Go Daddy’s MBA Marketing & Sales Internship is a Great Opportunity


GodaddyI don’t post about job opportunities in the domain space too often, but this Go Daddy marketing internship looks like it’s going to be a great opportunity for a MBA student with a marketing focus. The MBA Marketing & Sales Strategy internship at Go Daddy looks like a great chance to get experience in this dynamic industry.

In this position, you’ll listen to small businesses tell you what they need and then help Go Daddy design the products to match their needs. This will give you a solid understanding of both the industry and the market.

I think the best part will be giving these customers what they don’t know they need. This is the part where you get to apply all that theory you learned in marketing class… throw yourself at the data and interpret it. Then, from there, begin designing your response. Remember all those ideas your marketing instructor talked about in class? This is where you use them. What’s the need? What’s the product? What’ll the price be? How will you promote it?

There’s a lot of product development to be done in this industry, especially with the new gTLDs coming out in the near future. Go Daddy has a reputation as a dynamic company with cutting edge marketing tactics. Not only are their advertisements flashy, but they also have and use customer data to drive decision making. Learning how to interpret data and make decisions based on that data will help with any future jobs in the marketing field.

Even the greatest MBA program needs you to apply all that stuff you learned before you can really say you know it. Employers will be looking for an indication that you know how to use all that B-School material. This is the sort of internship that’ll give you the opportunity to show them that you can do it – not just talk about it.

If you think this internship would be a match for you or someone you know, visit the job listing website to learn more and get information on the application process.

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  1. If this position, or any job at Go Daddy would become full time employment, keep in mind that Go Daddy NOW offers equity in the company. The Go Daddy CEO, Blake Irving, covers this benefit at http://bloom.bg/ZHmdD7 for the new hires in Silicon Valley.

    A majority of the employees already working at Go Daddy, those who have built the company, have NOT gotten ANY equity in GoDaddy.com.

    This may be a part of the Go Daddy employee retention issues as covered at http://bit.ly/Y7Ed9n

    Has anyone heard anything from those is Silicon Valley as to how the Go Daddy stock offering for new employees is being structured?

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