From $500 Offer to $435,000 Sale via GoDaddy DBS

know. your. worth.” That is wise advice from a domain name registrant who was able to turn a $500 offer via GoDaddy’s Domain Broker Service into a $435,000 domain name sale. The story of how the seller was able to do this, including emails from GoDaddy, was shared in an excellent Twitter thread domain investors will want to read:

Although the domain name that was sold is not revealed by the seller, it was a .US domain name that sold for nearly half a million USD. In looking at NameBio, that could be a record sale price for a .US domain name, although NameBio only archives publicly reported domain name sales.

I don’t know if I would have the fortitude to turn down hundreds of thousands of dollars on a hand-registered .US domain name, so kudos to the seller for sticking to his guns on this deal. He knew what his domain name was worth and scored an exceptional price for it.

Off topic a bit, but if you look at the payment screenshot, you can see it’s not the exact amount of the sale price. I LOL a bit every time I see GoDaddy take a $.90 fee for payments.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Know your worth?? No. He had a lot of luck on his side. Even single generic keywords won’t sell for that much on a .us. Not even close. All the stars aligned perfectly for him.

  2. Great story Elliot, I think it was the Domain King who said, “If you wan to sell a domain for a million, you have to be able to walk away from 900k, and that’s hard to do”.

  3. This is the kind of news I like to hear….hand reg and sell for big bucks, not like those boring someone with big bucks buying another high price domain and reselling for just $$$
    Rags to Riches stories!!
    not like some billionaires buying a yacht/house for 10million and resell to another billionaire for 11million…

  4. • “Know your worth?? No. He had a lot of luck on his side. Even single generic keywords won’t sell for that much on a .us. Not even close. All the stars aligned perfectly for him.”

    No, that is just thinking and speaking like a typical shortsighted .us basher “domainer.” The only reason .us has been suppressed and hiding in plain sight all these 20 years is because the “powers that be” wanted it that way from the beginning. Otherwise it would have cost exactly $0 to make the public aware of it and cause it to rival .com in importance and being sought after. And that could still happen any day for exactly $0 cost if the switch were to be flipped on that. Some of this is beyond “domaining,” however, and there aren’t exactly often many among either the bloggers or commenters who ever contemplate anything beyond that. And especially given all the vested self-interest and financial interest in the status quo.

  5. It says “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” There are no bad words or links in it. Just truth and a rebuttal to the first comment.

  6. This was either a kid with absolutely no need for anything and just dumb luck , a lottery ticket an exception to the rule

    as anyone with a little responsability and a company wouldve taken the 350k
    but hey kudos to the lucky winner and to the buyer who probably has more sense then money

  7. The seller is involved in crypto and has invested in crypto names, he got the name before that company/market existed, that was his luck, the rest was the knowledge to value his name.
    FTX had already registered but that’s not what they wanted, otherwise they wouldn’t paid
    435K for the .us. FTX has US$ 10 billion daily trades on it’s platform, the law says that any platform must have a US site for US trading and a different one for rest of the World. FTX.US great because he knew the value of his name, that’s why he asked 10 bitcoin from the get go and that’s what he got, what non of us know what the outcome would have been if he asked 1 million, my opinion is he would have got it! But the largest .us sell was fantastic.

  8. Thinking of .US sale with my Sunday coffee, we all can agree that all the recorded sales for 6,7,and 8 figures
    happened by turning down many previous offers. Millions have gone into .biz, .info, .us and most extension don’t have any recorded sale above 100K he stated his ground because of pure research understanding who needed his name and was clear they had the budget, that they could walk away sure, but they didn’t, the same way every year many domains go for 6-7-8 figures that go unreported. btw he got 435K commission free so the buyer had to pay another 20% commission for the Broker service making the sale for a total of
    US$ 522.000

  9. Crypto industry to get first major U.S. stadium with Miami-Dade County approving FTX for Heat home
    PUBLISHED FRI, MAR 26 20214:06 PM EDTUPDATED FRI, MAR 26 20214:11 PM EDT

    FTX has won the naming rights to the entertainment venue currently known as American Airlines Arena, home to the Miami Heat. The deal, approved by the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners on Friday, is for $135 million over 19 years.

    On higher sales try to know your buyer or at least try to research who it may be.
    Cheers Cryptofelon Patience paid off


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