DomainAgents Raising Funds For Growth


Domain AgentsEvery once in a while, I look at the investment opportunities that are available on Angel List. There are frequently companies I’ve never heard of trying to raise investment funding from venture capitalists and other investors. Yesterday, I saw a brand on the website I recognized: DomainAgents.

I wrote about DomainAgents before in an interview with Phil McKegney, Co-Founder of the company. DomainAgents is a negotiation platform that was built to help domain buyers and domain owners come to terms on their domain name transactions. The company is seeking to raise a publicly undisclosed amount in order to fund future expansion.

To date, the company has received a considerable amount of funding from a number of prominent domain industry veterans. DomainAgents is now in the process of raising a new round of fundraising and has created a profile on Angel List.

I asked McKegney for additional information about the funding round, but management isn’t able to publicly disclose many more details due to legal regulations that prohibit it. However, McKegney told me, “Everyone involved with the company has a defined entrepreneurial streak and wants to see DomainAgents reach it’s maximum potential. Part of maximizing the potential is increasing the service and product mix, along with our reach.”

I understand Domain Agents is using Angel List along with other means of fundraising. The “company is committed to developing DomainAgents into a leadership role within the domain name industry,” wrote McKegney. “We’re ramping up fast and closing deals as fast as they come in. Our current domain registar partners are very satisfied with our sales conversions and excited about the increases in revenue stream.  We also have a new domainer-focused service that we’ll be rolling out in a few weeks that should add some extra revenue for domainers and help convert more sales,” he added.

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, you can visit the Angel.CO website or contact Mckegney directly for additional details. I am not an investor in, nor do I have any financial stake in the company.

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