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Logo for Gifts.comI’ve heard a number of people cite that keyword domain names aren’t nearly as helpful as they once were. This may or may not be entirely true (I’ll let SEOs debate that), but I want to share one keyword .com domain name brand that seems to have done well this Christmas:

I’ve neither bought anything from nor do I have any type of relationship with In fact, I don’t recall ever visiting the website until I was researching how some of the big brands ranked for Christmas gift related keywords (Overall, I think Walmart fared the best in terms of big brands ranking for broad keywords).

According to its website, “ is the #1 online gift recommendation service, offering over 7 million monthly shoppers during peak holiday periods with personalized gift ideas and interactive tools to help them become better, more organized gift-givers.

Here’s how currently ranks for some Christmas gift keyword searches:

  • Gifts – #1
  • Gift – #3
  • Christmas Gifts – #5
  • Christmas Gift – #8
  • Christmas Present – #7
  • Christmas Presents – #6
  • Best Christmas Gifts – #3
  • Popular Christmas Gifts – #2
  • Top Christmas Gifts – #1

I know that many people search for individual gift items such as XBox or Apple iPad, but I would imagine most of those search results would favor the brands rather than individual retailers like I would also imagine the search volume would favor broad keywords rather than aggregated Ā individual products or brands.

Broad keywords rankings like the ones ranks well for are difficult to achieve, and I believe that the keyword domain name is helpful. Not only does it tell people exactly what the company is offering, but sounds like a trusted brand. Despite never buying anything from them before, I wouldn’t hesitate to make a purchase, primarily because of the brand name. I also assume many of the trusted links to can be attributed to brand trust.

Keyword domain names can be brands, and is a great example of a keyword .com domain name becoming a trusted brand.


  1. This should be recommended reading for those people who think EMDs are a thing of the past.

    A great EMD will enhance your CTR, bring down your CPC & rank as well when competing with top companies.

    Good research Elliot!

  2. I’ve always liked but I like http://Gifts.TV better šŸ™‚ the business plans/executive summaries that were done over the yrs. just didn’t pan out but we know it will do well when a new owner comes along šŸ™‚ Great research Elliot šŸ™‚

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