Poker Player Dutch Boyd Launches Kickstarter Project to Fund Book

Dutch BoydDutch Boyd, a professional poker player and part time domain investor, has launched a Kickstarter project to raise funds for a book about his career. Boyd is looking to raise $5,000 to fund the book, which is called Poker Tilt, and he has raised $715 from 14 backers so far.

Here’s some more information about Boyd and what the book will be about:

I’m Dutch Boyd, a professional poker player. You may have seen me on ESPN in videos such as this. I’ve won 2 World Series of Poker Bracelets, something that few poker players have been able to achieve.

After winning my first WSOP title, I was asked, “What does winning a bracelet mean to you?” My answer: “Now If I ever go broke, I can always write a book”. See the video.

Well now that time has come. So I’m setting out to write the greatest book ever. I’ve teamed up with published author Laurence Samuels to make sure this dream turns into a reality. “

I’ve never met him personally, but from what I understand, he’s an interesting guy with an interesting story to tell. I think the $100 pledge level offers the best deal because you’ll get a private poker lesson in addition to autographed copies of the book: “30 minute Skype poker lesson with me + two autographed paperback copies of the book + an early release of the PDF ebook + a personalized thank you mention in the acknowledgements section of the book + updates on my progress.”

Good luck to Boyd on this project, and here’s hoping his comeback story is a success.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Doesn’t he have any domains left to sell off?
    Maybe, Traffic can auction off a few of his names
    What does the $5K go toward on the bookside?
    All he has to do is write and it self publish it himself?
    He has a name out there.

  2. He could PDF the book, but yes there are some costs since he is having someone assist him.
    $5K isn’t much to fund. If he’s willing to give up a % of the profits it’s a good trade.

  3. Dutch has well documented, very public metal health issues.

    One of the most brutal poker opponents you will ever face is a bi-polar with a genius IQ in the middle of a manic phase. You’re not going to win. The catch is, whatever he wins from you, he’s going to lose later on.

    Stu Ungar was much the same.

    Now that the ‘poker boom’ has come and gone, people are finally starting to realize that the old-timers were right all along. A winning poker player isn’t measured in dollars. He’s measured in time.

  4. I appreciate your opinions and would like to offer an alternative one being the co-writer of this book.

    After spending several months getting to know Dutch and his story, I believe he’s gotten a bad rap. Yes he’s made some mistakes in regards to Pokerspot, but running a growth business at a young age is challenging. Dutch didn’t hoard millions (or even thousands) and shut down the company as the rumors suggest. He and his business partners desperately tried to find a solution to avoid the companies collapse but were unable to do so and eventually, the payment processors led to the demise of Pokerspot. Many of the other rumors and stories are simply untrue.

    Dutch has since suffered from a loss of income due to Black Friday since the majority of his income was made online. The majority of his live tournament earnings involved backer splits.

    Dutch is a 2 time WSOP bracelet winner and a talented card player who wants to get back to the game he loves. The Kickstarter campaign was created to help fund book inventory and advertising as the book which will be self-published. For s $100 pledge, you can pick his brain for 30 mins on Skype and learn some amazing poker strategy to help develop your game.

    I can understand some of your comments/feelings (I used to have some of those about him) but I urge you to give him/us a chance. Pre-order the book and read the story for yourself. It’s very interesting. Aside of that the poker strategy section is excellent.

    – Laurence

  5. If Someone self funds their ventures like a Trader, Gambler, self funded business, there may be times that it becomes uncomfortable due to losses and having to pay living expenses as well. Lot of Big Traders have gone through it as well as entrepreneurs. Just need to downsize and keep plugging away, which it sounds like he is doing. Biggest thing for him may be having to play small until he can get back into rhythm and make good money again. When he does make it back he should be able to have NOL’s to cushion his gains something the media fails to write about. The losses self funded people take when they have bad years. Nice Post.

  6. Interesting article on self publishing in today’s Kansas City Star titled, “Author Hugh Howey gets richer by giving away his work”
    The guy apparently made 7 figures last year from self publishing.

  7. He has some okay poker domains, but hasn’t developed them very well at all, nor is he very interested in selling them for anything less than ridiculous end-user prices. Brilliant guy, though.

  8. I had a business deal with Dutch that went completely sour for some of my one letter cctld domain names.

    I visited him in Las Vegas once during the WSOP and I literally had to run around the whole area trying to find him.

    He is definitely bi-polar. If saved all my chat logs, I can remember him offering me a ridiculous amount of money for my names and then the next day not recalling what he did.

    Mr Boyd, you are always free to contact me and finish our deal.

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