Go Ahead… Ask Your Domain Questions


As a result of having a blog, I receive ALOT of emails asking every kind of domain related question you can probably imagine. Some questions are simple and require just a one word reply, while others are more complicated and thought provoking.

I haven’t always had time to answer all the questions that come in, especially when they require a more complicated answer or when I just don’t know the answer. I enjoy being able to help people, and it sucks to not be able to assist sometimes.

With that in mind, I decided to launch DomainQuestions.com, a new website where people can post questions and answers related to anything in the domain industry. Since many of the people who email me aren’t familiar with the domain industry, I felt that they wouldn’t necessarily want to join a forum, and they could easily sign up to post a question on DomainQuestions.com.

I intend to send people who ask me questions to this website to post them. On the site, I will do my best to answer the questions, and I hope others will contribute as well. I also plan to reach out to friends and colleagues when I see a question that I can’t (or shouldn’t answer).

One of the nice things is that I will have a place to send people when questions that were asked in the past are asked in the future. This will allow people to continue to post answers to older questions as well as newer questions. I am hoping this will become a domain knowledgebase, and I hope you will contribute or participate.

I am excited about DomainQuestions.com, and I hope to see you there.


  1. If you run into any issues where your answers don’t post for some reason, please ping me. We worked out one bug this morning that may have prevented a few answers from posting – so my apologies for the glitch.

  2. Hi Elliot, nice site and well executed. I’m certain it will be a great success. However, its like a forum but without the differrent sections that help generate a community. I think, with your backing, Domain Questions could have been a great (and profitable) discussion forum. Anyway, I hope it does well. Ray.

    • @ Ray

      Thank you!

      I didn’t want to compete with the forums, and I don’t have the time to moderate a forum. This way I can answer questions I am knowledgeable about when I have the time. A forum has too much going on, and it’s not something I wanted to start.

  3. I have been clicking on the domain question site but get a 403.

    I will put my question here, a friend has asked me to do a website for him, details are?

    Charter Boat based in Auckland NZ
    His customers are 60% overseas and 40% local
    Sghould he get a

    …….co.nz domain or

    …….com or Both?
    thanks Dick

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