FuckYouPayMe.com Sold via DAN


One of the most memorable lines in the movie Goodfellas is “Fuck you, pay me!” You can watch the scene below if you aren’t in a work environment or around children or others who might care about a little bit of cursing:

This morning on Twitter, Vito announced the sale of his four word FuckYouPayMe.com domain name for $4,499. I recall seeing that domain name recently, and NameBio shows the domain name was acquired via GoDaddy this past December.

From the looks of the screenshots in the tweet, the deal was closed via DAN.com:

I thought Vito’s reply to the $2,000 opening offer was excellent. Well played by Vito and a nice sale to boot.

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  1. Now, this is the kind of domain story that makes me happy- hand reg and sell for big profit…just like my domain strategy…using one’s creativity not like the boring lackluster buying for big bucks and selling them…

    Express yourself via domains!! Call to action domains are hot now!!

  2. Thanks a bunch for the shout-out here Elliot!

    This was one of my funnest sales negotiations in a long time, maybe ever. I wish I could take full credit for my exact response you see in the screenshot, but I cannot. I have always known I would respond to any low offers with a resounding – “Fuck You Pay Me” but I really had a bunch of help here.

    I was on ClubHouse in a very fun room of domainers, RapidFireDomaining Room w/Bruce Breger and Michele Rae. It is a community of domainers and they have a lot of fun in that room. So, as soon as I brought the offer to the room I told them I absolutely have to reply with “Fuck You Pay Me” but the room of domainers positively fine tuned it with the No, and the funny as hell classic ending line of Respectfully, Vito. We all laughed for such a long time about the possibilities of the many goofy and inappropriate responses/counter offer potentials here.

    This extended into the next day and many CH members were registering their own evil but funny domains/email possible addresses. I believe a couple are actually building marketplaces with some very fun/edgy marketplace names.

    I wish I could take credit for hand regging this domain also but unfortunately I did not. Someone else thought of it way before I did. They regged it then dropped it. I did win this in auction a few months back for a price I was willing to even pay more for though.

    I love Phrase/Call To Action domain names.


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