GoDaddy Hiring Afternic Sales Executive


If you’re looking for a corporate job in the domain name space, GoDaddy is hiring a Sales Executive to work on the Afternic team. The position will be based in the Cambridge, Massachusetts office. The job opportunity was posted on LinkedIn on May 5th.

Although the job listing says “Knowledge of the Domain Aftermarket is a plus,” it is not a requirement. However, one of the main responsibilities that this job entails is to “Become an expert in internet marketing and develop a passion for the domain industry.” The company is looking for someone who has strong sales experience for this position.

One interesting tidbit in the job listing is that it shares how many domain names the company’s domain name brokers / sales executives sale each day: Operate efficiently within a fast-paced sales environment where our sales executives typically make 3-5 sales every day.”

With GoDaddy’s recent portfolio acquisitions, including a recent $42 million acquisition, the acquisition of Mike Berkens’ portfolio, the acquisition of the Marchex / Archeo domain portfolio, and possibly other acquisitions, Afternic has a lot of domain names to sell. In addition, the company represents many domain name owners who are selling their domain names on Afternic’s platform.

The LinkedIn posting does not have salary information, so you’ll need to apply or connect with the company to find out that information.

If you or someone you know is a sales expert and is looking for an opportunity in the domain space, check out this LinkedIn job listing. Afternic has a solid brokerage team, and I am sure you will learn a lot on the job.


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