Domain Name Seized by US Government?


I read a post on DNForum this morning which mentioned that the US Government has seized the domain name According to a message on the homepage, the domain name and website were surrendered to the government because of the owner’s violation of copyright laws. The former owner plead guilty “to conspiring with others to violate federal copyright laws.” As of the time of this post, the Whois information still shows the previous owner’s registration details.
It is interesting to note that I didn’t find any legal notices via Google for the guilty plea of the person mentioned on the website. Additionally, the Whois data shows the website is owned by someone in France.


  1. Book ’em, Dano.
    Will be interesting to see how the govt “disposes” of this domain.
    Repo domains(don’t bother, has been reg’d since 2001), anyone?

  2. This could be a stunt by the people who own the domain. I would think if this were real, the domain would be redirected to a .gov site.
    Anyone can rip off gov. seals and links off the web and repost them with official-sounding text.
    Ms Domainer

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