Go Daddy Introduces “Baker” Commercial Starring Jean Claude Van Damme

Go Daddy is in the midst of a change in how it markets its brand. It’s been happening for several months, and it seems like more is on the way. Embedded above is a new commercial called “Baker” which stars actor Jean Claude Van Damme.

Andrew wrote about a couple of subtle changes that may impact domain investors, and the New York Times also had an article discussing the shift.

Any time Go Daddy changes its marketing strategy, it’s going to impact domain investors to an extent. When I mention to people that I am a domain investor, I would say almost half ask me if I work for or with Go Daddy. I would venture a guess that Go Daddy’s name recognition is very high, even if not everyone knows exactly what the company does. When GD makes changes, it will have an impact.

I am curious what you think of the new branding and whether you think it’s going to be positive for domain investors and others involved in the domain space.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I like the change.

    Let me quickly add that I am a fan of Bob, and his contribution in making Godaddy.com, and by extension domains, sexy.

    That approach presented the new executives a chance to bring change. Therefore, it’s not an either or case. I like both approaches: sexy, then serious business.

    When serious business approach gets stale, then back to sexy.

  2. So here you have an established co. pushing the envelope to try to grab market attention and of course market share and stay relevant and pushing domain development a sector that is not exactly on fire right now.

    Can you imagine the flurry of marketing activity that is about to occur that will (or sadly might not) have an impact on domain investors as each new registry plays out there own version of “Hey consumers we are over here and look what we have for you?”

    Great time to be an ad agency IMO.

  3. All of my domains are with Godaddy; it makes it easy to manage my business. That being said, what doesn’t make it easy, is GD’s complete lack of support when it comes to their aftermarket platform. It’s insane that they A.) do not have a way to view payouts/receipts from domains sold on the marketplace(ie: escrow.com) B.) zero phone support for domain sales and C.) extremely slow email support for aftermarket domain sales. So yes, there is certainly HUGE room for improvement. Considering the large % of revenue they generate from their aftermarket platform, I sincerely hope that part of this “new direction” they seem to be taking will include improving their aftermarket platform.

  4. What an idiot! Their not caring customer service? What planet are you from? They have awesome customer service. My guess is you’re one of those people that tried a get rich scheme on the internet only to fail, so you blame everyone else.
    Just my guess though. Oh, and I can spell!

  5. @ Bob
    Why are you getting so emotional about it?.
    Maybe you have something to do with godaddy?. Or maybe you just forgot to write your surname Parsons?
    Calling someone and idiot because has a different opinion than you only shows how valuable you are and who you really are.

    Anyone (no gd client) who does a quick search on the Internet will clearly see that support service is horrible and fake comments do not help here.
    Not to mention other unethical things which godaddy did.
    I do not like being bombarding with adds, useless offers and removing things from my shopping basket which I do not need, changing registrations from 5 years to 1 year etc.

    I am happy you can spell. I am not native English speaker but you cannot imagine things going with that.. because the only language you was able to learned was the mother tongue.
    Please do not reply to my comment. I will not read it. Instead, just use your energy in a good way, do some exercises I am sure you need them.

  6. With Claude in and Danica out, it seems they are reaching for a more global appeal. Perhaps an effort to also pull in some more ladies. The drop of the .com is an obvious move to get in on the upcoming action with new gTLDs. Let’s face it, the industry is rapidly changing, so why shouldn’t they too? Probably some smart decisions that will pay off in the long run.

  7. Van Damme has had so much plastic surgery that the only way you know its him is to put his name in the ad but what a clever way to do it. Its actually Genius! I wonder if the marketing team came up with that after they hired him or if the whole concept was based off this first.

    “A great website makes new customers say Van Damme!”


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