Go Daddy Listened to My Suggestion


Yesterday morning, I shared GoDaddy’s .CO Super Bowl commercial with you. I think it’s a great commercial that has some humor and clearly illustrates why people should visit their website to register a domain name.

Some people will go straight to the GoDaddy website after seeing the commercial, but many will go to the call to action url featured in the commercial,  YourBigIdea.CO. It is, after all, a .CO Registry co-branded commercial.

In my post yesterday, I suggested that Go Daddy should add the option for its Domain Buy Service when someone looks up a domain name that is already owned and is unavailable to hand register. Previously, they only had the backorder service option listed, which doesn’t do much good for domain owners.

According to a follow-up comment by Go Daddy’s Paul Nicks and confirmed by me, Go Daddy has added the option to the search screen. If someone wants a domain name that is privately owned, they will see the option to pay to try and privately acquire the domain name. I think this is going to generate revenue for Go Daddy, and hopefully it will translate into aftermarket sales for domain investors.

If you receive an offer from GoDaddy’s Domain Buy Service during the Super Bowl or shortly after, I’d love to hear about it. Hopefully, I will receive an inquiry!


  1. Why can’t the normal domain search at Godaddy be as nifty as the one they are using here. Very quick results. They need to implement this on the home page.

  2. it’s a good suggestion, they did well to listen to you
    now guess what sedo would have done in the same position?
    ignored you, or come back with some lame robotic reply
    hopefully it will mean I get some offers lol
    btw, when is this superbowl?

  3. The only problem is when you type a name into the search bar it tells you if its taken before you hit go. If the person is already told its taken before you hit go then they will not know if the name is for sale and probably won’t take the extra step to find out. I like the name generator its cool.

  4. yeah thats nice but they took out the link to see the whois for a taken domain. this will no doubt result in a lot less direct inquires.

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