on the Move: Domain Transfers to Epik


The domain name is on the move again. The domain name transferred to Epik earlier today after being registered at Uniregistry for a very brief period of time. This comes on the heels of GoDaddy’s ultimatum that the domain name be transferred away from GoDaddy or face suspension.

Andrew Allemann reported that is registered to’s holding account after selling on Flippa for $220,000 in September. Andrew speculated that this could mean the domain name was purchased using some sort of payment plan. does not comment about private transactions though, so the ownership information as it relates to the domain name is a bit unclear.

There is quite a long thread on NamePros about Gab and the issues involving the domain name. In a series of posts within the thread, Epik CEO Rob Monster seemingly invited Gab to transfer to Epik and offered his thoughts on the topic.

I reached out to Rob to ask him why and he did this and whether he got in touch with Andrew Torba, the founder of Gab.I worked with, Uniregistry and management to get this done in a mutually cooperative way,” Rob told me. “We will work to keep them online, and I believe Andrew will rise to the occasion as a responsible steward,” he continued. Rob also told me he published a blog post with additional insight about why he sought out the registration of the domain name.

It will be interesting to see what happens when (or if) the social network goes back online. Whatever happens, one thing is pretty clear – domain name escrow is usually pretty clean and simple, but when it isn’t, it can get messy.


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