GoDaddy Announces .net Price Increase


GoDaddy LogoMy GoDaddy representative emailed me (and other clients) to let us know about a price increase for .net domain name registrations, renewals, and transfers. The price increase is a result of the registry’s price increase that is being passed along to customers. The $1 price increase goes into effect on February 1, 2017.

I presume other domain registrars are going to also increase the prices for .net domain names. It is possible that some registrars will increase their prices by more than $1/per name, and it is also possible that some registrars (that have higher prices) will not pass the increase to its customers. I would think it would make sense to try and renew or transfer .net domain names prior to February 1 to save some money if your registrar is also increasing the cost of .net domain names

The content of the email that was sent to me from GoDaddy is shared below. Check with your registrar for details:

There is a $1 price increase for .NET domain names I wanted to inform you about. The .NET Registry is increasing the price for all Registrars and as a result, GoDaddy will be increasing the pricing for the .NET TLD which will be reflected within your account. I have included the specifics below:

– This is a $1 price increase for all new registrations, renewals, and transfers of .NET domain names.
– This change will take place on February 1, 2017.

Should you wish to take advantage of the current rates, please be sure you do so before the price change on February 1, 2017. Once the change is implemented, we will be unable to retroactively price any domain names.


  1. Verisign will increase .net prices by $0.74, from $7.46 to $8.20 (+10%), so GoDaddy is adding $0.26 more (+ 3.5%) on top of that … GoDaddy is not simply passing the increase to the public, but it’s profiting from the situation …

    As I’ve already said before, IMHO agreements with ICANN should include a tighter price increase cap, directly linked to the inflation rate.
    Annual 10% price increases are not reasonable.

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