaddy brand, the story of the GO and digital assets, please visit

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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    • I don’t think they are targeting the domain industry at all. I think the customers they are targeting are business owners who use GoDaddy services like hosting and web development more than domain investors.

        • As you should be able to see, GoDaddy is no longer advertising on my website, so you made an incorrect assumption about me and my business. I do not do affiliate marketing either.

          I register 80% of my domain names at GoDaddy, use them for hosting, and do quite a few smaller deals via Afternic each year.

          Put simply, I am paying money to GoDaddy for domain name registrations, hosting, auctions, and sales commissions, and GoDaddy is not paying any money to me for advertising or marketing.

          I would be happy to have them advertise again at some point in the future, but for the time being, I do not even have advertising space to offer them right now as took their place when they did not renew and Donuts/ took Dan’s place.

          So, yeah, I still really like the new logo despite the fact that GoDaddy decided to not advertise on my website any longer. I don’t have any ill will toward the company and I remain a happy customer.

        • Their new logo still looks weak IMO. All I can think of is health or food when I look at their new logo.
          Their new Logo reminds me of a dating site too!

          You don’t sound bitter at all that GoDaddy doesn’t advertise on your website anymore. Lol

        • I guess I don’t sound bitter because I am not bitter. I appreciate that they advertised for 3 years, and I also appreciate that took over their spot and that Donuts took over Dan’s spot.

  1. They clearly hate the DADDY in GoDaddy over at GoDaddy HQ 🙂
    It’s like a relict from the 00 years and a reminder where the company comes from with all the sexist advertising. Today you’re selling hosting services to male and female millennials so you better be WOKE.
    In the medium term, I am sure they are looking to rebrand to something else, maybe even drop the Daddy and try to acquire from Disney. Will probably cost them $10m at least but certainly worth it.
    Do it GoDaddy. Just buying back your own stock won’t do it.

  2. I think the company is trying to mature, into more of a corporate structure, from the days of Bob, and his hawaiian shirt themes, and racy ads. I mean their CEO seems very conservative, and trying to steer this into a true corporate enterprise which has so many layers these days.

    I like the logo, most good logos, are simple, and multi dimensional meaning.

    • I don’t know what GoDaddy was thinking with this new logo. If they were looking for a logo to NOT stand out, then they succeeded.
      They should of just updated there original logo IMO. Can’t beat their classic logo.

      Seems like businesses and people today don’t want to stand out. Scared to be different and have an opinion.

  3. I am in marketing and branding as full time. I agree with Eliot on this. The logo is pretty good. Very neutral and easy to digest. AirBnB, Starbucks and many others went with icons and easy to digest logos. They are not looking to stand out. Logo is subtle extension of the brand, but focus shouldn’t be on the logo but on the brand. This logo achieves that. I am sure they spent a good amount of time and money before the logo re-brand.

  4. The logo looks like a pedophile logo… makes sense now with the name godaddy… also their tech support has changed as well… I will be transferring all my domains away from this company…


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