DribbleUp Using New gTLDs in Marketing Campaign

I noticed a marketing campaign from a startup called DribbleUp that is utilizing new gTLD domain names in its various advertisements. Over the past couple of weeks, I have noticed several different Facebook advertisements for the company’s DribbleUp product that are similar in nature to this one:

As you can see, the advertised domain name is DU.Fitness. When someone clicks on the link in the ad, visitors are directed to the company’s website found on the brand match DribbleUp.com domain name.

Other DU new gTLD domain names I can see the company is using include the following:

  • DU.Fitness
  • DU.Soccer
  • DU.Football

Because the company uses Whois privacy on its domain registrations combined with the fact that it is using the short DU acronym, I am not able to see if the company has other new gTLD domain names or if it is using other new gTLD extensions.

I think this is a good illustration of how companies can use multiple new gTLD domain names in a marketing campaign.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. It’s all over Twitter. All the big guys know that nTLD have a MUCH HIGHER click-though rate…as I’ve been trying to explain awhile (I get 20%+ CTR from EVEN POSITION 8 on some of my sites). My sites were exploding before FRANK shilling DESTROYED them with IRRATIONAL price hikes. Some .comers are really FAKE!

    Most of these I found within 30 mins browsing my feed one day, under ‘promoted tweets’:

    megaphone.link (synchrony), gma.abc (g.morn america), experience.apple (apple / iphone 11), msft.social (windows dev docs), lego.build, bose.life, amazon.jobs, honeyboy.movie (amazon)…

    Really, the proof is in the pudding, IDK how else to say.

  2. Elliot, thanks for being one of a handful of folks who report what they see and try to leave any bias out of it. Being open minded about what is happening and where it might go is why I think your blog and Morgan’s are essential reading. Just thoughtful and reflective.

    I think this what you see with DribbleUp a great sign for new Gs and also a soft transition to new Gs becoming a primary choice over time and .com being relegated.

    I’ve been reading that there really are tangible benefits of click through rates and conversions when people see and visit “interesting looking domains” (new G phrases). .com really doesn’t spur any emotion any more – unless you’re a domainer, see a short/generic .com and you feel something because it’s valuable!

    • Hey Matt, that’s nice. You speak so soft and eloquently. I’m a little rough, but I’ve been called a liar, mental problems, drug abuse, all kinds of things for my position on domains. I’ve held back SO much because this industry is unwilling and abusive. It’s sad really, all those that have been lead away.

      I read a report of successful guy being called a hypocrite for buying desktop.com…yup the industry rages on. We’ve TRIED explaining the TRUTH. Hard facts fly over most people HEADS, they are SHUT off, while the wolves heard those sheep.

      Rumor is (and the haters will never tell you) he bought desk.top too, and it will just be one more piece of proof that nifty nTLD will beat out .com when it comes to ACTUAL REALITY – WEBSITES and HYPERLINKS! So many are on the attack, but behind the scenes, many at these giant companies have been hording the BEST names for some time. Now, it’s rather difficult to get decent ones…shame…the big companies beat the little guys again.

      • Jay, I can see that you are passionate about new Gs but try not to get too affected by folks calling you names. Honestly, the use of CAPS sometimes turns people off before they read a post because it appears as shouting.

        Also remember that end users (people with real businesses and causes) will determine the success of new Gs not domainers like DomainSnowflake (Schwartz) or even you or I.

        My bias is that I love .geos like .nyc (I even others that don’t have a lot of reg’s like .vegas, .boston and .miami) both for investment and local end users. I also see that there is money to made here as an investor.

        • Oh, I am not into geos at all. I have oahugold.com I really like that (i don’t like .gold from investor standpoint, as too high renewal cost to hold).

          One recent reg that I am particularly proud of is fudge.recipes LOL! I would agree with all that recipe domains aren’t good. But fudge is EXTREMELY niche (and popular). When I evaluate a domain such as this, I look and imagine what people WILL click. If they search ‘”fudge recipes” (6k+ exact), I imagine user will tend to click it, as it’s extremely specific, as opposed to betty crocker, or whatever.

          This type of ‘extremely targeted, niche’ domain is a lot more like geo than generic (higher search volume at least) / meme kinda domains I tend to like.

  3. The example domains are being used as URL shorteners and campaign trackers. They are likely using Bit.ly or another similar service with a white label domain. It has nothing to do with their brand any more than a support phone number on the back of American Express card has to do with the Amex brand. They consider new TLDs to be throw aways that can be registered, used, and deleted without impacting their core brand.

  4. I think we are searching for needles in a haystack. When new tld usage is down to an unknown .com company using them as a url shortener that isn’t a positive sign.

    .io/.co/.ai has crushed the new tld program.

  5. The thing that gets these domains click throughs is the targeting and ad content. Unless they’re using a marching DU.com you have no proof that the .com vs the .whatever makes a difference.


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