Sponsored Headlines Lead to Domain Sales


I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I get anywhere from 4-12% of my traffic from, depending on the day. It’s obviously one of the top traffic referrers for my blog. One negative for me (and maybe positive for you) deletes links to article with domain names for sale.

When I have valuable domain names I want to sell and will be content with domain investor pricing, I’ve purchased sponsored headlines for 24 hours, and there is considerable value in doing that. In 2011, I purchased 12 sponsored headlines on I probably had close to a 75% sales rate, which is outstanding.

I can’t say for certain whether the majority of those sales were from people who read the headline on and then bought the domain name(s). However, I am pretty sure more than a few found their way to my post as a result of the headline, and it was certainly worth the cost.

People often ask if I would be willing to list a domain name for sale on my blog, which is something I don’t do. My recommendation to them is to post an article on their own website (or to create a post on DNForum) and then pay for a sponsored headline on for about $150.

Although it may seem a bit pricey for a 24 hour headline, it gets tremendous exposure from domain buyers of all kinds. If the price is right and you can absorb the $150 cost in the domain sale, I strongly recommend doing it. It’s worked several times for me, and Francois didn’t even have to ask me to post this.

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  1. Of the sales you’ve had at this 75% success rate, were they are 100% of your asking price, 50% of your asking price, etc… on average?

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