Extra Security for Domain Names While on Vacation


I would like to know if any registrars offer any special security lock that a domain owner can place on his account if he will be away for a period of time without email access. If someone goes out of the country on vacation and doesn’t have email access, I would think his domain names would be at greater risk, as any change to the domain names would be undetected until his return, which could be too late to take preventative action.
I would think it would be easy for a registrar to place the entire account into a lockdown so domain names in the account couldn’t be transferred or have their DNS changed. This feature should be easily to implement by the domain owner, and it should require something more than an email upon return to re-activate the account.
With domain security a high priority these days, this feature is something that I think would be very important for every registrar to have.


  1. Months ago, I read a blog post about someone (can’t remember who it was) who had announced on his blog that he was going away for an extended period of time and wouldn’t be in internet range.
    Low and behold, someone hacked into his account and stole his domain, and the poster ended up paying the crook hundreds of dollars to get it back.
    Maybe it’s not such a good idea to announce one’s extended absence from the web.
    Ms Domainer

  2. Go Daddy offers a service called “Transfer Validation” (I think)that I find to be very useful. If a tranfer is purchased for any of my names, they must call me at a number that I designate, then I have to confirm my password on the phone with my account manager. Once that is done, I will give my approval to transfer the domain. This also removes any of the Go Daddy transfer locks.
    I have also requested them to lock my account in the event I will be traveling and will not be accessing it for extended periods of time. When I am back I can tell them to unlock my account. I don’t do this often but it does offer some peace of mind. I think the trick is you have to have an assigned account manager but I’m not sure.

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