GoDaddy .CO Girl Revealed in Super Bowl Commercial: I Was Right!

During the Super Bowl this evening, the long awaited and highly speculated Go Daddy .CO girl was finally revealed. In case you haven’t seen the Super Bowl commercial now exclusively on the Go Daddy website, the .CO Girl is Joan Rivers.

So, how many of you guessed it right?  I did – way back on January 11th on Mike Berkens Blog.

I believe the GoDaddy commercial is expected to air during the first half of the Packers vs. Steelers game. It will be interesting to see how much of a bump in .CO registrations there will be, and also, it will be interesting to see how many domain names were purchased by speculators and how many by SMB who will develop their .CO domain names.

Incidentally, Joan Rivers is using her own neat .CO domain name: Joan.CO.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Terrible commerical. The public doesn’t care and it will only confise people.

    Whooptee Doo, Joan Rivers is using Wow. I guess that means it is legit. Just more marketing stupidity and scam behavior.

  2. yeap it surprised me too

    Godaddy had it featured on their site hours ago – so i created a post about it and no one had it on domaining – now its all over the place

    too bad i dont get as much as traffic as you!

  3. Oh well, Joan is a “little raw” from time to time but I always
    liked her, she is always good for a laugh and no matter what she does, you can always remember her.

    (After she had her face lifted, she said “This face has seen more knives than a Beni Hana’s”!!!! LOL)

  4. *

    So, Troy, in your opinion, a woman only has worth when she’s between 15 and 30, to be used for your sexual fantasies.

    I’m SO glad that you were disappointed.

    Now go home and give your mother a big kiss on her cheek, and, perhaps, show a little respect for women of a certain age…

    While I’m not a huge Joan Rivers fan, I think this was a brilliant move on GD’s part.

    Perhaps GD plans to move into a more professional realm…

    Naw. Pipe dream.


  5. Now that .co flopped and godadddy let’s stick to what works and that’s .com!

    What a dumb commercial and zero impact on .co. Imo

    Go packers!

  6. Robert Cline–what you like or dislike about the commercial is irrelevant- it is the numbers.

    The 2nd ad is so much better and very concise.
    Dot com rocks!!!

    BTW, I can be an idiot but your site is full of B**S

  7. @ Jeff

    It flopped? I am getting a lot of traffic from Google for people searching .co domain names, and my site ranks pretty low for that term.

    I think most GD commercials have a long lifespan after the SB and people will probably discuss it, and when that happens, it’s inevitable they will discuss just what .CO is.

  8. Oh I see. Joan did a great job and godadddy did there wonderful gimmicks for .co. Oh wait company or is it actually columbia extension with English words

    Spin in whatever way you want. .com is king and will always be king

    Either way

  9. WOW that was difficult to watch. Everyone I was watching the game with just had an awkward look on their face, followed by statements such as “how the **** can anyone spend $2 million on that.”

  10. It made people perk up and then deflated them when they saw Joan, who is famous but not universally loved like Betty White. It also associated .CO with a joke. Not a connection I would want to make.

    “What’s this?…Oh, it’s a joke.” (mental translation, “dot co is a joke”)

    Opportunity missed for a universal impact to educate people on .CO in a fun or enticing but not jokey way.

  11. Remember when godaddy changed the default registration extention to .co for a day? What a flop!

    .co will go to the same graveyard that .mobi went to.

  12. Go Daddy has 30 seconds for this commercial. The audience expects humor, just like every other ad. IMO, the goal is to get attention and drive people to the website where they can learn more about what .CO is and why Joan Rivers is the .CO girl. Had they simply explained what .CO is, it would have been boring and not discussed.

    Once they get people on site to learn about it, those people then say “hey I wonder if is taken” and I bet they try to find some .co domain names, remembering the early .com days.

    Maybe from a creative standpoint there was a letdown, but from an effectiveness standpoint, only Go Daddy and .CO know how it performed. Knowing Bob Parsons’ track record, I would bet it exceeded the company’s expectations.

  13. Bob’s pretty on the ball when it comes down to it. The fact is, he knows its a joke, we know its a joke, joan knows its a joke – in fact everyone knows its a joke, even the .co registry. They all of course are laughing all the way to the bank.

  14. ccTLD’s are a-rockin – these sales are from last week (From DNJournal): sold for $2500 – site is up. sold for $12,455 – site is up. sold for $4,500 sold for $3,975 sold for $2,740

    What’s my point? If the above, obscure ccTLD’s are selling at these prices, .co will do very well considering the marketing dollars behind it.

    – TBC


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