a “Top Drop”


I just updated my picks for “Top Drops” on Snapnames.   One name that might be of particular interest to domain owners in the name   Although does not appear to be a standard dropping domain name, it is certainly one that could be used by a domain investor in a variety of ways.   It’s in auction through February 3, and the current auction price is just $240.


Bidding is now up to $675.


  1. Elliot I respect your knowledge and wisdom regarding domains enormously but what you’re doing with your top drop page does leave me with a bitter taste.

    As an influential voice in the industry your nod to certain dropping names could be construed as good investment choices. However, I notice that all your links to Snapnames have your affiliate code in – thus you will be earning from anything purchased that you mention.

    Surely I will not be the only one that has spotted this and as an affiliate publisher for the past 8 years myself I know readers prefer complete transparency with regards to affiliate links.

  2. IMO, if you spotted the links, which are easy to see when you either hover over them or click on then, I believe it’s transparent. I am sure there are technical ways to be non-transparent, but I am fairly certain even the least technical person is able to see that there are affiliate links.

    Also, just because I think something is a good or a bad investment doesn’t make it so, and I encourage people who use my blog to evaluate everything personally rather than just doing something I recommend.

    Just about every domain blogger I read regularly uses affiliate links in the same or a similar way. Actually, I just checked and you can scratch the “just about” part.

    If lemons give you a bitter taste when you eat them, you probably shouldn’t eat them. If my top drops page gives you a bitter taste, you probably shouldn’t click on the page. 🙂

  3. If a blogger takes the time to scan the lists (which can be long and cumbersome) and post top names on their blog, then I think they are entitled to earn a commission. Besides, the buyer is paying same amount regardless of whether or not an affiliate is involved.

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