Go Daddy .LA Auction Results

Go Daddy Aftermarket Director Paul Nicks provided the results of the .LA auction held by Go Daddy that finished earlier today. In total, the auction generated a little over $25,000 in sales, with 112 of the 273 domain names selling (minimum opening bid was $100 for each).

It would be great to know how many new .LA domain names were registered while the auction was being promoted, but I doubt that information will be shared.

Listed below are the domain names that sold along with their prices. Payment has not been posted for any of the domain names, so they are all technically “pending sale” until the deals close.

.LA domain auction results:

  • story.LA 1720
  • stay.LA 1575
  • inside.LA 1375
  • hub.LA 1025
  • bicycles.LA 610
  • venture.LA 565
  • tube.LA 560
  • simply.LA 560
  • gigs.LA 510
  • writer.LA 505
  • costumes.LA 465
  • cheaptickets.LA 425
  • stage.LA 406
  • writing.LA 405
  • designers.LA 405
  • acting.LA 400
  • ooh.LA 385
  • publicist.LA 361
  • buytickets.LA 355
  • careers.LA 315
  • entrepreneur.LA 305
  • glamour.LA 275
  • backstage.LA 260
  • bridal.LA 260
  • bbq.LA 260
  • comedian.LA 255
  • spin.LA 255
  • moviestars.LA 245
  • expert.LA 236
  • know.LA 225
  • filmfestival.LA 205
  • countryclub.LA 205
  • valet.LA 205
  • rank.LA 205
  • barmitzvah.LA 195
  • studios.LA 185
  • fans.LA 185
  • player.LA 183
  • writers.LA 170
  • castings.LA 165
  • sportstickets.LA 160
  • chauffeurs.LA 155
  • topnews.LA 155
  • chauffeur.LA 155
  • producer.LA 135
  • watch.LA 130
  • costume.LA 120
  • cupid.LA 115
  • songwriter.LA 115
  • popular.LA 115
  • sporttickets.LA 110
  • old.LA 110
  • artwork.LA 110
  • read.LA 110
  • marry.LA 110
  • runway.LA 105
  • plan.LA 105
  • fabulous.LA 105
  • apply.LA 105
  • class.LA 105
  • movietickets.LA 105
  • theaters.LA 105
  • adventures.LA 105
  • fortune.LA 105
  • editor.LA 105
  • tonite.LA 105
  • original.LA 100
  • saucy.LA 100
  • elegant.LA 100
  • charities.LA 100
  • speaker.LA 100
  • goddess.LA 100
  • legend.LA 100
  • meditation.LA 100
  • cut.LA 100
  • princess.LA 100
  • variety.LA 100
  • publishers.LA 100
  • starlight.LA 100
  • premier.LA 100
  • guides.LA 100
  • banquet.LA 100
  • producers.LA 100
  • promote.LA 100
  • historic.LA 100
  • magicians.LA 100
  • designing.LA 100
  • exhibition.LA 100
  • stylish.LA 100
  • stylist.LA 100
  • tailor.LA 100
  • toast.LA 100
  • trainers.LA 100
  • talentshow.LA 100
  • referral.LA 100
  • movieticket.LA 100
  • billionaire.LA 100
  • stories.LA 100
  • allabout.LA 100
  • vintage.LA 100
  • bachelor.LA 100
  • exotics.LA 100
  • golfing.LA 100
  • traveller.LA 100
  • bulletin.LA 100
  • keynote.LA 100
  • contest.LA 100
  • funky.LA 100
  • mystery.LA 100
  • travelagent.LA 100
  • planetickets.LA 100
  • vibrant.LA 100
Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of DomainInvesting.com. Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the DomainInvesting.com Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. A good result, I think for not exactly earth-shattering names.
    It will be interesting to watch how closely the prices of .nyc names relate to the .la’s.
    These names could become very sought after. No need to identify your locale, just what you do and the .la does the rest.

  2. IS Go Daddy Aftermarket Director Paul Nicks happy with the outcome of the auction?

    Is he popping champagne with the godaddy girls to celebrate these BIG sales?

    I bet he is getting a big bonus.

  3. Prospective new tld operators should be worried about results like this. The amount of domainer money in the pot for alt tlds is very limited.

  4. You just know that some domainers were sitting there going “if no one takes that at $100 seconds to go, I’ll gamble with %100” – thats how some of those sold.

    What I’m using as a standard now is “show me a .whatever that is thriving in the real world, before I can consider buying outside of .com, not just vanity names, but real a business.

  5. I like some of the alternate extensions like .la and .nyc. but not as your primary web address but as a secondary fun style vanity address only to be given out to select people. Some of these are great as secondary addresses such as cupid.la, stylist.la, bachelor.la, tailor.la etc…..these type of names have potential to sell to others fairly easily.

  6. Hilarious, the people who bid up Colorado city names.co to thousands, tens of thousands, thinking they had some novel ‘repurposing’ idea.

  7. Am actually waiting for each and every bloggers who will be getting pai by crap .whateer advertiser and pitching to domainers to buy crap…..but I think most of us now have realized flyer investing in lot of .whatever mostly don’t work out so this time…..will be a superfail

  8. While I am all for these new “geo” TLDs, I can’t help but feel that there is a bit of collusion going on between the registrar (Godaddy) and the registry here.

    So basically, instead of letting people register whatever blahblah.LA is available to register, they “reserve” all the good names and put it up for auction. In effect, creating an artificial supply-demand imbalance.

    In other words, they are minting money for themselves. Shame shame on them.

    Again, I am a big proponent of geo domains and I feel that .LA and .NYC and .TKO (tokyo!) are great opportunities for local businesses to market themselves, but to hell with the HOARDING FOR PROFIT that is clearly evident here. To that, Godaddy and Friends(tm) can rot in hell.

    If the results of the auction is any indication, I think the people have spoken.

    By the way, I LOVE LA!

    • Aside from the greed of Godaddy and it’s accomplices, there are legitimate and perfectly plausible reasons why .LA makes sense.

      For local businesses like restaurants, etc. that are solely based in LA, having a .LA makes a good business sense.

      If I owned a pizza place called GodaddySucks in LA, I think GodaddySucks.LA makes a lot of sense.

    • The biggest failure in the narrative of new TLD or TLD-Repurposing proponents is that it requires a narrative to begin with.

      The confuse ‘conceivability’ with ‘plausibility’.

      That which is conceivable isn’t necessarily plausible.

      For years, we’ve had .in for Indiana and .mn for Minnesota and .md for Maryland and .la for Los Angeles or Louisiana or any of the other TLDs that align with a state name, nobody cares.

      You think people are going to start caring now because Godaddy is flogging it?

  9. Interesting comments from the (mostly) domainer viewpoint.
    But it’s the public who ultimately decides.
    As creatures of habit, the minds of most internet users currently default to the .com, and we see the result in the popularity and scarcity and price of generic .com domain names.
    Once .nyc .la .paris ect. start rolling out, then we shall see how deep those .com loyalties are in the overall scheme of the marketplace.
    My business experience tells me that if I were a bus tour operator in Los Angeles,
    better to be bustours.la than bus tours.com In fact – Far Better!

    • Then your business experience must not involve anything having to do with internet business and if it does, you’re either lying or terrible at it.

  10. i thought the results we buyer friendly, and need to be at this juncture..

    so im a full on .la investor and supporter, no stake in .la just own names.

    and new tlds are either the driving force behind our entire market, in the registrars, auction houses, icann and almost everybodys focus…

    or the driving force behind reducing the value of .com names as huge supply comes on board..

    or a waste of time and money.

    or as i think, just an example of everyone wanting what they cant have..so heres a chance ot have great keywords in a new tld equivalent, with no sunrise or landrush ipo pricing.

    dont hate, dont bash, just dont invest
    or diversify a bit

    for those just watching, heres a real live test of whether a semantic url, one that segments the internet, and is a geo tld has any traction.

    so thanks for the illumination Elliott, i firmly believe in the realm of your domain community watching..

    the frustration for everyone is this- everyone will invest in.LA when its a sure thing…and when its a sure thing you wont be able to find great names- meaning for resale profit as a domain investor….

    so for everyone who said they would have bought 100′s of coms in the 1994-97 time frame if they would have only known….. probaby wouldnt have because there were huge risks then..and even those that did…wont take that risk again…….

    we think .la is a reasonable speculation – simply put, for the price would you rather have the 150,000,001st best .com or the 20-30,001th best .LA – this is a pure guess i have no idea the size of the registry.

    elliot if you allow links we are facebook.com/ladomains on facebook- ok to delete if not allowed.

    PS we did two end user sales at $xxx, and a $xxxx last week, and traffic was up, from a incredibly low level on the sites.

    page howe

    • @page, I think you’re saying some basic economics concepts most commentaries here are missing. Ultimately, if you’re sitting on a lots of .com domain inventory, you’re going to feel the pinch. The reason that is is that there is going to be a disruption in the supply chain. Geo domains or location domains going to be widespread. We can’t just ignore the fact. When economics of distribution and scope come up, 3 potential outcomes emerge.

      1. competition
      2. emergent alternatives
      3. buyer bargaining power

      Now see it this way, if everybody is doing it, its probably reasonable for me to do it or someone else to do it. If i am a restaurant in Los Angeles, what is the unique selling proposition of having restaurant.la than lets say having restaurantla.com I think this is obvious in this case. Yes some tld’s are going to fail but some are going to flourish and as the availability pool becomes smaller, perhaps we could go back to status quo. And on that I am doubtful.

  11. It is precisely of people like Howie that .LA will FAIL.

    Don’t fall into the trap people.

    He is what he is doing. He hand picked all the good, choice names (food.la, etc.) to keep and develop. But he needs willing victims to buy all these other .LA domains that he hoarded at inflated prices for two reasons. One, so he makes out like a bandit. Two, to drive up the legitimacy of the .LA initiative.

    Heed my words. Don’t speculate on .LA domains as a domainer. The game has already been rigged. You buy at your own demise because Howie and Friends(tm) have already set it up the way want it.

    YES, I believe in .LA. But for businesses in LA that could use the internet exposure. NO NO NO. I don’t believe in speculating in that space. It’s already RIGGED.

    By the way, I LOVE LA!

    There’s your “nickel” for the day.

    You ARE welcome.

  12. So, we admire the folks that snapped up all the good .coms…….but despise the ones that are “rigging” the game by investing in .la?
    Can’t have it both ways folks.

    Anon….lighten up, it’s just my judgement, and no, I’m not lying.
    Let the (.LA) chips fall where they may!
    Success to all.

  13. Pump and dump! I been told to watch my language and I will.

    What a joke…. And Page who I like, you are smarter then this…But hey its your money..

    Lets see how much pump and dump gets attention in next year 5 years.

  14. As with most TLDs, I believe only super premium keywords have some value. I have never bought any .LA. Today, I decided to check some premiums and all were gone, most since the early-mid 2000s. The only one I found available was Christmas.LA, which I regged and still find better than the “premiums” in this auction.


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