GoDaddy Focusing on India


Business Standard is billed as “India’s leading business daily,” and the website published an article about GoDaddy and how the company is making the Indian market a priority. This isn’t a surprise considering India’s huge population and the fact that there is reportedly a small percentage of Internet penetration.

At the DomainX domain conference that was held in Hyderabad, India over the weekend, GoDaddy Vice President and Managing Director, Rajiv Sodhi, shared some comments about the domain name space in India. Sodhi also commented about GoDaddy’s market position and the company’s plans for the large market it sees developing in India. Because the article isn’t very long, I’ll suggest you navigate to it instead of sharing quotes from it here.

I can only assume that having more people with knowledge about domain names will be a good thing for domain investors throughout the world. Obviously if there is a greater demand for good domain name assets, domain values should increase.

The domain market in India is something I am watching. If domain name companies like GoDaddy continue to put resources into that space, it will be interesting to see how the market develops and how that impacts domain name values in the aftermarket.


  1. “Country code top-level domains (TLDs), like .Bharat domain name in devanagri script ” IMO is not worth the registration. India will use romansised brand names ans search terms such as Shaadi – Yatra – SastaMeds – Adhyatmik this is the way India will evolve Script is toooo complicated for mobile or pad use.

  2. Because India is becoming second-largest internet market in 2014… Also, Google India and Manipal Global Education to Jointly Offer Internet Marketing Program… Plus Facebook hits OVER 100 million users in India…

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