GoDaddy Auctions is Down

I was doing some Whois research via DomainTools this morning, and after clicking a “for sale” link, the GoDaddy Auctions website wouldn’t load for me. Upon trying to access it via the main page, I got an error that said “SSL connection error.” I tried to visit again using the non-secure website and saw the following error message from GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving to let visitors know GoDaddy Auctions is currently down:

“We are experiencing problems. We understand this is impacting some customers and we take this situation very seriously.

Everyone at is working to restore all sites affected by this outage as soon as possible.

Please see updates on by following @GoDaddy or on Facebook.

Thank you for your patience.

–Blake Irving, CEO”

Although it’s good that the error message is up on the non-secure website, I think it would be wise to post an error message on the secure website as well, since many people access GoDaddy Auctions via that channel. Hopefully this downtime will be brief.

Hopefully this downtime will be brief. I reached out to Paul Nicks, Director of GoDaddy’s Aftermarket to see if he could provide an update on the outage, and I will keep you posted when I hear back from him. It is unclear what will happen with scheduled auctions today, but I am sure Paul will provide an update.

GoDaddy Auctions Down

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. The GoDaddy auctions website is already down for hours. I have called GoDaddy 2 hours ago and they don’t seem to have a clue when the site will be back up.
    GoDaddy is a joke – a bad one!

  2. Same here. Been done for hours at least 3/4 and phoned Godaddy and clueless.
    I have a domain ending today that’s 4 figures or close right now and am losing valuable time and exposure.
    Very annoyed about this.

  3. Sorry for the typo I meant down of course.
    I wonder what Godaddy will do to adequately compensate me for this mess and money I have paid to advertise my domain on the final day of the auction with them (yeah right).
    Not impressed at all.

  4. I wonder what happens to all the domains that are being auctioned? Will they be extending all the auctions or are all those domains just expiring while no one is able to bid on them?

    • @Tommy
      I can’t say for sure but it doesn’t seem like they will do anything like that.
      My guess is they will just allow them to expire based on the phone call I had before.
      My auction still has 4 hours left so let’s see if they can get the platform back before then.
      If they don’t they may get another phone call from me post auction as I don’t want my domain going for what it currently is at.

      Let’s see what happens from here but I am decidedly unimpressed.

    • Joel,

      In that scenario, the expired domain auctions that ended during the outage would actually go into closeout status which might actually produce some really good buying opportunities.

      I know I follow plenty of names that go from zero bids up into the hundreds of dollars in the final 10 minutes. It would be nice to pick up a few of those types of domains for $11 by being the first to pull the trigger on them.

      I feel for the folks who had public auctions running though. It’ll be interesting to see how GD handles that.

    • Joel,

      If they extended the expired auctions I gotta believe they’ll do the same with the public ones. Otherwise, they might as well post a notice stating “We care about our money, but not yours!”

  5. I was using my godaddy Mobile app and watching the auction not realizing it was down as I didn’t read domaining this morning. I got wide eyed when each name I was watching to buy or snag changed to closed status and I thought every name on my list was getting bought off my list and I couldn’t bid or buy. I was annoyed at my phone thinking it needed a reboot or the app was bad. I then see this article and wound up roflmao!

  6. While the GoDaddy Auction site is down, the Premier Services guys are promoting their aftermarket services. Can you be any more pathetic/stupid?!

    We are excited to announce a collaboration between Premier Services and our Go Daddy Aftermarket Team where we will provide a unique opportunity to get top-notch consultation directly from the experts.
    Areas we would like to discuss with you are:
    · Buying quality names for your business
    · Selling some of your domain assets
    · Maximizing your return on investment
    · Finding preferred names more easily
    · Using our time-saving automated tools
    · Saving mone
    In addition, if you have other questions or suggestions, this is an ideal opportunity to connect directly with Aftermarket Experts.
    Availability starts this week and time slots will fill up fast. Simply reply to this email and we will work with your schedule.
    Premier Services Account Manager – Gold Team
    Mon-Fri 6:00 AM-2:30 PM PST

  7. I noticed this first thing this morning. Had auctions that were about to end and when I refreshed the page the auctions site was down. It’s now 2:54 PM EST and they are still down. Must have been a serious issue.

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