Domain Sale Tip: Contact Domain Brokers

One of the reasons I try to attend domain conferences is so that I can meet with the domain brokers from various companies who are always in attendance. I can ask them what they’re moving and what strategies they are finding effective. This is especially helpful later on over a drink or two.

In discussing domain sales with them, I tend to ask each of them what verticals they have buyers and where they are having success moving names. I always try and ask for a follow up email with a list of the verticals or industries in which they have been seeing success. When I get home, I can then search through my portfolio and see if I have anything worthy of submission.

I recommend reaching out to some of the more successful domain brokers to ask what they are selling these days, and then see if you have anything in your portfolio that would match their buyers’ needs. If so, send it to them and talk about pricing with them. I have a domain broker list if you’d like to use it as a reference to find some domain brokers I’ve used or have heard are reputable.

Keep in mind that good domain brokers aren’t going to waste their time with crappy domain names that have no chance of selling, nor will they likely want to deal with far overpriced names. Most earn the bulk of their income from commission payments, and a fruitless effort will take up time that could have been spent selling other domain names. It can be frustrating when a broker won’t take on your domain name, but it’s better to have a name rejected than locked up under exclusive and not marketed.

A good domain broker can help you sell some of your inventory, and knowing which brokers are looking for specific types of domain names can help save everyone time. Reach out to reputable brokers and ask what they are selling these days.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. Thanks for the good idea Elliot.

    Have you personally had success in selling your own domains with this approach?

    • Yes, but this will be the first time I really follow through formally. Usually it’s a casual mention via email or phone where they say, “hey, I’ve got a buyer looking for city .com names” or something similar.

      At TRAFFIC, I spoke with Omar from who gave me a list of verticals where he has active buyers, and I spoke with Joe and Mark from Domain Holdings about the same thing. I am planning to look through my portfolio to see if I have anything that might be of interest to one of their buyers.

  2. Would be interested to hear you comments on the differences between brokers who require a lead (from you) first, and those that create the leads themselves.

    You appear to be referring to the latter, whereas (say) the 20+ brokers listed at Frank’s (including Frank’s team of 5 or so) represent the former.

    Those who run with your lead rather than finding the lead from their own resources, MUST earn their commission by also being an advisor to you regarding appropriate
    pricing, stategies etc.

    Obviously there are many rubbish leads that
    are unsolicited, but when you find a ‘broker’ that has no clue how to properly approach conversion of a ‘good’ lead that you have provided, then that’s the time to assign them to the wannabe broker list.

    Lead conversion requires a heightened knowledge of the peculiar negotiation psycholgy, and that’s what you are willing to pay the fee for.

    Those brokers who can create a lead themselves, and then close it efficiently, are treasures.

    Others that require large fees for simply running with your lead should seriously examine what unique skills they are bringing to the table.

  3. Just watch out for domain brokers who are really thugs with halos over their heads. You must select very carefully.

    Watch out for brokers that live in jurisdictions that you can’t prosecute in or can’t be served in your own country because of a of a lack of enforcement ability.

    Some domain brokers are nothing but bottom of the barrel liars and thieves who are considered classy people within the domain industry. Some of the brokers I speak of have maintained a good image mainly because they pick and choose who they stick it to, which is mostly those that are not heavily involved in the domain industry and don’t pass the word to others.

    All these deeds will rear their ugly heads eventually and certain brokers will fall from grace. I’m surprised it has not happened already considering I know of six figure rip-offs where the domain owners were left high and dry and the broker kept the money through trickery.

    As you can tell I’m pretty jaded from what I know, however I will say there are good brokers also, you just have to know who’s your friend and who is being honest or you might be leaving anywhere from four to six figures on the table for the broker to pocket himself, when you really only get a small percentage of the real sale price.

    Some brokers are getting filthy rich doing this. They should be dragged out into the street by their hair and shown for what they are.

    • Not my place to do that, and I only have that info from one broker who emailed me after we met at TRAFFIC.

      I recommend contacting individual brokers to see if they are seeking out domain names in specific areas.

  4. Hi Elliot,

    I have been trying to sell my domains from quite sometime now. I have some of the premium domains like and, but i am not getting anywhere. Can you help.



    • I don’t see why those would be considered premium – sorry. If you owned, that is a premium domain name.

      I also don’t broker domain names, so I wouldn’t be able to help – sorry.


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