Earthquake in New Hampshire


I think I just felt an earthquake… in southern New Hampshire (Nashua). It was a very small quake, but the house was definitely shaking.  I can’t even imagine what a larger earthquake would feel like.

My non-expert opinion is that it was less than a 2.5, but of course, this is my first earthquake experience. (Guess I was way off, although we aren’t all that close to the epicenter)… pretty crazy.

*** Update ***

The USGS is reporting it was a 4.6 magnitude earthquake about 20 miles from Portland, Maine (near Lake Arrowhead).


  1. I felt it too in Upper Valley NH. I had the same reaction you had! I can’t imagine what a bigger quake would feel like! It scared me!

  2. Yes, you did feel a small quake. I am in Dover and it lasted about 5 seconds and rattled dishes and was quite loud. Several neighbors came out to see what was going on.

  3. Felt it in Seabrook, NH. Sister felt it in Amesbury, MA as well. I thought for a second it was the Seabrook power station exploding or something

  4. Our house was shaking like crazy here in Plymouth, NH. My husband and I jumped up in surprise and ran outside. We have both felt tremors/earthquakes in NH before but this one lasted longer and was more violent.

  5. Shoot, in California we wouldn’t even get out of bed for a 4.6…!

    Hope all is well with you Elliot! 🙂

  6. See? You close on your NYC apartment and look what happens? The whole Northeast Corridor goes on tilt! I’m glad you get to go back home, closer to grandparents for your daughter, etc. Have a blast. New seasons are always refreshing and invigorating!

  7. First the earthquake, now Sandy. NYC would have been a more immersive experience weathering Hurricane Sandy, but I’d still like to get your view from Boston!

    It will be high tide when Sandy makes landfall Monday evening. It you can coordinate an earthquake at the same time, it will really be messy!!!

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