Free Domain Appraisal

I get asked all the time what I think a particular domain name is worth, and today I would like to offer this space for you to request a single domain name appraisal on this slow Labor Day. I will do my best to give my gut feel on domain names that are submitted, and I hope others will provide their valuation thoughts as well.

The one rule here is that people can only ask for one domain appraisal each, or I won’t answer. The reason is simple. I don’t have the time to give everyone an appraisal on many domain names, so it’s easier to say just one.

Please keep in mind this is my (and commenters’) gut feel on valuation with perhaps a bit of additional outside research, like search volume, Wordtracker, # of advertisers…etc. If you have very industry-specific domain names, there’s a good chance I won’t have a clue about how much your domain name is worth, so it’s probably best not to submit it.

If you think there’s a chance I will tell you that your domain name isn’t worth anything, and you don’t want to hear that, I advise you not to submit it for a free appraisal. People seem to love to comment when there’s an opportunity to put others down, and despite this call out, I am sure it will happen. I don’t censor comments, so keep that in mind, too.

If you don’t like my rules, feel free to pay for an appraisal elsewhere or visit the appraisal section at DNForum.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. – $20k-40k+ Great name… only downside is that UK names tend to be .CO.UK instead of .com. Not only is it a nice area in London, but I believe there’s a Notting Hill brand here in the US. Also, a bunch of companies are called Notting Hill.

  2. @ Mauro

    Is there a type of life insurance called “accidental life insurance” that people refer to? If not, I don’t see much value.

    There are only 390 searches a month for that term.

    The .net, .org, and .info have all been registered within the last year. Good they’re registered, but would have been better if they had been registered for a while.

    My gut says it’s not worth a ton since I’ve never heard of this (I have heard of Accidental Death insurance policies but not Life.

  3. On this Labor Day, and the unofficial last day of summer, how about

    There are numerous popular vacation destinations along the Jersey Shore, including Cape May, Wildwood, Atlantic City, Long Beach Island, and many more.

  4. – $50k+

    I am sure it gets a lot of MTV traffic, but it’s almost like the Jersey Shore as an entity is searched more than the individual towns.

    Personally, I prefer the south Jersey shore, like Margate and Ventnor.

    @ Steven

    I am not a .net fan, but has good potential – I’d say $7-12k

  5. Elliot

    How about French for fragrance. More of a “style” name because there are only 1600 searches per month.

  6. @ David

    Not well suited for .org and recently registered. I think it’s probably reg. fee as a domain name. is far superior, and that would be a $5k name probably if the right buyer was there.

  7. @Elliot


    Could be good for an Educational Website/Blog.

    Also, the New, Prime Time, “Tera Nova” TV Show on Fox should draw some added attention to Dinosaurs. πŸ™‚

  8. @ Mut hu

    I don’t see value in the name. It seems like it’s only part of a phrase, like “restore deleted files” or something. It’s like might be worth something but not

  9. Note that while experienced domainers can give some relative guidance as to how to price a domain to a potential end user, domain buyers and domain sellers often have widely varying views of a domain’s value. While a seller can emphasize why a domain would be of value to a potential buyer (traffic, search volume, Adwords advertising costs, branding, etc), ultimately the price at which a buyer is willing to pay for a domain (and a seller is willing to sell) is its value. Some domainers have the luxury of waiting years for the perfect buyer to come along while the rest of us have to be more realistic in pricing.

    • @ Ben

      Not much… so much competition in that field and there are tons of words that can replace help… Advice, Answers, Info, Information, assist, assistance, helpers, advisor…etc.

      May be worth a couple hundred to a domainer… could sell for a lot if an end user wanted it, but most seem to only want actual keyword names or names with traffic.

  10. Elliot,

    What value would you put on

    The .com is owned by so it would most likely be very expensive to acquire.

  11. Hi Elliot and congrats for the blog (read it all the time).

    For appraisal i have

    but given the opportunity i would like to ask you (and the other guys around) what do you think for the .de value? I’m new to the domaining actually and i’m curious because there seem to be many nice (.de) names available on auctions with pretty low prices.

    Is there any value? Will there be any value later on? Germans don’t like english names?

    Thanks for your thoughts and take care.

    • @ J

      I like it as a brand, but it’s a name that wouldn’t have much value on its name merits alone. I could see a company paying a couple thousand for its brandability but it’s something that may never sell if the right buyer doesn’t come.

      I think you’d get a $100 +/- to a domain investor but it’s an end user name.

      • @ John

        With a .DE, I would expect German and not English. I don’t think it’s worth much although BuyInsurance.DE in German would likely be worth a good amount of money (assuming the insurance market is similar to the US insurance market).

  12. @ Louise

    I don’t see any value in it – sorry. It’s very long and it has few searches.

    @ Ben

    Sorry, one per person, as I mentioned. If I didn’t do that, I’d be here for the next 2 months sorting through lists of names πŸ˜‰

  13. It’s ok πŸ™‚

    Thanks a lot for your appraisal though & keep sharing your valuable thoughts on this blog.


  14. @ Jason

    Less than 10 searches for “traffic litigation” a month, no other extensions registered, and it was registered in March. I don’t really think it’s worth anything – sorry.

  15. @ Elliot said:

    “I don’t see any value in it – sorry. It’s very long and it has few searches.”

    Thanx for your gut appraisal! In view that CPC is: $9.20 on 1000 searches, would you adjust your appraisal based on that?

    • @ Dan

      not much… and are solid, but it’s sort of a backwards term. However, it’s kind of a social term and in that respect, someone could pay a good amount for it.

      The one issue is that same thing could be said for a lot of names.

    • @ Joseph

      I appreciate the complement… I just don’t see the commercial usage (and value) in that name. You (and everyone else) should ask before buying a name, why would anyone want to buy this from me, what alternatives could a person easily hand register so they don’t have to buy it from me, and based on the potential usage, could someone afford to pay what I want for it?

  16. Thank you Elliot for appraisal charityauction(dot)com at 2-4k.
    Just let you know that the domain was accepted by TRAFFIC NYC 2008 at opening bid range 5MM up and got even bid over 5MM.

    • @ Peter

      So you mean it got a bid, under reserve, where someone could bid knowing their bid wasn’t going to be accepted? There’s no risk bidding 7 figures on a domain name when you know the bid is under the reserve price.

      There are plenty of names that have had ridiculous reserve prices and never sold.

    • @ Marc

      I don’t think it’s worth anything… much too long tail, and that vertical is very competitive so it would be hard to rank even if developed. HotelsIn is tough, HotelsInGreenville isn’t all that great either, and yours is even longer.

  17. `There are plenty of names that have had ridiculous reserve prices and never sold`

    I agree that many domains are overpriced but in this case it had to be very, very overpriced domain. I would also have to think that people at TRAFFIC are idiots as they accepted the domain which is worth up to 4k at 5mm.

  18. Thanks for the appraisal on guys!
    I got it dirt cheap at GoDaddy auction and plan to promote it as a free site for sandwich lover’s like myself.
    Keep up the great work!

  19. Thanks Elliot, I really appreciate the feedback. A travel site is the plan for the domain. I’ve had some great wines from the region too!

  20. You’re saying, you’re really saying, a keyword domain with CPC of $9.20 isn’t worth much when it’s longtail.

    It seems I saw so many names with fewer than 1000 searches and low CPC sell for much more . . .

  21. @Elliot

    This is a great offer you are providing.

    Anyways how much would you appraise for? Currently on auction at Bido. Just started less than an hour back.


  22. Since I’m french speaking, i sometimes misses some of the subtelties of the english language.

    Is it the case with creditcardsquote (dot) com ?

    Thank you Elliot for taking the time!

  23. @ Louise

    I didn’t post this thread to have an argument with you. From what I’ve seen in other threads, you seem to have strong feelings on the value of domain names. Have you sold a lot of names?

    As promised, I gave my opinion… maybe others can give theirs as well.

  24. Hi Elliot, nice post – hope u dont end up doing too much work today its meant to be a holiday lol
    What do you think of ?

  25. @ Elliot said:

    “From what I’ve seen in other threads, you seem to have strong feelings on the value of domain names. Have you sold a lot of names?”

    Registering was a cool application of your advice here and that of other top domainers – nothing emotional about it! It has 1000 exact searches, and a CPC of $9.20. It seems like you’re appraising more from emotion or “from the gut” to discount it so dramatically, but that’s why I asked.

    The bottom line is: it’s much too longtail to resell. That’s you’re opinion, and I appreciate it! Thanx! πŸ™‚

  26. An appraisal worth it’s salt, yes please! ‘everybody dot com’ is one of a handful of names I own. I was in contact with the owner for many months before the deal was done (& I could save enough $$$). Interestingly enough, once I had my site concepts & plans worked through I made a list of over 150 domain names that suited the content & was absolutely stoked that my No.1 preferred-name was not only undeveloped, but in the hands of a domainer that wasn’t waiting forever for a price that was simply unattainable.

  27. Good Labor Day to you Elliot….!

    Many thanx for your efforts on this! Had a few inquiries on… curious on your thoughts.

    Thanx again!

  28. Elliot, Tx for your offer to appraise a domain

    What do you think might be worth, had a recent inquiry but didnt reply with a #, asking person to make first move


  29. Hi Elliot,

    I’ve had this one for about 5 yrs, curious what you think.

    LatestReview (dot)com

    Thanks in advance

  30. Hi there, great fun thread today.

    Thoughts on
    Zip covers major real estate/commercial
    interests in the Grand Central area of Manhattan.


  31. I know there has been a lot of discussion on other blogs about .me, so I will throw one out there.


  32. is probably worth more than 3-5K.

    There is indeed a market for them- a pretty significant one. Kinda thought that was common knowledge.

  33. Elliot is making people happy appraising their pigeon shit domains at high prices…lol

    Elliot, my serious question to you is….the prices that you are quoting to these pigeon shit farmers, would you seriously buy any of these domains for half the price that you quoted them?

    Thank you for taking my question!

  34. “Elliot, my serious question to you is….the prices that you are quoting to these pigeon shit farmers, would you seriously buy any of these domains for half the price that you quoted them?”

    Says the guy that paid $6,000 for Flowers.MOBI πŸ™‚

    Which domain names do you think are over appraised?

    I am not looking to buy any of the names and haven’t seen any I would buy here, or even in my post where I was asking to buy.

    Anyway, on to my appraisals.

  35. @ Linda isn’t really worth anything because nobody refers to “drink driving.” might be worth a few hundred dollars because I know buyers in that vertical and leads are high value. Braden Pollock would know more about that than I, but he’s on the DN Cruise and it’s a moot point because you don’t own that set.

    @ Simon is a solid name. Not great search volume and not the key terms like NFL Odds or Super Bowl odds, but good none the less. I would estimate $4-8k.

    @ Adam isn’t a name I could see a commercial usage for, so I don’t really see it having much value.

    @ Shai would be a $35k name in my opinion, but this one is far less as are most like it. You might be able to get $1-2k for it, but I think even that might be difficult. Even as someone that likes geodomain names, I would be hardpressed to buy


    If your company is Net Names and you own, we should talk. I don’t think you are, so I am not going to appraise a name you don’t own.

    @ John

    I own a bunch of smallish to mid sized city attorney / lawyer names and sold one for $400 once. I’ve pitched a bunch to local lawyers and it seems easier to sell ice to Alaskans in the winter than to sell legal domain names like this. I’ve bought a bunch in the $50 – 100 range and never seem to sell them

    @ Dan seems like a brandable name that has limited value without some sort of plan behind it.

    @ Walter – I had a number of hand registered MBA, online grad school names and I ended up dropping them. They can sell for good money to lead gen people but only if they get traffic. I doubt this gets traffic and it’s probably not worth anything.

    More in a few mins…

  36. @ Richard

    LatestReview (dot)com – Sorry, but I don’t see much value. It’s sort of broad, but too broad, and I don’t like names like later, latest…etc. It could be movies, cars, hotels…etc, so it’s too broad.

    @ Phyllis is a nice brand name, but again, only worth how much someone would pay to make it their brand. As a standalone name, it doesn’t have much intrinsic value.

    @ Mike – So much competition for Amazons and other retailers would make it hard to get traction even if it was Netbooks. Low search volume and again, a -est type of name. Probably very limited value.

    @ Mitch

    I think Marchex owns a ton of zip code names. I never loved them but have seen them sell for anywhere from a couple hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on the area and demographics. I’d say under $1k most likely, although I could see someone spending a few thousand if they really wanted to “own” the area.

    @ Garry – the area seems very small and small town geos without a lot of tourism are very difficult to monetize. I’d say under $1k most likely.

    @ Shawn is a solid name especially with the Diabetes market so prominent in online marketing. It lends well to the .org and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it sell for $5k although it’s probably more likely a $2-3k name. I’d contact some of the big companies in that space.

    @ Andrew

    I don’t know how can be used, but I think it’s a $25-35k name.

    @ Paul

    I own I think and haven’t even had a bite in the $100 range. I would think yours is fairly similar.

    @ Liam

    I don’t know what a flight case is, and if it’s like luggage, I would say the name isn’t worth anything.

    @ BG seems like it could be worth quite a bit but not really sure… i am thinking maybe $10-12k, although that feels high.

    @ Nick don’t really like these HQ, 360, Home…etc types of names and dont think they’re worth much for the most part.

    @ Matt lends itself well to the .org extension.. I’d say it’s a $2-3k name. sold recently and I don’t think the price was more than low $xx,xxx.

    @ Tim – Low search volume for the term, heavy competition and no other extensions registered. I’d sell for a few hundred but wouldn’t buy unless I hand registered. In the whole scheme, I’d say and are significantly better than this, although is far more than Hawaiian.

    @ Lance – Could be worth $500 or a lot more if someone wants to build a brand. I think Bruce from started to build a network but haven’t heard much from him. I also don’t see that ranked very well for its primary keyword. I think someone some day might come along and offer a few k, but right now it’s probably a $500 name at auction.

    @ gene has very low search volume (under $500) and all extensions are available. This is a name I’d pitch to end user companies at $2,500 but would probably take a reasonable counter offer. I don’t think you’d get a couple hundred if you tried to sell it to another domain investor.

    @ Mike – I withdrew from my Spanish course in college, so I am the wrong person to ask πŸ™‚

    @ BFitz – Isn’t really a keyword phrase so I don’t think it’s worth much of anything.

    @ Joel – Don’t see any value in it.

    @ Jim

    I like I think it’s a $10-15k name because that’s something that’s saleable online, although I really don’t dig .net names.

    @ Christopher and Joe

    Your names in .com would be worth thousands. Unfortunately right now, .COs aren’t selling like crazy and I would guess FinancialNews.CO would sell for $200 – 400 and ChicagoHotels.CO would sell for $400 – $700.

  37. Elliot thanks for the free appraisal offer,

    You being in NYC what do you think of (or its shorter version

    When I registered these names I was thinking of a real estate website that covers both New York City area and the State of New York.

  38. @ ojohn – Don’t like it, sorry. would have potential but NYCNY is confusing… plus real estate agents don’t seem to get domain names for the most part.

  39. @ Larry

    I don’t see value in… there are so many cloud names registered and I don’t understand this one.

    @ Charles – May be something to a Mustang fan, but there are so many alternatives. I don’t see it being worth much.

  40. Hi Elliot,

    Yes, I work for NetNames. Yes we are looking to sell on behalf of a client. Please contact me privately if this interests you.

    Many thanks

    • @ Luge

      You guys have some great names… Please hit me up when you get a chance.. are your offices downtown (NYC) on Broad St.? I worked down on Pine & Pearl a few years ago and live on the UWS.

  41. Elliot,

    Thanks for the generous offer. Trying to figure out what to do with this one, frostbit dot com. 1997, PR3

    All of my domains are EMD or geo+profession except this one.

    Thanks again.

  42. Hey from Australia Elliot, great blog! I’m dead new to the domain game. Literally have nothing decent yet…

    What about printmymodels(dot)com

    Growing industry in 3D printing…

  43. @Jim

    I’m offering you $250 for

    If you like the offer, let me know. Thanks

    ** Elliot: I know your rule is one domain each, since you slept on mine, would it be possible to do two more?



  44. Hi Elliot,

    I’d be interested to know what sort of value you would place on

    Thanks for your time.



    all handregs that I think I see some value in. Interested to hear your thoughts.

  46. I didn’t think there would be this many submissions, and I only planned to do it during yesterday’s holiday. I will try to do as many as I can today, but I am in the middle of a pretty large project (re-designing a website I bought last week).

  47. Your time and service is greatly appreciated.

    If possible, can you appraise

    Thanks again,


  48. Ok Elliot, how about these?

  49. Dear Elliot,

    Can you appraise my below domains?

  50. I know it’s the day after labor day but i thought I would toss this in.

    That is an O not a “ZERO”


    Richard S.

  51. The following names really don’t make any sense to me and I don’t see them as having value as domain names. As with any name, someone could want to buy it for a brand, so they could be worth something to someone, but purely on the merits of the domain name alone, I don’t think these have any value:
    WIRELESS SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS (net) (very hard to spell and a net)
    Medical Appraised.Com

    More appraisals coming as I have time… there are a few strong ones that have been submitted.

  52. Hi Elliot

    I have lots of single word domains (mostly for sale at sedo including,,,,,,,, etc.

    What do you think about domains?

    Since you only allow one, can you appraise ?

    Thanks Elliot.


  53. – dope name… kidding… probably a $1-3k name since it’s not legal in most states yet.

    Freelance Guitarist .com – I like this name a bit but don’t think it’s more than a hundred – max. When I think of freelance, I don’t think of musicians, but could see it being a directory. – $5k+ difficult to spell and low search volume but high $$$$ field – $200 – 300… I own a few names and as much as I like them, they’re hard to sell and there are very few buyers. – Great name… O and 0 confusion though, which hurts domainer value. You can probably get $6-12k but as with every name, value can be 6 figs to the right buyer. The other downside is there’s risk to names because companies seem to like the UDRP lottery odds. – Geo names like these can be tough to sell. If you do find a buyer, I’d look to sell in the $500 – $1,000 range. – I HATE NY baseball, especially the Yankees. I don’t really see how it has value as a domain name since people would generally search for the Mets or Yankees and I don’t see who would buy it. – LOVE the name… I think it’s a $40-75k+ name. Could be even more if a company really wants it.

  54. Elliot,

    If you have time, here is a niche (telecom) name that I have.


    Thanks for your time!!


  55. Some only read the title and posted their bulkof names to ask for appraisal …we really get Elliot having work at the moment of high unemployment in USA

  56. please give an idea on value of
    Skirts Wholesale .com

    Sort By:

    Aegean Skirt
    Was $129.95;Now: $99.99

    More than 50% Off
    Tencel Capri
    Was $64.95;Now: $29.99

    Montego Bay Gown
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    Persian Poncho
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    Harbor Top
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    Bellini Cover Up
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    La Playa Pant
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    Women’s Roma Sweater
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  57. Thank you for your offer!
    With all hype regarding Mayan calendar, prophecies and predictions, I recently purchased
    Could you please appraise.

  58. By and large, domain appraisals (whether fee based or gratuitous) are more about assuring ourselves that we have made a good buying decision. Until a solid market maker enters the domain space, domain appraisals (whether fee based or gratuitous offered) do little more than temporarily sooth our insecure egos.


    Every major financial market has one. Market makers bring liquidity to the market place. What good is a $25 to $100 appraisal if the party doing the appraising won’t buy it at or (anywhere) near the appraised price? So, if domain appraisers won’t step up to buy a domain name at the lower end of their own “expert” appraised value, this speaks volumes about the real value of the domain.

    A market maker puts its money where its mouth is and brings instant credibility to the market place. IMHO, every fee based domain appraisal should include a specific dollar amount for which the appraising company would immediately acquire the appraised domain.

    Of course, when a market maker has to walk the talk, domain appraisal values will likely plummet – but that’s okay because, in such case, a meaningful benchmark by which domain values can be measured will emerge instead of the wishful thinking that goes along with a “certified” appraisal certificate that says very little about the underlying value of the domain name.

    A market maker changes everything.

  59. Hi, Elliot.

    We’ve done business in the past. Interesting thread.

    What’re your thoughts on

    Also, we all know that a domain’s true value is whatever someone is willing to pay for the domain, but what third-party appraisal services would you respect/trust to at least get close, if any? You made reference to DNForum above; would you respect/trust an “average” of the opinions posted there?

  60. Elliot – I would really appreciate it if you could appraise my geo restaurant domain;


    Thanks again!

  61. Elliot
    I know you mentioned only 1 name but I own both, and What are your thoughts.

  62. Hey Elliot. Thanks for this thread. You’ve been very generous, but I expect comments to be closed soon so you can get back to your pre Labor day life.

    Curious what you think about

  63. Elliot,

    You started this stuff, and there should be no excuses!
    As a matter of fact, it’s easy to give 99% of the names submitted : PIGEONSHIT”!

    I;m surprised at the names being offered here for appraisal, 99% of these names are nonsensical!

  64. Elliot,

    Just discovered your blog and have spent a good part of the day pouring through it. Some great stuff here.

    If you still have time, I’d love to hear your estimation of


  65. This pile of crap ‘Ted” from Skirts Wholesale .com – anyway we can come up with a system of hurting piles of crap like that? Peherps a few thousand people calling their whois listed number.

    Really… It’s SOOO insulting… Anyone know this person? Anyone tell me where to find them?

    A few thousand phone calls might be more reasonable than the baseball bat I have in mind.

    This is the whois listed to the url:

    Administrative Contact:
    POB 825
    DANA POINT, CA 92629
    United States

  66. @Elliot you have missed my name twice. Posted it above already much earlier.

    Please appraise

    Anyways too many notifications now, so need to unsubscribe. I suggest for any such free offers you should have a deadline for submissions as such, else this will never end.


    • makes no sense and I don’t see value. would have been worth something a hundred years ago πŸ˜‰ – Doesn’t mean anything to my knowledge. – I personally don’t love 4 letter names like this but others do… could be anywhere from $200 – $1xxx… Depends on the buyer I guess. I never really understood why people bought names like this but they do. – I can’t imagine someone wanting to buy it to build a site about red cars… Maybe $100? I don’t really know. – No advertisers when you search for the term but solid search volume.. I am thinking $3-8k but only because a political fanatic would probably want to buy it as an and user πŸ™‚ unless there’s a hotel called “Hotel LAX’ (as in LA airport), and they don’t sue to get it, it’s not worth anything. – Too long and unless it gets traffic, probably not worth anything – Like almost every cloud name registered in the last several months for domain investment purposes, it has no value as a domain name.

  67. Elliot

    You missed my domain for the 2nd time..

    Hope you dont miss this time..really appreciate.

    BRAND (.) CO . ZA

  68. doesn’t have value in my opinion, and may be worth $1-3k but I think it would be tough to find a buyer.

    Juegos-gratis.CO would have some value if there’s traffic. If not, it’s probably not worth much until .CO becomes popular in Colombia.

    @ Arie

    .biz names are worth very little, IMO. It’s also not a high paying or coveted keyword… Maybe a couple hundred, but more likely not much.

  69. @ don

    “The” kills it, IMO. I don’t think it’s worth much of anything as a stand alone domain name. The other extensions are registered though, so maybe I am wrong and someone will want to buy it.

  70. You missed mine also but no worries I know you have other things to do and this thread will go on forever.
    it is a ccTLD though
    I think it is both generic and brandable just hope Snyders of Hannover of Frito Lay thinks the same πŸ˜‰

  71. Actually it is for keyword “auto parts & accessories” section in many shopping site πŸ˜‰

    Anyway thanks for your input Elliot

    @Anthony I am interested in your domain if you can let go for $1k.

  72. @Elliot

    Thank you for the response. Since my one request didn’t mean anything, perhaps you would care to value:
    (together with the plural

    Thanks for sparing your valuable time.

  73. Hi Elliot.

    If you have time, can you appraised

    TYPIST (dot) net

    It is good for article directory or job site. Planning to sell for ~ $5k.


  74. Hi Elliot,

    Not sure if this is too late, but if at all possible could you appraise:

    Have always seen potential for it in the computer (and computer accessories) industry. It’s a fun name that is very easy to remember, to type and to say (has slogan potential with: “So, digiwidget?” making the name into a verb – as in “Did you widget?”). What do you think?

    Thanks so much!

  75. @ Shawn Y.

    My professional appraisal for “” (with a whopping 11 million page results -Google), based on the drug, the disease of diabetes, and the millions of people worldwide who have diabetes and require insulin:

    MINIMUM VALUE: – $25,000

    This domain could even sell for low six figures. It’s a .org domain, which is a highly respected extension. It relates to anything “informational and helpful” about insulin and diabetes, and as a buildout, in partnership with a non-profit diabetes organization, would push this domain’s value up to over six figures.

    However, if you accept Elliot’s appraisal here for’s value and want to sell it, I will buy it from you right now for $3,000.

    Your domain, out of ALL the domains listed in this thread, is the most valuable by far. Congrats.

  76. hmmm, I didn’t hear any word from anyone regarding
    My other domains can be found here

  77. As I mentioned a few times, this was an offer over Labor Day, so unfortunately I need to turn off comments. I will be following up with a post about appraisals tomorrow if I get a chance.

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