Fairwinds Partners: Beyond the Dot Conference


Fairwinds Partners is organizing and producing Beyond the Dot 2014, a conference focused on how the new gTLD domain names will affect end-users. The one-day conference will be held next week, on February 19, 2014, at the Newseum in Washington, DC. If you have an interest in the new domain names, this might be an event you will benefit from attending.

The primary reasons I think it will be interesting is because of the comprehensive agenda as well as the mix of announced speakers and guests. Topics of discussion include everything from operating a new domain extension to ICANN’s role to purchasing and using the new domain names. Several representatives from domain registries that will be operating new TLDs will be in attendance.

There are a number of distinguished speakers and panelists on the agenda that will each bring an interesting perspective to the event, including:

  • Akram Atallah  President, Global Domains Division,  ICANN
  • Mr. Sami Hassanyeh,  Chief Digital Officer, AARP, Inc.
  • The Honorable Erika Mann,  Board of Directors, ICANN
  • Mr. Jim Messina,  2012 Campaign Manager for President Obama
  • The Honorable John Negroponte,  Former United States Deputy Secretary of State and Former Director of National Intelligence

If I lived closer to DC, I would probably attend the event, but I will not be there. The cost to attend Beyond the Dot is $495, and advance registration is required. I understand that discounts are offered to non profit organizations and members of the media. The event runs from 8am – 5pm. For more details or to register to attend, visit the Fairwinds Partners website.


  1. “Mr. Jim Messina, 2012 Campaign Manager for President Obama”……Please, someone, ask Mr. Jim Messina what he knows of domains???. He failed to register Obama’s “organizing for action” domains last year. As a result, I defended and saved in a UDRP………If you want to fly, learn from a pilot not a politician….

  2. “Beyond the Dot 2014, a conference focused on how the new gTLD domain names will affect end-users.”

    Shouldn’t it be ” a conference focused on how end-users will affect the new gTLD domain names”

    I call end users 10 hours a day. Most have never heard of them. My pitch is with over 1400 new extensions coming out we may see a huge rise in the branded extension for commerce worldwide .com. They’re like huh? I guess by spending big money in advertising that should change.

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